Are The Vaccine Mandates Harming You?

The doctors at NZDSOS know that many are suffering significant psychological harm due to the coercion associated with the vaccine mandates.  We are not providing legal advise and suggest that you consult with a legal representative.

If you do feel you are suffering from psychological harm, you are entitled to report this under the The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA). Psychological harm caused by duress is a recognised health hazard.

You may want to consider filing a Serious Harm Incident Report with your employer or person you are contracted with in their Health and Safety system.

  1. Get an incident form from your employer.  An online form can also be used:
  2. State the incident is that of serious harm such a psychological harm and distress, caused by the vaccine mandate; you may want to include feeling bullied, suffering verbal abuse; avoid using words such as stress or mental health
  3. State your symptoms e.g. insomnia, anxiety
  4. Present this form to your employer and obtain a signed and dated copy
  5. Seek legal advise

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