Dr. Alison Goodwin: The Untold Side of the Covid Narrative 

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This article is part of a series on doctors silenced by health authorities in New Zealand.

“It is never appropriate to force a population to have an experimental medical procedure.”

~Dr. Alison Goodwin, GP

A good doctor, a moral doctor, a doctor invested in upholding their professional ethics of First Do No Harm would tell you both the benefits and risks of a treatment so you could make an informed decision. 

But the ability for the public to make their own informed choice was all but impossible in New Zealand during Covid. 

Dr. Alison Goodwin had her practising certificate removed and has been required to attend a 12-month “re-education” programme after she advocated for informed consent in 2021 as the Covid-19 vaccines were being rolled out in New Zealand

In fact, the official guidance from the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) specifically prevented doctors from counselling patients about both sides of the issue. 

And if doctors did not sing the praises of the vaccine they were threatened, investigated and punished by MCNZ using censure, restrictions on how they could prescribe and practise medicine, and sent for formal re-education.

However, Dr. Alison Goodwin, GP could not in good conscience succumb to the script MCNZ provided. Instead, she spoke up to offer the public additional information based on her informed, professional opinion.

In this exclusive 4-minute video, hear Dr. Goodwin’s concerns about the vaccine rollout, the top 3 principles governing her practice, and alternatives to the Medical Council’s narrative. Or if you’re more inclined to read, a summary and supplementary details can be found below.

A Doctor Standing For All

Dr. Goodwin stands as a beacon of good moral judgement and ethics during a time when Covid mandates made that exceptionally challenging in New Zealand. 

Her medical practice embraced the fundamental pillars of well-being: balanced nutrition, regular exercise, quality rest, and stress management–and yes, pharmaceuticals when required. 

In addition to conventional practices, she has studied lifestyle medicine which aims to get the foundations right to create health with less toxic burden on the individual. As such, she is qualified to counsel her patients on a range of treatment options in addition to pharmaceuticals.

The Basis of Concern

So, when the vaccine was being rolled out, Dr. Goodwin was gravely concerned because it unequivocally went against her core principles. 

“At medical school, three principles were ingrained into me. Number one, first do no harm. Number two, the right to informed consent. And number three, the right to decline a medical treatment.” 

These fundamental principles of medicine were being assaulted, and she felt it ethically necessary to voice her concern. Issues that were clearly missing from the public conversation included: 

  • that the mRNA was a new technology not previously used in vaccines
  • it was still in clinical trials until 2023 
  • the vaccine itself had only provisional consent with 58 conditions attached 
  • Pfizer was not liable if it did not work or induced adverse effects
  • it was not studied in the pregnant or frail elderly population
  • the long-term safety data was nonexistent
  • it was impossible to predict treatment outcome or efficacy due to lack of data

Health creation, prevention and early treatment were completely missing from the initial narrative. In fact, it seemed conditions were created that harmed people physically, mentally and emotionally.

Masking, for example, created a low-oxygen toxic environment and was never proven to stop transmission. Neither was the two metre rule. Add in social isolation, separating families during birth and death, and closing recreation areas and further trauma was created.  

First Do No Harm

One bold assumption made when mandating the vaccine was that everyone was at equal risk. But Dr. Goodwin knew that the risk was low for healthy people under 60 and those already naturally immune. 

For a significant number of people, the risks of having the vaccine likely outweighed the benefits, making an all-encompassing mandate entirely unnecessary. Yet in the guideline sent to doctors by the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ), the implication was that doctors would be disciplined for sharing that crucial information.

And there were other concerns that Dr. Goodwin could not overlook…

Fully Informed Consent & Right to Decline

Regardless of personal opinions, doctors are sworn to uphold key principles. Yet few in New Zealand publicly advocated for patients’ rights or upheld their Hippocratic Oath. 

That, in Dr. Goodwin’s opinion, was absolutely unethical.

“If more New Zealand doctors don’t stand up and start defending these rights, I’ll be ashamed to call myself a doctor.”

But speaking up so boldly for patient rights wasn’t without repercussions.

The High Cost of Dissent

For speaking publicly in an effort to provide more information for New Zealanders, Dr Goodwin was sanctioned by the MCNZ.  Due to a few complaints from members of the public and members of the medical profession (but not any patients) who had heard her speak, she was deemed a danger to public health and had her APC (Annual Practicing Certificate) suspended, an action usually reserved for the worst offenders.

The APC was suspended for 10 months in 2022 until the MCNZ decided to issue another one with conditions imposed.  Conditions that meant she had to provide a disclaimer that her views were ‘minority views’ and that meant she was restricted in what she could prescribe to Ministry of Health guidelines only.  “Dr Goodwin will manage the care of patients with COVID-19 in accordance with the local, applicable HealthPathways guidelines.”

