The state has decided to de-register doctors who do not yet consider it prudent to be pfizered.

Even where patients are paying with their own money and the state is uninvolved, it will be illegal for these experienced doctors to ply their trade with their patients.

The state claims this is for patient safety with respect to covid; it’s a coincidence that conflicting medical opinions are being removed.

In fact, the state today claimed NZDSOS doctors are irresponsible, small in number, and under investigation for complaints. A master class in misinformation.

If 50+ registered doctors and 38,000 signatures are being denigrated by our dear leader, let’s compare a small business doctor to a small business builder.

Experienced builders have been trained to consider certain fundamentals, like treated framing timber and roofs have eaves. The equivalent fundamentals in medicine are things like informed consent and vaccines have been through a thorough 5+ year approval process before public release.

Periodically the state messes around with insufficient understanding of the fundamentals and we get things like leaky building syndrome. The equivalents in medicine are incidents like the Thalidomide scandal, the Cartwright Inquiry and many more.

If the state applies the same methodology to small business builders that it is applying to doctors on the 1st December, it will de-register experienced builders who refuse to do something that they know is wrong.

Maybe Hipkins will be the minister for building in the future.  He is equally qualified and credible as a builder as he is in medicine.

So builders get to look forward to not only losing their profession and income, but getting called irresponsible by the ignorant for refusing to be irresponsible.

The moral of the story: who do you think they will come for next?

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The Whole Truth about Molnupiravir?

The Whole Truth about Molnupiravir?

State funded media market “The Whole Truth”, but when does it become half the truth?

Today’s NZ media headlines assert Pharmac have committed to a new pharmaceutical treatment for covid e.g.

However looking at Reuters with respect to effectiveness, it appears the treatment may only be useful prior to hospitalization.

Two Indian drugmakers to end trials of generic Merck pill for moderate COVID-19 | Reuters

If the manufacturer is in effect self-certifying (which didn’t go that well for Boeing), a question arises as to the scale of the financial incentive being shared around?

What about the “abundance of caution” public health mantra?

Are NZ media behaving as one might expect of a decline stage industry?

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