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Dr Matt’s Rebuttal to Stuff Reporter, Charlie Mitchell

Dr Matt Shelton replied to Charlie Mitchell’s request for comment on his upcoming article for Stuff. This is Matt’s reply. Interestingly, Charlie did not go on to publish his article.

A warning to adults.

The PM wants to medicate your children.  We know they don’t need protection, so why is she doing this?

Suffer the Little Children …

An opinion piece from Dr Maurice McGrath.

That biblical quote, from Matthew 19:14, might appear in the future as a scratched graffiti on a conspiracy leader’s headstone in an anonymous overgrown little New Zealand cemetery somewhere; a verdict by history on the injection of a needless and unknown ‘code cocktail’ into the unknowing and defenseless.

As the Big Bad Wolf invites our young and innocent to stare into her big kind eyes, let’s reflect that the US CDC advise that the 0 – 19 year age group have a 99.997% survival rate for Covid-19, an infection fatality rate of 0.00003%. In the US, the usual death rate for a person of 12 – 19 years is approximately 50 in 100,000 or 0.05%

Spot the dissonance?

Perhaps this goes some way to explaining why New Zealand is currently the only country in the World with a significant negative excess death rate of -63.22 per 100, 000. Denmark (-1.19 per 100 00) and Norway -1/27 per 100 000 are our closes rivals.  The low density New Zealand population, young and old alike, have been frozen in place since March 2020, and the country with the only negative excess death rate in the World (almost no one died of ‘flu let alone was infected by it, fewer died in motor vehicle crashes, our usual behaviours were literally arrested, hardly any novel bugs were introduced by travel, hardly anyone traveled between centres) has been primed for what epidemiologists describe as a ‘harvest’. Our excess death rate will correct back to normal, and in doing so will look devastating. This has nothing to do with COVID but everything to do with the policies of purported management.

Unadulterated insanity seen in the US, the UK, in Canada and in Australia, is now being repeated here. We saw it all before, though hardly on NZ State “news,” which ignores the protest of millions in Germany, France, the UK and the US against jab coercion, jab mandates, masks and lock downs. While people readily sense tyranny and totalitarianism, even as State media relentlessly say otherwise preaching it is for your own good, we now see edict here, and yet we stupidly refuse to be forewarned, we refuse to learn from the experience of others, and we stand like a wide-eyed doe, frozen in the transfixing headlights of incremental tyranny.

NZ is usually late to any global trend and while possessing an enormous advantage and privilege in being able to view its potential future elsewhere and watching the permutations of that future unfold, it still manages to SNAFU on a grand scale, always late to learn or simply refusing to learn the lessons of others.

Why is this?

Perhaps because New Zealand is a nation that lends itself to abject conformity rather easily. Watching solitary individuals drive about in their cars wearing masks, or a solitary police constable in their vehicle, similarly wearing a mask, provides all the evidence one needs to conclude that the bubble of ignorance has assumed the proportions of a volcanic mushroom cloud, as conformity inexorably bears down on a largely uninformed, indoctrinated, and propagandised populous who depend upon State media for their daily diet of manufactured “news,” disingenuously described as, “The News” when in actual fact they mean, “Our Views.”

Given the novel intervention and the suspension of usual public health safeguards by amending the NZ Medicines Act and enacting a novel political and social experiment, it is surely incumbent on those politicians and bureaucrats who believe in the efficacy of the Pfizer double-tap to be held to the highest ethical, moral and legal imperatives? We think so, unquestionably so. But holding those people to the highest standards and having confidence in them are two very different things.

So while Pfizer-Biotech and other injection developers may be exempt from liability, those that expedited that condition cannot and must not escape liability or the consequence of their decisions. After all the wanton disregard and disrespect of the established wisdom of the Medicines Act and the wilfully ignored articles 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990, respectively, the Right not to be deprived of life, the Right not to be subjected to torture or cruel treatment, the Right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without that person’s consent,  the Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment, all these are being trampled upon by the stampeding heels of NZ politicians and health bureaucrats.

We are all in an active experiment without our consent, without knowledge of outcomes and of endpoints. We cannot know the consequences and results of this arrogant, freedom-depriving experiment. What hope then for children who rely on us for their explicit protection? Those that are dead or miscarried will be silent, but those afflicted with a serious adverse event must surely torment those charged to protect them, whether directly or indirectly through guilt. Those afflicted in later life, potentially with an auto-immune condition, cancer or cardiomyopathy will become enraged righteous accusers. And what of today’s paid-to-panic elite? Where will they be to answer the charges and to be held to account? I vouch they will be long gone without a backward glance on their magic carpets of insulated wealth and bureaucratic immunity.

