Covid-19: What is the truth?

Russell L Blaylock, retired US neurosurgeon, exposes the narrative

Commentary: Maurice McGrath PhD

Dr Blaylock bears witness to the truth by offering a comprehensive summary of the orchestrated political unraveling of medical ethics and the traditions of science, in concert with the insidious degradation of economics, culture, customs, traditions, and values. Published in the peer reviewed literature of Surgical Neurology International the article exposes the misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and indoctrination by the State and its well funded media narrative.

First terrifying and then maintaining the populous in a state of paralysed submission appears the continuing aim of the Ministry-of-We-Know-Best-For-Your-Own-Good’, an Orwellian colloquialism better referred to as, ‘your sole source of truth‘, one that is intentionally engaged in the division and destruction of the soul of New Zealand.

With the norms of clinical practice and management suspended by an unprecedented level of politicisation, bureaucratisation, and corporatisation, through outright control and by the managed suppression and promotion of selected information, the hysterically rabid demonisation of disagreement, the blindness to evolving evidence, the prohibition of any alternative treatment, the rampant distortion of truth, Blaylock’s article outlines the awful march of political and corporate ambition toward tyranny.

The self-evident widespread control and censorship whether on social media platforms, in State funded media, in medical journals or in academe or professional institutions and registration bodies has become a fact of life in New Zealand as it has in the US. The hallmarks of coercion are globally writ large. However, such hallmarks of persecution and constraint are also the badge of a brittle fragility, of the thin carapace concealing a pandemic of corporate and political corruption utterly dependent on media control. The only question that remains is how long it will be before people awaken to being conned and coerced, not when.

Ignored or simply denied by most academics, professionals and journalists in New Zealand, except those very few with the temerity and courage to speak out, there are in fact many Kiwis who utterly reject the narrative for a plethora of very good reasons. Many of these people, neither conned nor coerced, found themselves canceled.

The pogrom upon the established methods of science and precious traditions of medical ethics began in New Zealand with Health Minister Little opining in May 2021, “The law has for some time now, lacked clarity over how it can be applied,” … “We already knew the Medicines Act was out of date, which is why we were planning to replace it with a new Therapeutic Products Act.”

The Labour administration under PM Ardern and her Health Minister Trevor Little needed to alter the Medicines Act. This would expand the use of the Pfizer experimental and injected novel synthetic mRNA gene therapy and its enveloping cocktail of lipid nanoparticles beyond a small, limited and closely monitored group into a routine, public health practice of mass injection.

Once this was retrospectively achieved, they proceeded to inject and mandate injections with unbridled, consent-lite gusto under the umbrella of a media storm of propaganda, disinformation and misinformation. And so the truth became the third major casualty of what is now often referred to as a plandemic, the other casualties in no particular order being ethics and science, with the convenient abandonment of control groups immediately after emergency use authorisation, rendering the evaluation of effectiveness a moot modeled construct.

In short, they engaged in the population-wide priming of a disease virgin population, the consequences of which have become stunningly obvious of late.

Dr Blaylock points out (with citations) the truth about the things that most would never dare to say, that the political risk incurred were a member of the ‘elite’ to be affected by a
severe systemic adverse event leading to their sickness or death was considered untenable.

“The draconian efforts to vaccinate everyone on the planet continues (except the elite,
postal workers, members of Congress and other insiders).”

It is reasonable to consider this a consistent truth across the western World including New Zealand, which slavishly imitates the footsteps of other young political inductees of the Schwabian WEF leadership programme. It is most unlikely that any of the politically vulnerable and visible in New Zealand government or their sycophantic media elite were or will be permitted to gamble in the recurring public disease game of Russian roulette conducted at the end of a needled barrel.

Dr Blaylock correctly surmises the truth, “It is time to stop this insanity and bring these people to justice.

Article excerpts:

“The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history,
characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies. We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.”

“While most researchers, virologists, infectious disease researchers and epidemiologists have been intimidated into silence, a growing number of high integrity individuals with tremendous expertise have come forward to tell the truth—that is, that these vaccines are deadly.”

“It is beyond ironic that those claiming that they are responsible for protecting our health approved a poorly tested set of vaccines that has resulted in more deaths in less than a year of use than all the other vaccines combined given over the past 30 years. Their excuse when confronted was — “we had to overlook some safety measures because this was a deadly pandemic.” ” [NOT!]

“One must also keep in mind that this event never satisfied the criteria for a pandemic. The World Health Organization changed the criteria to make this a pandemic. To qualify for a pandemic status the virus must have a high mortality rate for the vast majority of people, which it didn’t (with a 99.98% survival rate), and it must have no known existing treatments—which this virus had—in fact, a growing number of very successful treatments.”

“The draconian measures established to contain this contrived “pandemic” have never been shown to be successful, such as masking the public, lockdowns, and social distancing. A number of carefully done studies during previous flu seasons demonstrated that masks, of any kind, had never prevented the spread of the virus among the public.”

“Throughout this “pandemic” we have been fed an unending series of lies, distortions and
disinformation by the media, the public health officials, medical bureaucracies (CDC, FDA and WHO) and medical associations. Physicians, scientists, and experts in infectious treatments who formed associations designed to develop more effective and safer treatments, were regularly demonized, harassed, shamed, humiliated, and experience a loss of licensure, loss of hospital privileges and, in at least one case, ordered to have a psychiatric examination.”

“Upon release of the vaccines, women were told the vaccines were safe during all states of
pregnancy, only to find out no studies had been done on safety during pregnancy during the
“safety tests” prior to release of the vaccine.”

“Incredibly, we were told that the Pfizer’s new mRNA vaccines had been approved by the FDA, which was a cleaver deception, in that another vaccine had approval (comirnaty) and not the one being used, the BioNTech vaccine. The approved comirnaty vaccine was not available in the United States. The national media told the public that the Pfizer vaccine had been approved and was no longer classed as experimental, a blatant lie. These deadly lies continue. It is time to stop this insanity and bring these people to justice.”

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