Dr Matt’s Rebuttal to Stuff Reporter, Charlie Mitchell

Oct 28, 2021

Thanks Charlie. You do know, don’t you that whenever you do a hit piece we get more visits and donations?  We have important legal cases coming up, so good timing!


On 27 October 20201 Charlie Mitchel ([email protected]) wrote:  Kia ora Dr Shelton, I am a journalist at Stuff, the news website. Apologies for the lengthy message. I am working on a story about NZDSOS, which covers a few different elements. It will mention you so I want to make sure you have the opportunity to respond.

Thank you, that’s very gracious. Apologies for the lengthier reply. We have decided to place this interview online, not least so there is some context for people, depending on how you editorialize my answers.


The first is that I’m interested to know what drives a doctor to take what is a contrarian view, certainly within the medical field, when doing so has significant consequences.

Charlie, do you believe we should perform medical experiments on children?

For us, it is really that simple. Everyone has some some sort of moral compass, unique to each of us. I don’t claim to speak for all at NZDSOS by any means, but we are all similarly horrified by the warning signs we have consistently listed in our letters to government. We understand the range of personalities out there, and some just have to control others to advantage themselves. We see an imminent danger of a controlling totalitarianism, of which you in the dependent media play such an important part. The vaccine is truly hurting people but our amoral leaders show no interest as it is just a means to an end: bioemtric ID as a tool for total control. However, many people have a niggling freedom worm that stops them surrendering, despite intense coercion and punishment. If you don’t have the worm, you won’t understand, perhaps until it is too late. But you seem to be  playing your part well and will earn your short term reward.


I was watching this interview you did in May last year, where your position on Covid-19 was fairly standard – that it seemed a major threat, and New Zealand was lucky to have avoided the worst of it. Millions of people have since died after contracting the virus, but your position appears to have changed dramatically – in your recent interview with Chantelle Baker, you called it an “influenza-level illness”.

 Yes, I even signed the docotors petition calling for the first lockdown, based on the disinfo flying about. I was wrong.  However, what I didn’t sign was the recent letter from doctors supporting vaccination, which was signed by less than 30% of all doctors who were sent it by the way. And yet, there I am, in the middle of it, on Stuff’s website! I demand you remove my name, it has been placed fraudulently.


What was it that prompted you to change your view so dramatically, even as you faced pushback and professional consequences?

Changing information changed my assessment, including disclosures that were initially derided but subsequently became generally accepted. I also remembered we had seen this before, with H1N1 swine flu in 2009, after which the WHO and Big Pharma were severely criticised by the EU and many others for inflating the severity to justify a rushed vaccine, which was withdrawn very rapidly due to unacceptable harm to children. As a clinician it was immediately clear that this ‘flu” was relatively mild compared to some, but somewhat more infectious than typical.

NZ had then had 49 deaths but the median age of hospitalised patients was 29, in contrast to Covid-19 which typically lays up elderly people.   Actually, the NZ response, under then National Minister of health Tony Ryall was incredibly measured, and followed well-established public health principles that are mysteriously absent this time around.

So I personally was then properly ‘woken up’ by (in roughly chronological order):  

 the Ionadis and WHO data on infection fatality rate of 0.15 to 0.2, the ignoring of positive data on vit D,  real world success of hydroxychloroquine then the fraudulent Lancet trial being retracted (no coverage of that earth shaking story,  Charlie?) , the sudden banning of HCQ then artemesia here, the de-platforming of international vaccinologists voicing concerns, the ignoring then scorn on ivermectin as real world evidence AND positive trials continued to mount, the Pfizer vaccine EUA for ALL adults with a simultaneous leak that it was already being considered down to 6m infants, the mounting deaths and serious injuries overseas and here, the coup against informed consent and the doctor-patient relationship, the very inadequate and deceptive consent form and media advertising, my own teen pericarditis patient being unreported to CARM by the hospital, the leak of Pfizer contracts with other countries, DHB and other  whistleblowers describing bias and denial, escalating lies about ivermectin and the seizure of orders from conscientious doctors importing for their high risk patients, escalating threats of apartheid and ruination against vaccine resisters, flood of dedicated health-workers into poverty, constant single narrative echoed by hyponotised or bought media (which is it, Charlie?), population softened up for apartheid society, confirmation of biometric ID, sound knowledge of history of totalitarian regimes and the  essential role of propaganda and a compliant media, deaths and injuries in children starting, complete lack of interest by government in highly suspicious deaths after the vaccine, constant barrage of lies and deceptions from the same old talking heads even as evidence mounts of failure of vaccines to prevent transmission, illness and indeed deaths, emergence of possible signs of ADE (look it up) , continued rise in passive reporting system numbers – which, including CARM, are known to dramatically under-represent real toll, literally hundreds of stories of doctors denying harm from the vaccine when they CAN’T POSSIBLY KNOW FOR SURE, the PM spinning similarly the tragedy of Isabella Alexander’s death- need I go on and on?