While suspended, the MCNZ undertook a Professional Conduct Committee investigation which provided its report in Nov 2022. This recommended that Dr Goodwin undergo and pay for a 12 month re-education programme that addresses:

  • communication skills;
  • ethical and moral obligations toward treating her medical colleagues with respect;
  • ability to provide balanced and considered information in a manner that is appropriate for the context of the discussion; and
  • adherence to Medical Council of New Zealand’s statement on Unprofessional behaviour.

Dr. Goodwin is appealing her suspension in the Wellington district court, and this is set to be heard at the end of June 2023, sixteen months after filing the case.

It’s Time for a New Story

The human body is remarkably resilient, asserts Dr. Goodwin, capable of withstanding numerous challenges when given the proper conditions. 

A more proactive approach to disease that doesn’t solely rely on pharmaceuticals, and instead empowers people to take charge of their own health is a better long-term solution. 

It’s time to get the government out of the consultation room, and here’s what you can do. 

What You Can Do 

When armed with information, it’s possible to increase health and resistance to infectious diseases.

Start by Asking Questions

Have the courage to look for contrary opinions, different views, and voices that have been censored on and off the internet. You don’t have to agree with everything you discover, but it will help you develop a greater perspective around the issues. Knowledge is how informed decisions are made.

Become Aware and Trust your Instincts.

Look out for repetitive mantras, like “safe and effective” and be curious about what is not being said. 

Simple Adjustments

Small lifestyle changes that promote health can make an impact and are easily incorporated into your daily routine. Getting fresh air and sunshine, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, getting quality sleep, and some form of regular activity can make a significant difference to overall well-being. 


We ask for your help bringing awareness to the silencing that is still going on in NZ and waking up your fellow Kiwis and international friends. These stories aren’t limited to our borders. Similar things are happening to health professionals worldwide and together we can raise a united voice for change.

Share this page with featured stories from NZ doctors and tag us using the hashtag #stopthesilence to help us hit 10,000 shares. Tell us what impacted you the most, and together we can unmask the truth.


This article is part of a series on doctors silenced by health authorities in New Zealand.

War and Freedom: Dr. Rene de Monchy’s Perspective on Covid  nzdsos.com/2023/07/05/war… via @nzdsos

When doctors are silenced,
people are harmed.

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  1. If there’s anyone who still wonders why so many of us believe our political system is corrupted beyond any redress that can be offered by the elections, Dr. Goodwin’s little video is a good place to start for insight. She is so reasonable and commonsense that if reason and honour still prevailed in our government, she would at least be given a reasoned rebuttal rather than being stomped on and treated like a pariah.
    Of course, ‘Honour’, as in a personal code of conduct, is an uncool word these days, and perhaps that explains it all.

    1. David I agree in full what you said.
      I am wondering when the corrupt lot called NZMC are sacked, to begin with Michael Baker.
      I am also wondering how many millions this lot have received from Pziser.
      I read the book Cause Unknown and another very worthwhile one is A Heretics Manifesto.

  2. Whilst I do not make use of court proceedings personally, l am nevertheless exceedingly grateful to Dr Alison Goodwin and the team at nzdsos who have remained faithfully courageous and true to their Hippocratic oath despite the amount of opposition.

    The truth may appear ugly to others, but it will eventually prove to be the truth, by God’s grace.

    If we have not the principle of truth, then we have no principles at all.

    David B

  3. Personal courage vs profit, it’s a rare thing these days to see the former win through – kudos to you.

  4. THANK YOU…Doctors.
    The biggest scam in human history…a MAN-made virus and a PLAN-demic…for money and control…my opinion from the first day of lockdown in 2020.

  5. “This guidance sets clear expectations across both professions to support Aotearoa’s public health response and the COVID-19 vaccination programme. Doctors and dentists should be prepared to discuss evidence-based information about vaccination and its benefits with patients,” says Medical Council Chair, Dr Curtis Walker. (https://www.mcnz.org.nz/about-us/news-and-updates/expectations-for-covid-19-vaccination-released-for-doctors-and-dentists/)

    It’s going to be interesting to see what the District Court Judge makes of that. All good to discuss beneficial evidence based information but can’t discuss evidence based information that is not.

    The judge wouldn’t need to be too bright to figure out what was going on at the Medical Council. The problem is that all judges had submitted themselves to the Pfizer products so had bought into the ‘safe and effective’ propaganda of Medsafe/MOH/NZMC etc

    All the very best to the brave doctor.

