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On 11 May 2022 the Global Covid Summit presented their Fourth Declaration to the world in a one hour press conference featuring a few of more than 17,000 physician and scientist members. The intent, representing humanity and medical ethics, is to restore truth and integrity to science and to call for accountability from those who have committed crimes against humanity through the imposition of disastrous Covid-19 policies.

It is argued that a corrupt alliance between pharmaceutical, insurance and health care institutions have infiltrated medical systems, protected and supported by Big Tech, media, academics and government agencies who profit from the catastrophe. An illusion of scientific consensus has been generated by the substitution of truth with propaganda. Data is censored, doctors and scientists are intimidated and dismissed for simply publishing clinical results or treating patients with proven, safe and life saving medicines, all at the expense of innocent citizens.

Informed consent for the experimental Covid-19 injections has been denied and patients are blocked from obtaining information on the risks and benefits of the injections, and alternatives, due to widespread censorship and propaganda. Forced lockdowns continue to harm people’s health, careers and children. The damage to family and social bonds is not coincidental as The Great Reset has clearly stated their intent to leverage Covid “as an opportunity to reset our entire global society, culture, political structures and economy, and ‘build back better'”.

The large community represented by the Global Covid Summit, which New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science consider ourselves a partner to, refuse to be compromised and unite in a willingness to face the wrath of the corrupted medical alliance to defend public health. The mission of the Global Covid Summit is to end this crisis illegitimately imposed on the world and to declare that the actions of this alliance constitute crimes against humanity.

The Global Covid Summit calls for restoration of free and open dialogue between physicians and medical scientists, of medical rights, and of patient autonomy. This includes the foundational principle of the sacred doctor-patient relationship.

Two years of scientific research, the treatment of millions of patients, hundreds of clinical trials and the sharing of scientific data has culminated in a wealth of information now available demonstrating success in understanding and treating Covid-19. This has led to the Global Covid Summit of over 17,000 physicians and medical scientists reaching a consensus on the ten foundational principles of Declaration IV.

Each principle is introduced separately during the press conference by a different representative of the Global Covid Summit, each of whom has eminence within their field of expertise. Issues specific to and rationale supporting each principle are outlined clearly and succinctly. This was a historic event which anyone invested in public health will gain insight and encouragement from.

Global Covid Summit: Declaration IV Principles

  1. We declare and the data confirm that the COVID-19 experimental genetic therapy injections must end.
  2. We declare doctors should not be blocked from providing life-saving medical treatment.
  3. We declare the state of national emergency, which facilitates corruption and extends the pandemic, should be immediately terminated.
  4. We declare medical privacy should never again be violated, and all travel and social restrictions must cease.
  5. We declare masks are not and have never been effective protection against an airborne respiratory virus in the community setting.
  6. We declare funding and research must be established for vaccination damage, death and suffering.
  7. We declare no opportunity should be denied, including education, career, military service or medical treatment, over unwillingness to take an injection.
  8. We declare that first amendment violations and medical censorship by government, technology and media companies should cease, and the Bill of Rights be upheld.
  9. We declare that Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Janssen, Astra Zeneca, and their enablers, withheld and willfully omitted safety and effectiveness information from patients and physicians, and should be immediately indicted for fraud.
  10. We declare government and medical agencies must be held accountable.

Sign the Declaration

Doctors and medical scientists can sign the Global Covid Summit Declaration at this link.

Watch the Global Covid Summit Declaration IV Press Conference

Declaration IV – Restore Scientific Integrity can be watched here.

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