Speaking the Truth – A Selfless Act in the Age of Covid Compliance

On Good Morning CHD, a daily news show by CHD (Children’s Health Defense) host Dr. Meryl Nass, a board certified internist and a biological warfare epidemiologist and expert in anthrax, talks to guests Dr Alison Goodwin, Dr Emanuel Garcia and Dr Bruce Dooley from New Zealand about speaking the truth – a selfless act in the age of covid compliance, and the conspiracy to silence doctors.  All three are members of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS).

It is no secret that many medical professionals were too afraid to have a different opinion from that of the mainstream and chose to keep their doubts and dissent silent for fear of the consequences, and for that they bear the weight of their own consciences. There were also those who completely believed the narrative and unquestioningly went along with the pandemic response, oblivious to the greater evil of what was taking place. Many of these believe everything is now ‘back to normal’.

Fortunately, there were those seemingly rare stellar individuals who, from the start remained true to medical ethics, the Hippocratic Oath to first do no harm and who stood up to defend bodily autonomy.  They believed in the sacrosanct right of every man and woman to have the freedom to choose a medical treatment and to give informed consent, two principles which should be unchallengeable.  They questioned the one-size-fits-all approach to the covid response which allowed no discussion of individualised or alternative treatments for the respiratory virus.  Doctors Goodwin, Garcia and Dooley are of such a calibre and in the interview with Dr Nass, they explore their individual experiences and efforts to expose the lies and corruption of the covid 19 pandemic response which has polarised and divided our nation.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell –

Over the recent covid years we have witnessed dramatic changes in our country. It has become apparent that speaking out and expressing an opinion on anything related to ‘covid’ which does not fit the mainstream media or government narrative, is akin to a crime in the current state-controlled healthcare culture.  Doctors Goodwin, Garcia and Dooley are well informed on that front having suffered the wrath of the New Zealand Medical Council, experiencing censorship, silencing, suspension, having ‘conditions’ placed on their practicing certificates and/or having to undergo an Orwellian ‘re-education programme’.

All of us have a story to tell or a covid experience to share, and those who attempted to speak out quickly discovered the hard hand from the narrative controllers who banned such unspeakable topics. Whether that was a post about vaccines not stopping viral transmission, an account of an adverse reaction, a discussion about treatment or questioning of the efficacy of the injection – all were quickly shut down.  Indeed, any contradictory views came under unprecedented attack and were removed from social media feeds, effectively silencing voices that dared question the covid-19 response with its disastrous lockdowns, the divisive traffic light system and other controls the government put in place against its own people.

We saw news media ridicule alternative viewpoints as fake news and conspiracy theories, and so began the war of mis- and dis- information. These loaded terms are now liberally thrown about to label those who dare go against the ‘official’ sources, no matter how distorted, manufactured and dishonest – all aimed to deceive us. 

Thankfully now, many of us are awake to the translation needed when we come across the derogatory epithet ‘spreading misinformation’.  This actually translates into ‘telling the truth’. Banishment from social media suggests that certain guilty parties recognise a truth teller, hence their attempts to silence.  The numbers of awakened are growing, some slower to see, others still slumbering, but more people are beginning to connect the dots and they will demand the powers-that-be start speaking the truth in the age of covid. 

As the covid charade continues, we see what lengths the Ministry of Health, MCNZ (Medical Council of New Zealand), other regulators and the government, with their bought and paid for mainstream media, are prepared to go to shut out any dissenting voices in the drive to protect the ‘once source of truth’.  This battle for truth has exposed a dark and treacherous terrain and we applaud and support all the brave voices who have spoken out including Doctors Goodwin, Garcia and Dooley. We trust that by speaking our truth we can start to heal, move forward and ensure, truly this time, that this never happens again.

Watch: Speaking the Truth – A Selfless Act in the Age of Covid Compliance

Speaking the Truth – A Selfless Act in the Age of Covid Compliance

Further Reading on Censorship and Silencing:

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  1. Labour Party in Britain silenced truth in house by sacking an mp over a stand on vaccine harm.
    The leader said there is no political appetite for COVID and even if you right,you are taking on large vested interests
    Wake up NZ

  2. Good morning You awesume ,courageous men and women ,

    At our ANZACdawn pde at the end our convener asked are their any more to lay wreaths.
    I stood and briefly said ..
    My flowers from my own garden I lay for the living ,Those men and women from our forces and the police who lost their careers ”
    I didn’t mention the Jab or covid .
    One lady the other day asked what my korero about..
    I said the many that didn’t bow down to the Jab .

    I also wrote a letter this week to our receptionists and my doctor at the waipukurau medical centre …To say I forgive you all for ostracizing me ,put in a sealed envelope and handed it to one of them .

    I take down the covid bar codes at our waipukurau caltex garage to and others in HB if I can .

    Sincerely Robert McLean

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