Did you have any reservations about doing so?

Of course, who wants to have to oppose the state, medical council, colleagues etc? We all have families. But vows to patients rank very highly. People who can’t understand this probably never will. These are absolutely boom times in general practice, so we certainly haven’t been sounding warnings and losing our jobs for any financial gain!


Another point is that some of the content pushed by NZDSOS is extreme. It’s unclear to me who is editorially responsible (eg the “NZDSOS steering committee” does not tell me much) but some examples:

A post from the group’s Telegram account made a reference claiming JFK was assassinated due to a belief in natural immunity.  This post, in my reading, draws a comparison between vaccination and Hitler’s death camps and Stalin’s gulags, and likens public health measures in general to murderous dictatorships of the 20th century. I suspect some people would find this offensive and somewhat hypocritical given NZDSOS purports to speak out against fear-based narratives.

It’s their right to be offended. We have been just too busy to pay enough attention to the public telegram channel, but we don’t censor and the formal committee does not endorse everything that people post. We accept that there is a wide range of views amongst members, including the government’s.  Anyway, some people do see that history, while it may not repeat, it sure is rhyming, to paraphrase Mark Twain. Hitler’s propaganda minister said that if one is to lie, tell a large one over and over. 

 Both of the obscenely murderous regimes you mentioned, as well as Maoism,  didn’t immediately reach their peak efficiency until they’d really mastered the “banality of evil”, and with the full knowledge and obedience of the citizens. To get to that point required a lying propagandized media, a currency or other economic or societal collapse then centralised control, a persecuted minority blamed for all society’s ills.  Particularly in the communist regimes, dictators eliminated religion, controlled education and inflicted regular doses of terror and persecution to keep the citizens obedient.

 To this day, these systems have many fans. The  CCP system of app-based social credit can completely remove someone’s personhood, at a keyboard stroke. You don’t think your parent’s vaccine passport might be cancelled if your own child is behind on its boosters? It’s a real possibility here in Godzone, where our government has just lied about water, and stolen it from the people.  They are poking a stick at the farmers too, and are being unlawfully disrespectful to the Maori government, Tikanga law and our Treaty whilst simultaneously throwing huge amounts of taxpayer funding to get Northland Maori vaccinated come what may.  The supposed demonstration at Auckland borders that the press have just misinformed the public over was actually a proud and lawful hikoi to Waitangi, with the police proving themselves agents of the state rather than servants of the people.  Does all this make you feel warm and fuzzy?


On a similar note, another Telegram post said, “we are in a mass extinction event and we are being censored and hunted”. Based on the context, I’m inferring the mass-extinction event is vaccination.

I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I just gave. Who knows what side effects might come our way given the absent long term safety data.  We certainly hope there are no effects on fertility, cancer susceptibility, immune compromise, brain health etc, but aforementioned de-platformed vaccinologists and physicians  have concerns and there is some biological plausibility for these side effects. 


The group has shared a video of fellow NZDSOS member Alanna Ratna saying at an event that Jacinda Ardern was guilty of crimes against humanity and “In Nuremberg, the punishment for crimes against humanity involved the gallows”. Ratna has also said on Facebook that Ardern will ‘get her own lethal injection after the second Nuremberg trials’.

On July 10, Hipkins stated he would vaccinate the last 10% “by whatever means necessary”, with a sadistic smirk that we are noticing increasingly from the podiums. Alanna is passionately concerned for the people, hates bullies and shares our disbelief, along with some prominent NZers, about the power the government has grabbed, beyond any election mandate. She knows the history of Nuremberg, where acting under orders was no defense. We don’t control her Facebook page.


There are more, and some people are understandably concerned about this kind of rhetoric and feel it goes beyond reasonable disagreement about what is an appropriate response to the pandemic.

We agree, if you are referring to the relentless single narrative. Creating apartheid and severely punishing honest people is NOT an appropriate response, and reasonable disagreement is not working, is it?


It also, in my view, affects the group’s credibility somewhat, given it purports to be science-led when much of it clearly is not.

We disagree, but thanks for your concern; better to use your efforts to lobby the government to properly investigate possible vaccine deaths and life changing injuries, blood clots etc. We are professionals at one thing, caring for our patients. We never asked to be here, and we’re not vying for a prize for best kept website.  We have serious concerns for Kiwis and, in contrast, you focusing on these issues is a deliberate distraction technique. For instance, Chief Science Advisor Dr Ian Town admitted to the High Court last week that he didn’t know if the vaccine prevented transmission. Dr Bloomfield and Mr Hipkins expressed ‘hope’ that it would. Honestly, isn’t that more important to investigate? Our society is being imprisoned and segregated on a hope? Well, there are world class experts who can bring a truth antidote for this hopium.


Given you’re a prominent member of the group, and have directed people towards it as a reliable source of information, are you comfortable with everything the group has said and claimed in its official communications?