  6. PLEASE watch Dr David Martin video on YouTube titled Covid is Genocide the best twenty minute reveal of the truth with ref material and science to support claims.
    This could win every courtcase in support of persecuted doctors and medical staff. WE hold the power collectively and that is how we should support one another. NAMASTE

  7. Pauline Truth is vital let us stand for do no harm as we stand together against the Vaccine, it is obvious that many have been subjected to sickness, we need to do our homework on what is good for us, and most of all STAND for our Freedom to speak out!

  8. Excellent communication of exactly what I feel has happened.
    Thank you Doctor Goodwill for risking everything to stand up for truth & reason.
    God Bless you
    Rev Ian McCormack

  9. Thank you so much for standing up and speaking out and hopefully some of our other Drs will start doing the same. I too was mandated out of my nursing job after 27 years of clinical experience. I had complaints made against me and have recently been through a nursing council hearing it which I stood up without compromising using the Bill of rights and code of conduct as my stance . The verdict was no further action which was surprising to me but they could find no validity in the complaints against me. It is so sad to see how our values as health professionals have been eroded and so we now have no faith in our health system. Thank you again as I know how much this has cost you in all facets of your life. We are on the right side of history.

  10. Was so refreshing to hear Dr Goodwin’s speech she speaks absolute common sense which sadly is now lacking in our society. I pray and hope her court hearing goes exceptionally well and these people that are trying to manipulate her are called out. Long live truth and common sense we are not morons.

  11. I worked with Alison Goodwin during the late 80’s or early 90’s at Hastings hospital. She left a rare and lasting impression on me as someone of great integrity and honesty. I sincerely hope her Appeal is successful. We need more professional people with this courage, not less. NZ has sadly been tarnished by evil and many kiwis’ aren’t aware of the corruption. I can never live there again.


  13. One of the most evil things that occurred during the lockdown was the statement that our then prime minister Jacinda Adern made “Endocarditis and Myocarditis are very rare side effects and most people recover very quickly from them. Nothing could be further from the truth as we know yet not one medical professional was permitted to expose the great lie that our then told on national t.v. Dr Bloomfield was at her side when she made this statement. Both have gone unpunished she should have been facing serious charges in court for misleading the country , and indeed people have died and others become seriously ill because the followed her advice, she should have been facing a term of imprisonment John Griffin Hamilton

  14. I love all of you brave doctors. In my eyes you are the heroes and in time you will win this battle. I truly believe that.
    When I called my GP re the vaccine rollout and raised concerns re lack of testing and speed of the roll out his reply was : “in a way the testing is happening now as millions of people take up the jab”. I guess that was the answer after all. We were being asked to take part in a trial but when the uptake wasn’t as expected, people were coerced to take part against their will.
    I heard Naomi Woolf recently and she has suggested that doctors were mandated to remove intelligences from society. I have often thought about why doctors were mandated first and I think when we get to the truth it will be very dark indeed. After all the lower the education level of society the easier they are to control (no offence as there are amazing people from all walks of life).
    You give me courage and appreciate all that you do and follow your blogs with interest.

  15. When the Prime Minister and Ashley Bloomfield announced that every New Zealand was mandated to have the Jab, I prayed about it and believed God told me not to have the jab.
    My GP told me “You’ve gone down the rabbit hole”.
    But I am so glad I listened to God and did not have the jab.
    Since then there have been so many reports of harm and even death.

  16. Like many others probably in the minority, I saw this pandemic as a scam & took no jabs as I could not trust doctors to give me anything, because they were under the control of our worst corrupted government in our history. Thank you for standing up & telling the truth about those poisonous jabs. I lost my step brother two days after his jab from a blood clot in the lung, a fit 72 yr old that I could not attend his funeral because of another dopy govt rule keeping me locked down in Auckland.

  17. Thank you from an Australian to doctors in New Zealand who have stood up against this medical tyranny. Our countries have obviously been chosen for a ghastly experiment for some “greater good” decided by the military and elites which has absolutely nothing to do with our health, in fact, it looks more and more like a eugenicist’s wet dream.

  18. Thanks for informing me about the work of Alison Goodwin. I’m from Australia. I wonder if you have heard about the work of Dr Melissa McCann from Queensland? She is leading a class action of 500 – mostly her own patients – against the Australian Government for gross injuries caused by the Covid vaccines.

  19. Thankyou Dr Goodwin ..I admire and appreciate you and all doctors who articulate their concerns clearly intelligently and with the continued courage it takes to withstand the horrendous professional and personal attacks you have endured because you questioned the ‘sole source of truth’ narrative we were all bullied with.

  20. Thank you to all those doctors, nurses and medical professionals that have stood up and fought for us, we salute you.
    You are on the right side of history and can hold your head up high.

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