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Unsafe, Ineffective And Unaware: More Than Three Key Reasons To Open Your Eyes, (and Don’t Come Fly With Me!)

Maurice McGrath PhD

Key reasons to open your eyes and walk away, now is the time.
Now is the Time!

First Key Reason

Of just three of a mounting list of key reasons to open your eyes, the first one was published in the BMJ in January 2022.

This revealing Norwegian study highlighted the trivial healthcare utilisation by 700,000 Norwegian children and adolescents in the COVID era before mass synthetic lipid nanoparticle injections were available in Norway (August 1, 2020 – February 1, 2021), when the resemblance to a literal interpretation of, ‘much ado about nothing’, appeared most striking. A very small proportion of the large number of Norwegian children and adolescents, 10,279 (1.45%), tested positive. More than half (59.52%) were untested and more than a third (39.02%) were negative.

Children aged 1-5 years who tested positive showed only a minor long term (≤ 6 months) relative increase in primary care use (13%, Confidence interval 0% to 26%) that was not observed for the older age groups, compared with same aged children who tested negative.

This key reason highlighted why the risk vs “benefit” ratio of the Pfizer jabs, with their cardiac adverse events and a number of other possible serious adverse events of euphemistically described “special interest”), makes them the last experimental injection any sane, ethical person should ever contemplate giving a child.

This Norwegian study concluded that Covid-19 among children and adolescents was found to have limited impact on healthcare services in Norway. Remember too, here we refer to early so-called ‘variants’ in contrast to the currently prevalent clinically irrelevant Omicron strains.

In other words, this key reason showed that Covid-19 was a benign, non-specific condition with a small, short lived impact on children with no increased utilisation of specialist care. Reassuring and calming, yes?

The truth in plain sight

A key reason not to take the State sponsored Pfizer game of Russian roulette

Negative risk benefit. Nothing good to see here. Move on. Much Ado About Nothing.

So, one key reason appears plain to see once eyes are opened. There is scant justification for the imposition of the mass injection of a deleterious, novel, synthetic gene, lipid nanoparticle cocktail on anyone, let alone on young children and adolescents.

Second Key Reason

This next that may serve to capture your keen attention emerges from yet another recent and revealing study published in April 2022 in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, derived from Israeli data. The data showed no increased incidence in either pericarditis nor myocarditis in adult patients recovering from COVID-19 infection. This study was a Retrospective cohort study of 196,992 adults between March 2020 and January 2021 with a control cohort of 590,976 adults with at least one negative PCR and no positive PCR that was age- and sex-matched. A claim is often made that myocarditis from COVID is a greater risk and severity than after the injection. This study clearly shows otherwise and provides a key reason to spurn the spurious injections.

It is already known that there is much greater spike protein production following the injection than during infection, so one would expect the damage to cardiac muscle to be all the greater anyway. Honestly, why would you?

The Third Key Reason

The third key reason morphs from the second, and is the killer, literally. It is the likelihood of inflicting myocardial injury (becoming the best known from a smorgasbord of possible nasties) from experimental synthetic gene, lipid nanoparticle Pfizer injections. Once again, it is becoming abundantly apparent that these have nothing to offer, and worse, possess negative risk benefit, already described by Fraiman et al. in a previous NZDSOS post, and now here by our own academic economist John Gibson. This key reason, juxtaposed against another recent study from France published in Nature Communications that highlighted the colossal elevation in the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis post-vaccination, only serves to underscore the need for eyes wide open.

The studies, now part of a growing list, serve to point to the travesty of the politicised, unethical and unscientific medical policies and corporate politics of the New Zealand government.

Myocarditis and pericarditis, key reasons to avoid the injections. Health and Life span shortening consequences of irreversible myocardial injury.
A key reason, rates of heart inflammation; Nature Communication, French study reported in the Daily Sceptic

The Daily Sceptic reported this incredible French study in the following terms (abridged): Serious Heart Inflammation 44 Times Higher After Covid Vaccination, Nature Study Finds,” referring to odds ratio – (OR). The report described the results of the study of 1,612 hospital cases of myocarditis and 1,613 hospital cases of pericarditis between May 12th and October 31st 2021.