 Yes, but we are not perfect.  We aim to get – even provoke –  people to think for themselves, and test the relentless ‘safe and effective’ narrative, so they have a fighting chance to make a considered choice. We believe people should never have even been offered this  ‘warp speed’ technology, especially without any idea of the risks and unknowns. To whit, this quote from Dr Rubin from the FDA advisory panel: 

We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.  That’s the way it goes.

So no, in answer, I’m deeply uncomfortable to claim officially that in the last few weeks we have learned of:  a 12 year old girl who collapsed and died in the arms of a helper at camp, 2 weeks post vaccine; and two 17 year olds sacrificed to the Pfizer, a girl after 10 days from blood clots and a boy suddenly, 2 days following.  There are plenty more.  Despairingly, some of these families have had to fight even to get a CARM report submitted! These reports don’t require certainty, just a suspicion.  What is there to hide?  (That’s rhetorical, Charlie).  There is a large spike in adolescent myocarditis, which is a serious life-shortening condition. Unimaginably cruel barriers to access their newborn or hospitalised children are being placed on unvaccinated parents.

And we note not a single question from you, about the many other deaths and injuries we are collecting and reporting to the government. Don’t ask, don’t tell?  By not reporting on these the press is contributing to future deaths.  But be afraid, proper and brave journalists are noticing.  Sleep well, Charlie Brown….

And can you say who is primarily responsible for the content both on the website and on social platforms?

No, there is a tremendous amount of work involved and more and more people joining and helping. We have an oversight committee but occasionally things slip by us.  


Finally, I also understand you were mostly responsible for the magnetism report and open letter circulated by NZDSOS.

Incorrect. And the open letter was approved by a committee, but we wanted to move quickly to alert Medsafe. We needn’t have bothered as it turned out. We involved some independent scientists to produce and assess the report. Understandably in the current political climate they preferred not to be named. 


To be honest, it struck me as credulous.

This word has several meanings, which do you mean?


The claim about graphene oxide appears largely based on the claims of an ex-Pfizer employee (who worked in sales at the company more than two decades ago and has no apparent insight into the company) and a report by Spanish scientists, who acknowledged they had only tested a single sample sent to them in the mail from an unknown source.

They have subsequently tested multiple samples and their work is being reproduced elsewhere, with chain of custody confirmed. The evidence of curious ingredients does seem to be growing, not going away. 


One of the sources linked in the open letter is a website that claims the pandemic is a Satanic plot by an obscure Jewish sect.One of the sources linked in the open letter is a website that claims the pandemic is a Satanic plot by an obscure Jewish sect.

Charlie, often videos or documents are sited on many different platforms. On our website we state that we do not endorse platforms or their other content. Perhaps we could state that on letters too. One can always shoot the messenger. 


Another source cited in the longer paper is a person who claims the vaccines contain self-assembling nano-bots. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong, but it suggests a mixing of reputable and non-reputable sources.

You might want to do your own comprehensive review on the current state of nano-engineering and materials science, including the fascinating properties of graphene. Please checkout this press conference too. You are seriously uninformed without it.  https://odysee.com/@BannedYouTubeVideos:4/Cause-of-death-after-COVID19-vaccination:9 

 It is long but I suggest you watch it speeded up. Essentially eminent doctors and surgeons found whole-body inflammation in people dying after the vaccine, and graphene and other things never before seen in other vaccines. And again, spend more time considering our points and arguments or you will miss the wood for the trees. Again, we are not perfect.


What did you do to confirm whether the people were, in fact, experiencing magnetism? It’s quite easy to stick something to your skin, and I expect serious research would try to falsify that possibility somehow, but I can’t see from the report that you did that.

As soon as we could confirm this seemed to be real, we wanted to pass this to Medsafe to do a proper scientific assessment. They have not investigated and refuted. Journalists and doctors came out to belittle some of the first brave people to come forward, without checking for themselves. 

I visited a patient to confirm the magnetism for myself. We have plenty of compelling videos from patients that are available for the government, following our urgent request that they do their own assessment, given the deaths and defective batches in Japan. 

They have not responded, which is very unfortunate for the vaccine recipients who have come forward, and everyone else of course. We believe this needs attention from Medsafe, as do the databases of deaths and injuries we have repeatedly submitted on behalf of the NZ public. These are hosted on NZSOS.com. Like the magnetism report, it is not our job to prove anything, surely that responsibility lies with regulatory agencies. It seems there is a pattern here. 


Finally, what are your plans for the future, given the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers?

Whatever happens, I will have a clear conscience. I suspect I will learn new things and have more leisure time. I will keep my knowledge and skills up for a time in the future when they might help, and feel optimistic for humanity and especially that Maori and all people of the land step forward to return our country.


Many thanks,

You’re welcome. Do your worst. I will be posting our conversation on our site. 


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