Tell Us Your Story

NZDSOS, working with our allies in New Zealand and overseas, is researching the health and the politics around covid and providing information that is measured and trust worthy that empowers our colleagues and the public alike. We value feedback and argument.
What have you been seeing or experiencing? What victories have you had when talking to others?
NZDSOS is currently engaged in processes with the aim of allowing all health practitioners to work using the principles of honour, doing no harm and free will. We envision health care, rather than disease care, with an emphasis on prevention through lifestyle measures and personal empowerment. Healing modalities could include Rongoa Māori, acupuncture, herbs and nutrition, as well as pharmaceuticals.
What would you like to see in a new health system?

Tell Us Your Health or Freedom Story

What would you like to see in a new health system?

Whether good or bad. How has the health system treated you? When trying to reach others, what worked and what did not.