The study identified that the risk of being hospitalised with myocarditis was OR 8.1 times higher in the week following a Pfizer second dose (95% confidence interval [CI], OR 6.7 to 9.9). When the findings are broken down by age, still further elevated risk was seen in younger adults. The risk following a Pfizer second dose decreased with age, peaking at OR 18 times higher in males aged 12-17 (CI, 9–35). Findings for Moderna injections were substantially worse. Note that hospitalisation was the metric here.

So what of sub-clinical inflammation or inflammation not requiring hospitalisation? Myocardial damage with scarring remains a possibility with life span and health span shortening consequences, even in less acute, non-hospitalised clinical presentations.

The abstract in Nature Communications concludes with a sentence vindicating what eminent US cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough once said, namely that the cardiac issues emerging most clearly in the young would also be seen across all age groups. The French study stated, “Estimates of excess cases attributable to vaccination also reveal a substantial burden of both myocarditis and pericarditis across other age groups and in both males and females,” and, “Our findings bring new elements in showing that the risk of acute cardiac inflammation after vaccination is not confined to myocarditis in young men.”

Ladies And Gentlemen, Is There A Pilot On Board?

Another key reason for travelers to consider, safety in the hands of pilots whose adverse events may not be much ado about nothing
Serious adverse events in mandated pilots: a key reason of major concern

This is all a desperate concern, and so it should be of course, but particularly if you are a traveler, where catastrophe could await. There is a growing level of concern regarding the aviation industry in general and mandated pilots in particular, largely evidenced by the number of pilots (a highly screened and monitored group) unable to fly or dead. The numbers are two orders of magnitude above where they were pre-COVID injections. The concern is that a pilot will suffer an incapacitating stroke or heart attack during a flight or during a critical phase of a flight, or worse, in dire circumstances requiring the sum of piloting skills and inspiration from two experienced, healthy people.

Air New Zealand pilots currently remain injection-mandated unless exempted for “special” commercial and political reasons by NZGOV, e.g. perhaps ferrying our Dear Leader and other dubious dignitaries around? At the same time globalist vanguard Air New Zealand recently dropped routine ECG cardiac screening studies on pilots younger than 40 yrs, which, as the evidence suggests, (see Third Key Reason), is exactly where one now requires surveillance. These corporate entities blatantly refuse to recognise the problem because in doing so they become liable having coerced and mandated Pfizer injections for their employees. Consider also, in failing to comply with the official decreed narrative, such a company will adversely affect its ESG ( environmental, social and governance) score.

The back drop is an increase in the number of global pilot deaths by 1700% (a move from single figures to more than a hundred) in the first 9 months of 2021 over 2020. (2019: 1; 2020: 6; 2021: 109) (The Real News #4 pp36)

Consistent with an aviation ethos of diminished, not enhanced, surveillance post mandated injections, Dr Kate Manderson, Principal Medical Officer at the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority when recently addressing pilots in Australia, encouraging them to get their boosters, stating, there was no point in undertaking surveillance after vaccines. One pilot expressed his concern to her in the following way: his daughter had developed myocarditis after the booster and son-in-law had developed myocarditis after the second shot, and both had been hospitalised. Her reply, “vaccines are safe, effective, will stop you from getting really sick and I encourage you to have your vaccines.” Are these people brain dead?

Some in aviation still adhere to the idea that mere ineptitude and incompetence lie at the heart of what we are witnessing and experiencing. For example, JetStar Training Captain Alan Dana opined , “I think this period in history will go down as significant in that we have the most inept business leaders and regulators in human history. But now they are faced with something very, very serious, they are exposed.”

We are of the view that when one considers whether abject incompetence is an underlying part of what we witness unfolding all around us, one is exercising a grossly misplaced generosity of spirit. Well before the emerged stream of key reasons and data, usual and best practice would never have accepted the experimental novel Pfizer injections in the first instance, aside from the foundational reasons embodied in medical ethics: full information, bodily autonomy and the right to refuse experimentation.

