Session 1

Dr. Matt Shelton

Live Streamed

A well-known voice alerting NZ to the harms of the Covid injections, Dr. Shelton advocated for early Covid-19 treatments and the application of the precautionary principle in pregnancy and children. One of the first to be suspended for standing up as a doctor, he provides a counter opinion to the government’s self declared “single source of truth”.

Session 2

Dr. David Nixon

Live Streamed

After writing more than 1,000 covid vaccination exemptions in 2021, the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA) labelled Dr. Nixon an “extreme risk to public safety”. Unthwarted, he is practicing within the confines of a punishing system while continuing to analyse vaccines, and assess blood abnormalities in the vaccinated. and

Session 3

Dr. Guy Hatchard, PhD

Live Streamed

International advocate for food safety and natural medicine, Dr. Hatchard is the visionary behind the Hatchard Report, a website which endeavours to unmask government misrepresentation and fact obfuscation. He’s renowned for his meticulous statistical research, especially on the potential risks mRNA technology presents to humanity.

Session 4

Jodie Bruning

Live Streamed

Sociologist, researcher, academic, and voice of reason during covid, Jodie recognised the reactive regulatory approach to a mild viral illness and exposed significant concerns about the overreach of the government into academia, medicine, media, and “independent” regulatory bodies. Her latest research proves democracy is at stake, and she explains how we can shift the tide.

Session 5

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Live Streamed
Via Zoom

Renowned international trial lawyer known for a distinguished career successfully suing large, fraudulent corporations like Deutsche Bank and VW. He’s at the helm of significant lawsuits, such as the “Nuremberg 2.0,” which is intended to expose the alleged planned criminal operation behind the COVID-19 pandemic.

Session 6

Dr. Aseem Malhotra

Live Streamed

Internationally acclaimed Cardiologist, lifestyle medicine pioneer, and author, Dr. Maholtra initially promoted the vaccine, but after a family crisis he came to appreciate the significant harms associated with it. He is now actively alerting the public and the authorities alike and exposing the conflicts and corruption in medicine and academic research.

Session 7

Q&A with Speakers & NZDSOS team

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