The Most Important Misinformation in 2024

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Misinformation and it’s misconceptions in the eyes of the World Economic Forum (WEF):

According to the WEF, currently in session in Davos, Switzerland, the number one risk in the world in 2024 is not starvation, water insecurity, nuclear annihilation, or even a pandemic, but… Misinformation and disinformation.

Many of us who are aware of what is really going on, realise by now, that any opposing perspective which doesn’t align with the WEF and its obsequious cohort of other alphabet organisations is classed as ‘misinformation’.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) believe in open, frank and honest conversations, conducted with respect. If there are opposing views, we welcome discussing them. This used to be considered an established norm for furthering an idealised process:  to hear and understand varying perspectives so as to create solutions to new and unresolved challenges.

In grim contrast, the WEF and its puppets are clear that they want a single control paradigm across the globe, since humans are the same ‘useless’ animal, whichever bit of the planet they eat uselessly in.

The question remains, why have fact-checkers to decide what is so-called misinformation and disinformation?

What are their qualifications? Based on a congressional hearing when Twitter was hauled over the coals there were no relevant degrees or doctorates deciding what was acceptable. Twitter said it just danced to dictates from on high, from anonymous paper pushers in a government agency.  

These social media mavens have significant power and undeclared agendas, as they decide what is true for our tiny brains, often using the blunt force trauma of unnamed fact-checkers to do so.

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Why isn’t robust science added to the mix? Mostly because it doesn’t pay the bills in these organisations. Thus we must look into all sides of an argument to form conclusions, not just what we are spoon-fed by a compromised social media and infotainment industry.

There are spring shoots of progress. The general population is becoming increasingly ‘over’ the enforcement of stringent restrictions. Case in point, currently, are the massive protests in Romania and Germany, now spilling over to Poland and France, all pushing back on the draconian measures being imposed.

Many people are reluctant to trust self-purported experts such as Bill Gates, a university dropout, who created average software susceptible to viruses, then now sells us the software which counteracts them.  He has no business in legislating overarching policies which remove the sovereignty of nations’ free citizens.

At Davos this week, they have specifically discussed the number one threat the WEF faces – misinformation and disinformation – but also how they need to build trust with the ‘people’. We are curious how they think they lost it.

Dr Naomi Woolf puts it brilliantly when she states, “Only sociopaths think that after they tried to murder, sterilise and disable people – they can have a conference about building trust”. 

Trust in a panoply of institutions has been destroyed for those who have lost loved ones, and who are left maimed and injured, from the enforced mRNA injections. The WEF and its co-tyrants will be sorely mistaken if they try to ‘build back better’ on a failed trust campaign. We see through their tyranny… and raise to an awakening. 

We are facing psychopathic entities; false raconteurs who create narratives for control, and manipulate populations through fear. One way to overcome this is simply to refuse to bow to their panic-demics, and create our own free, fair and authentic society based on personal sovereignty and choice. 

The ‘you-know-WHOs’ are working to destroy our freedoms and remove individual autonomy from citizens across the world. As individuals, to make an insurmountable collective, we must stand together and refuse to accept their false grandiose notions of fear, and ensure we gain clarity on the happenings across the planet, using unbiased, evidence-based scientific and spiritual processes of discernment.

Truth be told, it takes courage to put one journeying foot in front of the other; not to bow to the falsehoods of an unelected private body of corruption; and to remain steadfast in the truth. Knowing that is the one thing that will always stand tall in the end, to expose this tyranny on Earth for what it really is. 

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  1. Excellent article; you have hit the nail right on the head. As for trust for our would be rulers I never trusted them and their ramble on most of the stuff they talked about especially the covid jab thus no one in our family was vaccinated. I really think they had already lost a lot of trust by the time they rolled out the covid virus and the death shot along with it. However a lot of people still took it and ended up dyeing or being maimed by that jab. That can`t be called a vaccine it can only be called a jab.

  2. Why should such a reasonable article be anonymous? To imply that NZDSOS are cowering in fear of punishment?

  3. So much thanks for all that you’ve sacrificed and emailed to us all, you are all amazing. You all give me strength and believe me I try to spread the word wherever I go.

  4. Im 61 and regard myself as vaccine injured. Reacting to each vacine and 14 months into an autoimmune disease. That has turned my life upside down. The speed of this condition has left me mainly wheelchair bound and Ive just been told my condition is now at a terminal stage. My heart and lungs have affected and Ive had several hospitalizations with near dealth and air lifts envolved.
    How is this type of vaccine injury acknowledged and reported and the injury to my life and family recognised?

    1. Dear Susan, I am so sorry to hear of the health issues you have since taking this experimental injection. If you contact Lynda Wharton at The Health Forum, she may well be able to give you assistance. You’ll be able to write to her here:
      Also it may well be worth calling the clinic at NZDSOS. The tab to click on is right at the top right. You’ll find wonderful souls keen to help at both places.
      Wishing you well.
      Mary H

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