The Truth Project - An Opportunity for Health Care Workers

NZDSOS has posted extensively on vaccine harms; now it's your turn. So far, we've lacked widespread confirmation from hospital staff and managers about our suspicions that the vaccines are harming individuals and placing the hospital system under enormous pressure. We've had a trickle of people telling us about the climate of fear and intimidation used to hide problems with the Pfizer jab, so now we want you, traumatised-but-brave health workers, to document formally what you have witnessed. If people feel they might be prepared to make a sworn statement for the inevitable future court cases, please indicate this in your story.

Please note: When asking for this information, we are aware that there are people who seek to discredit us and who have posed as people they are not (e.g. journalists pretending to be patients).  We are trusting that those who provide this information are genuine and seek to share what is being hidden.  We cannot guarantee that there are not some with ulterior motives providing false information.  As doctors, our default setting is trusting people.

The Truth Project

An opportunity for health care workers to tell us what they are seeing.