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Covid Vaccine: 2 Analysed Samples Contain ‘No Elements of Life’ ~ Dr Daniel Nagase MD Exposes Dead Micro-Tech

Interview on Western Standard April 18 2022, updated May 3, presented on Rumble

Commentary ~ Maurice McGrath PhD

A Canadian laboratory analysed 2 dried samples of Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines exposing possible micro-tech inclusions. Dr Daniel Nagase MD, reviewed the stunning electron microscope (EM) images taken from the samples of Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines. His review also relied on findings from EM x-ray diffraction spectroscopy indicating that no biologically associated elements were identified. The elements identified appeared to arise solely from an inorganic substance and may point to micro-tech inclusions.

An emergency room Canadian hospital doctor in Alberta until he was placed on involuntary leave for prescribing ivermectin, he also has a bachelor of science degree in cellular biology. He commented that the Covid vaccine samples were unrefrigerated and traveled for up to 2 months in various vehicles before being analysed. Security of the chain of custody was not disclosed nor the status of the samples, whether used remnants or virgin bottles, nor batch numbers. Technical details such as image scale and magnification the EM images were also not discussed. Images shown in this commentary are illustrative figures taken as screenshots captured from the interview video of Dr Nagase, published on Rumble.

In his discussion, Dr Nagase pointed to the appearance of what he considered a significant red flag, namely the required refrigeration temperatures of Covid vaccines. This he suggested, appears to make little biological sense.

Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccine injections are required to be maintained at −40C and −70C respectively. He asserted that this seemed particularly strange as it is rare to require protective refrigeration of a biologic entity at a temperature colder than −20C. He raised the significance of this as a potential warning sign. Super cold refrigeration may be needed to halt undisclosed chemical reactions like free radical reactions and polymerisation reactions, or some other process of advanced chemistry [or heaven forbid, self-assembling micro-tech ~ MMcG] requiring especially low temperatures to arrest them.

The clandestine research group at a Canadian lab conducted the EM analysis of Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccine samples. Dr Nagase contended that the images were difficult to interpret because simply put, the observed inclusions, whether accidental contaminants or intentional artifice were so unexpected, they appeared quite alien, defying ordinary recognition. Their shape appeared reminiscent of micro-tech.

Such speculative considerations are made all the more difficult because of the wall of official and commercial silence that exists around the World, constituting the formal and official non-response to the recurrent identification of these unknown inclusions. Neither has there been a statement or explanation regarding the identity or purpose of these inclusions by any implicated commercial entities.

Medical and political oversight, individuals charged with ethics and public safety, all have pointedly and consistently ignored pleas to investigate these repeated international observations. In New Zealand, the authorities including MedSafe and New Zealand Police refused to acknowledge the independently demonstrated inclusions identified in a Pfizer injection vial by an independent New Zealand laboratory.

This official unresponsiveness has been bizarrely and incomprehensibly repeated across the World, in the UK, Japan, Germany, Spain,and Australia. It is a monumental red flag tellingly ignored by the now increasingly irrelevant paid for play legacy media.

Covid Vaccine: X-ray diffraction spectroscopy 

In addition to imaging, EM may also be used to produce a spectra derived from irradiation of the sample with a beam of electrons, known as x-ray diffraction spectroscopy. Individual compositional elements have unique and defining spectral signatures, so in this way information regarding the composition of the sample may be acquired, for example, the percentage data of the respective elemental composition of a sampled site, with the exception hydrogen whose spectra the detector cannot measure.

Were the sample to contain biological material, which one anticipates in an injection of this nature containing the alleged constituents, compositional phospholipids for example would be present and the elements nitrogen, phosphorous, carbon, and oxygen, detected and identified confirming the presence of a biological substance. Of alarming note, in both the Moderna and Pfizer samples investigated by the Canadian laboratory, no biological elemental signature was detected by x-ray diffraction spectroscopy.

The Covid vaccine samples were prepared by being dried and coated with thin layer (1 atom thick) of either Platinum, Palladium, or Gold prior to being mounted for EM scanning. The single atom layer protects the sample from being incinerated by the electron beam when spectroscopically evaluated.

Covid Vaccine: The Moderna sample

Initial EM visual inspection of Moderna sample revealed crystal-like shapes as well as potential shapes resembling what superficially resembled an electronic component, micro-tech, perhaps a computer silicon wafer ‘chip’, see Figure 1: Moderna.

Covid Vaccine 01

Figure 1: Moderna. Right of centre, rectangular planar shape with EM zone of x-ray spectroscopic analysis, designated by small white bordered rectangle, ‘spectrum 15’.

The rectangular planar shape was more closely investigated using x-ray diffraction spectroscopy showing that the so called ‘micro-tech chip’ contained carbon, oxygen with or without hydrogen. Absent was silicon. If was this a conventional micro-tech ‘chip’, silicon would have been a main elemental constituent of the wafer. A working conclusion was that a special form of carbon known as graphene may be present in the form of graphene oxide (GO) or reduced graphene oxide (rGO). X-ray spectroscopy (spectrum 15) failed to detected either nitrogen or phosphorous, confirming that this Moderna sample did not appear to contain any biological substance and was inorganic in nature.

A further image from the Moderna sample was captured, see Figure 2A: Moderna.

Covid Vaccine 02A

Figure 2a: A very foreign looking Moderna, ?micro-tech, inclusion with projecting filaments defying ready explanation.

