Doctor Michael Baker’s Staggering Walk of Shame on The Platform, 15 August 2023

Dr Michael Baker FI
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A reporter in the field takes one for the team and listens bravely to Sean Plunket . She reports at this link.

Dr Michael Baker was interviewed by Plunket on Tuesday

after the government announced the dropping of all covid restrictions. I commented on The Platform’s FB page, appalled by Baker’s drivel. Here it is, slightly edited by NZDSOS:

Michael Baker Sean Plunket August 2023

“Those leaking information from the Government indicate that data was fudged and we are deceived about the true extent of harm and deaths. Recent Wellington Region data shows serious levels of harm (cardiac, reproductive and ante- and neonatal), post gene therapy. By the way, Te Whatu Ora has acknowledged finally what we’ve been trying to teach everyone for 2 years. The Pfizer shot is gene therapy, not a vaccine. 

Under the cloud of confidentiality, we can’t know the details of the Pfizer contract; the names of the 12 NZ Medicines Assessment Advisory Committee (MAAC) members who cleared the product for mass use; and the Pfizer responses to the 58+ questions which doctors and nurses may never see or challenge.

These health professionals needed those responses, as they were at the coalface, consenting and administering the product. They will be the same people who will see the patients who present with adverse reactions. Without knowledge of harms, many of which Pfizer knew about, how is that fair? The 450,000 pages of data to be Pfizered away for 75 years is currently being published by the FDA under court order. Has Dr Baker read any of these?

Fact: Medsafe ceased reporting the adverse reactions in December 2022. A separate database (SMARS), is now reporting quarterly and is behind already. Their last report was March 2023. Go figure!

We hear already that Dr Baker gets sent talking points from the WHO’s vaccine industry sidearm, GAVI, but also is presumably riding shotgun for the USA’s Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), specifically it’s international arm, the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA), whose Chair Elect is Joan Simeon until 2024. Coincidentally (not?) she is also the CEO of the  Medical Council of NZ (MCNZ), and becomes the Chair of IAMRA in 2026. Nice work if you can get it. Will she resign from the CEO position at the MCNZ in 2026? Shouldn’t she have already? FSMB and IAMRA are private entities with pharma funding.

The NZMC sent a communication to all medical doctors in 2021 before the rollout which instructed them to talk up the benefits of Pfizer’s Covid injection, implying there would be reprisals for anyone discussing Risks and Options. They referenced  Code 6 of the NZ Health and Disability Codes in that same letter, which sent a mixed message, given that Code 6 is about Informed Consent around ALL options available to the consumer. That means disclosure of risks and benefits, including the option to do nothing. No mention of all the other items in the code.

I would ask Dr Michael Baker how on earth this is not an egregious contravention of the process of Informed Consent, the NZ Bill of Rights Act, and both unethical and immoral? In addition there is an erosion and misuse of the NZ Health and Disability Codes and the standards and requirements of the NZ Immunisation Handbook. 

Primum Non Nocere!

Dr Baker please go and live in China, take a slow boat and take Sean with you. His term ‘anti vax nutter’ is pejorative and worn out, designed to divide and inflame, and no sentient, literate and critical thinking person is buying this type of disparaging label anymore. Clearly that is not the audience he seeks. 

Dr Baker, you are now irrelevant and your delusion about ‘elimination’ demonstrates your woeful misunderstanding of immunology. Virology 101: Viruses seek to survive by mutating. They abhor a vacuum that is created by a vaccine and will select for new strains, which may or may not be more pathogenic, but will usually be more transmissible. Immune pressure is never going to end well, when placed upon a virus. I think even you must agree with this surely, given the real-time evidence of variants and sub variants.

Perhaps if you and your peers had been mindful of these basic tenets and encouraged safer, more economic and effective community-based measures, that would support the innate and adaptive immune pathways, fewer people would have experienced poor outcomes? Instead it was Free KFC and  a bottle of fizzy, after your jab! Nice work. Grant Robertson thought that was great, remember? He asserted as much publicly, anything to get needles in arms, right?

There will be class actions Dr Baker.  People will not back down, and the CARM and ACC organisations are not fit for purpose, which will prompt legal action, that will seek accountability and appropriate levels of compensation.

The autopsy and coronial services will be examined too, in order to reveal the woeful breakdown of due process, eg lack of use of specific testing to determine causal link to the Pfizer injection, such as use of staining and anti P4 antibodies testing for starters. It is clear that few autopsies appear to have been performed, where there was a temporal link to the Pfizer injection. And remember, we are running at 8000 excess deaths since the start of 2022.

Dr Baker, you don’t want a full inquiry into Covid Policies and mandates etc.,  preferring to look to the future! I can understand why you might feel anxious about that and am sure there’s a pill for that ill. Pfizer probably has one. 

If we don’t address the mistakes of the past – the wilfull ignorance, the malfeasance and misconduct, the cognitive dissonance and the corruption – we will simply repeat the same deeds again in the future. There must be no tolerance for such behaviour again, and those who failed the public of NZ, ought to front up, apologise and step down. Next time, they might try standing in solidarity and remember their Hippocratic Oaths and their pledges, and educate themselves in order to be better placed  to support, advocate for and protect their patients.

Meanwhile, currently, give some thought to those still suffering and being told that it’s ‘just a coincidence’ or it’s ‘just anxiety.’ Let’s not forget what a former PM asserted, whilst practicing medicine without a license. She said the “side effects showed that the ‘vaccine’ was working”. To do what, I wonder?

A shout out to Dr Alison Goodwin of the NZDSOS and Sue Grey, with their recent judicial and tribunal wins. At least there are some in places of power who have retained their moral and ethical compasses. A precedent has hopefully now been set for freedom of speech and upholding one’s codes of conduct, without fear of being penalised, suspended or vilified for doing so.

To anyone who is open-minded and wishes to consider the other side of what they were told and shown, the River of Freedom documentary will be playing around the country in September in cinemas. Made without any government funding. 

You decide for yourselves what actually took place and whose rights were abused, whose voices were silenced or misrepresented. And say Never Again.”

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  1. Michael Baker was the first “expert” quoted by Jacinda Ardern at the start of the Covid scam. I think life imprisonment is the justice that needs to be applied for their despicable behaviour.

  2. I was an avid listener of The Platform, seeking an alternative to the dreadful usual suspects, right up until Sean Plunkett and Michael Laws showed their true colours regarding Covid-19 vaccine safety. Gone was measured debate and critical thinking, replaced with petulance, antagonism and scorn. They deserve to both choke on the phrase ‘vaccine nutters’. They need to fess up to their complicity in the widespread harms now coming to light. They perpetuated the illusion of vaccine safety and efficacy for far too long. We, the insulted, ridiculed and demeaned, were in large part right all along.

  3. I see this person as responsible for alot of ongoing jabs causing injury and deaths, for telling lies on the news about the all cause mortality rates he said we DONT HAVE (sic) after 2.5 years

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