The properly scrutinised data from COVID infection elsewhere was nothing but reassuring, until the vaccinated showed up that is. That the “raw data” was a deliberate mess was obvious. The formal safety controls were gone and the science left the room to politicised black box modelling. That the injections were adopted and then coerced and mandated on the population indisputably amounts to crimes against humanity.

Neither Safe Nor Effective. Never Were, Are, Or Will Be.

With increasing alarm we can see clearly now that vaccines were never effective in either preventing transmission or infection, nor do they decrease the putative severity of COVID, actually making it unpredictably worse and harder to recover from, while the unpredictable adverse events can be dire and the ease of reinfection escalates. An abundance of key reasons.

So, you may wish to consider carefully whether you want to keep playing state-sponsored Russian roulette with Jabcinda’s sole truth and cindness™ delivered in the form of the barreled needle thrust in your arm. As Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Apostolic Nuncio proclaimed, it is now time to cease being servile and to seek the return of justice.

The descent into evil is as obvious as it is undeniable. It is not incompetence. For example, recently the team leader of the FDA’s clinical review staff, Rachel Zhang, stated in regard to the appallingly dodgy EUA for Pfizer injections administered to babies and young children:

We have lost the placebo groups, so we cannot really say anything about the duration of vaccine efficacy after that.” … “I guess it will have to come from real-world effectiveness.”

Catherine Salgado writing at Pro Deo et Libertate: FDA panel advisor says agency ‘lost’ essential COVID vax trial data for kids, babies

Prior to this, during the approval meeting for 5 to 11-year olds, a voting member of a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee (and current editor of a top tier medical journal, no less) had admitted that whether or not Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is safe for them won’t be known fully until it begins being administered!

“We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it,” said panel member Dr. Eric Rubin during the hearing. “That’s just the way it goes.”

Parents can rest easy in their beds at night, knowing their kids are in such scholarly hands.

Not only does the FDA and Pfizer demonstrate gross unethical behaviour and deliberate malfeasance, the collaborating New Zealand government is up to its neck in conflicts of interest, yet more key reasons to garner your attention and open your eyes.

As an ‘investor and partner’ with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), the Davos-founded organisation (founded in 2017 by the WEF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome drug company), NZGOV funded $15M of your tax payer money supporting the unbridled, hyper-accelerated corporate development of the novel synthetic gene LNP injections, and a further $26M to COVAX AMC (co-led by CEPI, GAVI and WHO), and again, just recently, a further $10 million, again to CEPI.

And just in case you’re wondering, CEPI also funds the Safety Platform for Emergency Vaccines (SPEAC), an output of the Brighton Collaboration in which our own Queen of injections, Helen Petoussis-Harris of Auckland University, was closely involved. Her declaration of a conflict of interest was never apparent in her ODT front page promo with the outrageous nonsensical bye line: “Misinformation shared online threatens to undermine New Zealand’s big push to lift vaccination rates above 90 per cent, which could bring us fewer Covid-19 deaths and hospital cases, and more freedom.”

Our fall of Rome moment, a manufactured blindness to the key reasons behind mass injections
The sack of Rome. Acknowledgement to Ryse, ‘Son of Rome’

There appears no Government intention to stop the jabbing, mask policies or mandates any time soon unless irresistible and compelling political pressure is brought to bear. Key reasons, data and ethics will never be enough, though perhaps when a sufficient number of health professionals and academics decide their cognitive dissonance is too uncomfortable and cannot be salved by 30 pieces of silver, then maybe things can change. However, as wider New Zealand dozes and its sycophantic media remains muzzled this seems unlikely in any immediate sense.

Mandates and the litany of ” a shot for all ills” will unquestionably continue under any majority National Government which invariably goose-steps to the corporate globalist agenda – unless the million of so cancelled and rising Kiwis can corral the coerced and awaken the conned by the next election.

And when all is said and done, the ‘last man standing’ may well not be the metaphorical turn of phrase it once was. The nightmare fantasies of the WEF are bearing down on the civilisation we took for granted. This is our sacking of Rome moment, and we fall mainly from within. For it will take a great stirring in New Zealand to obviate the destructive corporate globalist machinations of the locally compliant and complicit, as blindness to at least 3 key reasons remains guaranteed by New Zealand politicians and media.

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