Closer examination by x-ray diffraction spectroscopy showed the elemental presence of carbon, oxygen, calcium, sodium, aluminium, silicon, and sulphur. Once again, the absence of elemental nitrogen and phosphorous was observed. When compared to the Moderna stated constituents listed below, an apparent mismatch exists between the inorganic findings of the samples compared against the organic substances and compounds said to form the composition of the Moderna injection. The Moderna Covid Vaccine is stated to include the following ingredients:

Active ingredient

  • mRNA (Nucleoside-modified mRNA encoding the viral spike (S) glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2


  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG) 2000 dimyristoyl glycerol (DMG)
  • 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine
  • Cholesterol
  • SM-102 (Proprietary to Moderna)


  • Thromethamine
  • Thomethamine hydrocholoride
  • Acetic acid
  • Sodium Acetate


  • Sucrose

All these EM observations of Moderna sample were found not to contain an elemental inference of the presence of biologic substances. No elements of life were detected.

Further magnified and astonishing images emerged from the Covid vaccination investigation. Filaments and tiny balls possibly resembling micro-tech were observed, see Figure 2b: Moderna B filament, and Figure 2c: Higher magnification Moderna filament and white balls.

Figure 2b: Moderna filament magnified.             Figure 2C: Higher magnification filaments

Closer study of these findings with x-ray diffraction spectroscopy showed both shapes seen were almost entirely carbon – oxygen based structures. There was no indication of nitrogen or phosphorous in either structure, and therefore they were not considered biological in nature. Once again the possibility of a graphene compound, GO and rGO presented itself with the specter of micro-tech.

Other surprising shapes were also observed in the Moderna sample. These resembled carbon nanospheres, see Figure 3: Moderna nanosphere.

Covid Vaccine 03

Figure 3: Moderna nanosphere formed in or between filament structures.

X-ray diffraction spectroscopy of the surface of the micro-tech nanospehere  (‘spectrum 4’ in Figure 3) showed a composition again, primarily of carbon and oxygen.

One unavoidable and inevitable question must be asked, what are these inorganic entities doing in a Covid vaccination injection meant for people? Shapes akin to ‘crystals’, ‘chip wafers’, ‘filaments’, and ‘nanospheres’ suggesting micro-tech, all made of carbon and oxygen and devoid of nitrogen and phosphorous with no elemental indication of the presence of mRNA or biological substances.

The contention Dr Nagase proffered was that the observed structures in these Covid vaccine samples could be the manifestation of a micro-tech self-assembly process, typically arrested in super cold temperatures. In these samples the recommended storage temperatures were not maintained for a period of up to 2 months prior to observation, so it was considered that the observed structures may have formed during that time.

Nevertheless, when Covid vaccine was formally introduced into the warmth of the human body from a state of super-refrigerated induced inertness, it would be fair to say that all hell breaks loose, as has indeed been suggested and observed elsewhere with the presence of massive industrial sized clots consisting possibly of fibrin, haem and immune complex proteins that accrete in a biomolecular corona, becoming a fatal occluding thrombotic mass over a relatively short space of time.

Dr Nagase suggested that Emergency Use Authorisation does not apparently require a complete and full disclosure of the constituents and intimated that it was unknown whether the observed micro-tech like Covid vaccine inclusions were universal and global or merely limited to specific batches of Covid vaccine in certain populations or countries. Internet published batch data and study tends to lend credibility to the idea than there are indeed lethal batches.

Covid Vaccine: The Pfizer sample

In the Pfizer sample, thousands of cubes were seen in a droplet sample, see Figure 4a: Pfizer cubes, and Figure 4b: Pfizer enlarged cube.

Figure 4a: Pfizer cubes resembling crystal-like   Figure 4b: A single magnified cube shapes.

X-ray diffraction spectroscopy of the Pfizer cube (yellow rectangle in Figure 4b) revealed chiefly carbon, oxygen and a minute amount silicon, once again with no sign of an elemental signature in the Pfizer Covid vaccine suggesting a biological material. Like the earlier Moderna images, the Pfizer Covid vaccine sample also contained filament like structures, seen in Figure 5, showing a Pfizer filament.

Covid Vaccine 05

Figure 5: Pfizer filament and cube.

X-ray diffraction spectroscopy of the filament revealed an elemental composition of carbon, oxygen, calcium, magnesium, silicon, sodium and traces of thulium. This last element was a shock. It is the least abundant rare earth lanthanide metal with some quite interesting applications. The small white rectangle (spectrum 51) in Figure 5 was shown to be elemental silicon.

The implications of these observations and analyses remain uncertain. What is clear is that they do not belong in a Covid vaccine, appearing inconsistent with a biological product. Furthermore, whether these are unintentional contaminants or the product of artifice, it is clear that officialdom refuses to assist in resolving the question let alone recognising the evidence, while sycophantic State and legacy media march in lockstep.


Both Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccine samples observed here appeared solely inorganic, containing an elemental signature suggestive of graphene oxide and/or reduced graphene oxide, raising among several possibilities the presence of nascent micro-tech. There is no ready explanation to account for these observations or the seeming self-assembly of such structures above the arresting temperatures of refrigeration. The requirement to maintain these Covid vaccine injections at temperatures well below −20C is cited as a red flag of potential concern.

Further information may emerge from the Canadian laboratory when examination of time lapse sequences is undertaken to determine whether the identified components of the Covid vaccine samples appear to change.

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