We must take back our medical freedom

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We Must Take Back Our Medical Freedom

To those who have stood with us shoulder to figurative shoulder, we continue to fight together. To those who have quietly supported, we thank you and urge you to take action. There is no longer time for us to wait and see what happens; there is no longer time for us to comply to avoid conflict or upsetting people. There is no longer time to remain silent.

Action 1: Take Off Your Mask

Medically, there is trivial reason to wear a mask and in fact, wearing a mask could increase deaths. NZDSOS, along with many other organisations have looked at the science repeatedly. Click/tap on the images below to link to articles from us and from New Zealand's own Jodie Brunning.

The Foegen Effect: An increase in Case Fatality Rates in masked populations.

Legacy Media Pushes the Mask Mandate: The New Zealand Case. Photo courtesy of Stuff

Masking also increases fear in both the wearer and the viewer. It makes us compliant and more easily nudged into obeying, even if we don't agree with what we are being asked to do. Voices for Freedom have good information on your rights when asked to wear a mask.

Take it off - It is Harming!

Action 2: Donate

The NZDSOS Steering Committee continues to fight for the medical and personal freedoms of all New Zealanders. Here are some projects we are currently running:

  • Investigating alternative lawful approaches to regulation and governance
  • Investigating legal action against regulatory bodies
  • Setting up alternate medical structures and fighting for legitimacy of these organisations
  • Supporting doctors, dentists, vets and pharmacists who are facing censure
  • Presenting evidence to authorities, police and government
  • Running the Health Help Line where we treat those injured by the "vaccine", along with treating Covid and providing care for other health challenges, including general primary care
  • Providing quality, referenced information on our website and on social media.

All of this takes monetary and time resources. Please help us to continue bringing New Zealanders together in freedom.


Action 3: Visit Your Local Policeperson, Write to Your MP and Engage in Courageous Conversations.


Take this letter to the police. Tell them the Pfizer Corminaty injections may be contaminated and that if they do not investigate this they may be complicit in a crime.


MP, School Boards, Employers, Family

Tell them about (VAED) Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease making Covid worse. Tell them about the deaths.

Tell them about the consequences of the WHO Pandemic Treaty and take them this letter. They will want personal and national Sovereignty too.

Tell them it was not their fault that they believed the narrative. Tell them the message was deliberately shaped to cause fear and confusion and to manipulate them. Make it ok for them to have been wrong.

Most of all, keep your loved ones close, ring your friends, connect with your neighbours. The fight to take back our freedom has only just begun.

We have lots of new content covering a review of our court case, monkeypox, the Pandemic Treaty, FLCCC protocol for vaccine injury and much more. Please rate as you see fit.