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We are an active professional group.  NZDSOS is working hard as an Incorporated Society on behalf of our members, and all New Zealanders.  We each have unique circumstances and thus offer two membership types.  We would encourage you all to look into your hearts and to see where you stand.  The letter below from one of our members sums up the situation we are all facing and is worth reading before making a decision.

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For those “smart Alecs” who sign up as professionals when they are not, you are wasting the time and resources of those who are tirelessly working on your behalf. We hope you can still sleep at night.

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Our Objectives

1.  Ensuring the ability of Medical Practitioners to speak without censure.

      • Up-holding the sanctity of patient-practitioner relationships and communications
      • Legally supporting practitioners who are censured
      • Building alternative platforms for practitioners

2. Promoting medical freedom.

      • Affirming the Hippocratic Oath – First do no harm
      • Empowering individuals to say NO to vaccine passports
      • Opposing vaccine mandate orders made under the Covid 19 Health Response Act 2020
      • Promoting the freedom of choice around mask wearing and social contact
      • Encouraging all effective medicines and treatments include those proven alternative and  traditional
      • Empowering the ability of to bring court proceedings

3.  Supporting the public with unbiased information and care.

      • Providing fully informed consent including providing information on:
        •  Early treatment
        • Harms and efficacy of the C-19 injection
      • Acting in accordance with:
        • The New Zealand Bil of Rights 1990
        • The Nuremburg Codes
        • The Unesco Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights
      • Building an alternative narrative to the mainstream media
      • Setting up of alternative Health Care structures and supporting individuals in need of care
      • Promoting robust public debate about medical issues


Our Actions

We are continually refining and building our actions. Click on the link about to see these.

We are an independent collection of experienced NZ registered real-world medical experts. We question the team of 120 politicians exploiting fear, division, confusion and cult techniques of persuasion, rendering words like kindness and truth meaningless. We question politicians' disdain for the long established fundamentals of health and medicine, including the right to fully informed consent and the right to decline medical intervention. We question taxpayer-funded promotion of compromised experts. We decline the media single source of half truth with its snout in the trough. We are pursuing strategies for medical body alternatives.

The words from the NZ Human Rights Commission above sound hollow to those individuals or their families who were coerced and lied to by the “safe and effective” narrative of the Pfizer C-19 injection. Click on the buttons for the latest Citizen’s Databases of Adverse Events and Deaths.  I challenge you to read this and not weep.

Truth, Empowerment and Freedom is the Path to a Better Future.