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Thank You to Our Sponsors & Community Supporters for making NZDSOS Conference 2023 possible

Gold Sponsors

Pure Me Labs

Future House / Outset Ventures (based at NZ deep tech hub). 24 Belfour Road, Parnell. Where Nature Meets Innovation for Holistic Wellness. Overview: Pure Me Labs revolutionizes healthcare by combining an all-natural product catalogue with a cutting-edge daily wellness app. We’re committed to giving humanity a second chance at optimal health by harnessing the untapped power of nature’s healing agents, all backed by scientific evidence and first-principle thinking. Philosophy: We blend rigorous science with nature’s best elements to create effective, personalized wellness solutions powered by a decentralised health care network of physicians who put patient wellbeing and care at the core. Products: Our diverse range of organic supplements and eco-friendly personal care items go through stringent testing to ensure safety and efficacy. Technology Our mobile app uses AI and real-time data to tailor a wellness routine that’s as unique as you, offering targeted product recommendations to meet your health goals. Social Responsibility: Community well-being and environmental sustainability are at the core of our operations. The Future: We’re continuously innovating, aiming to make wellness universally accessible through the synergy of technology and nature, giving the world a reliable health care provider.

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Safari Print

[email protected] 

NZDSOS wishes to express our thanks to Safari Print for undertaking the printing of the 2023 conference materials.

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