So with this back drop why then would anyone in their right mind wish to inject a novel experimental substance into the very group in our population least at risk of a putatively serious outcome to infection? When I say ‘least at risk’, I mean by orders of magnitude less than their usual risk of death?

Thus far, the virus has mutated in a manner that renders putative protection from the alpha variant very much less helpful for the increasingly dominant delta variant, presently causing most panic among the paid-to-panic class of New Zealand. This is because it is allegedly more easily transmitted, though the Statist media reliably omit the fact that it is considerably milder. Given the paid-to-panic class of NZ have pedalled the Pfizer-Biontech ‘double-tap’ as the elixir of life, they stand to look grievously liable, not only for gambling the lives and wellbeing of tax payers in a very novel variation of Russian roulette with a barrel and needle, but worse, for the injuries and death inflicted for naught on the New Zealand population in general, and young people in particular. An experimental injection that may precipitate disease enhancement and serious illness or death in a portion of the population otherwise highly unlikely to suffer either, with a politically avowed 100% coverage and thus no control group, how will the wronged get their day in court?

While the numbers are very small, in both the UK, in Israel and the US and probably in Australia, those injected against the alpha variant appear to be dying at x6 the rate of the non-injected. Succumbing to the infection seems moot: in the UK 92,000 were infected in the last period of measure, and about 200 died (1:460; 0.22%). The indicators most associated with an increased likelihood of death include essential hypertension, lipid disorders, and obesity (CDC 2021). Other factors such as vitamin D status and mental health have also been shown to be very influential, though ignored by our public health talking heads. It is obvious that children are least likely to labour under such conditions with the associated adverse risk of outcome in the presence of COVID.

There is very unpleasant evidence accruing that pregnant mothers (for which the injections were obviously not tested, since testing did not last for 9 months) have a considerably higher risk of miscarriage (US VAERS; UK MHRA Data shows a 3016% increase https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2021/06/23/mhra-data-shows-a-3016-increase-in-number-of-women-whove-lost-their-unborn-child-as-a-result-of-having-the-covid-vaccine/). A much hawked NEJM study purporting to show safety in pregnancy revealed the opposite when teased apart properly by two NZ epidemiologists, whose refutation paper is being rejected by the big boy journals for being “too controversial.”

The youngsters injected may suffer cardiac muscle damage, a huge price to pay for a literally trivial infection, that may come to haunt them with premature cardiac failure in latter years. A few may die. Tragic and completely unnecessary. In New Zealand several teens have died, with a reasonable probability of causal association from their unnecessary Pfizer double-tap. The PM was informed.

The UK authorities state: “There are emerging reports from the UK and other countries of rare but serious adverse events, including myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the membrane around the heart), following the use of Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2 and Moderna mRNA-1273 vaccines in younger adults.”  Consequentially, UK authorities hedgingly state: “Any decision on deployment of vaccines must be made on the basis that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks to those people who are vaccinated.”

Given the experimental nature of this novel and invasive procedure, it is simply not possible to know either the future whose risks remain unknown, or the present day benefits. The latter appear most uncertain with a numbers needed to vaccinate (NNV) of greater than 200 and absolute effectiveness at around 1% (Lancet 2021). Alternatively, one may protect a medically vulnerable child and have doctors deploy effective off-label prescription drugs that are very well tried and tested. Here again, our PM is aware.

Elsewhere (not that ‘elsewhere’ would necessarily command the attention of, or mean anything, to NZ authorities), in the US, according to a press release https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/americas-frontline-doctors-federal-lawsuit-halt-covid-vaccines-cdc-vaccine-deaths/,

‘America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) have filed a motion to immediately stop the administration of experimental COVID vaccines to three groups, namely to anyone 18 years and younger, to all those who have recovered from COVID, and to Americans who have not received informed consent, as defined by federal law’.

As this bizarre NZ experiment assumes a life of its own, and plausible deniability is donned like a mantle against an unknown future, keep in mind the legion of unaffected children, or should we say hitherto unaffected children, potentially destined through political policy rather than careful scientific process and ethical medical consideration to became exemplars of the powerless and unprotected, and go on to bear testament to the hubris experienced by their thalidomide antecedents. NZ should collectively be crying,

“Not on our watch.”

For no child or person should suffer by being coerced to receive an unnecessary, experimental, and unethical injection, an evil clearly identified by the Nuremberg Code (1947) after the hideous atrocities of World War II.

Tragically, in the vicious vapidity of our cancel culture, history being one of its first casualties, the truism still stands,  ’Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.’

Instead, we hear but a few ‘conspirators’, crickets.

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