Israeli People's Committee

Notes From the Meeting Between NZDSOS and The Israeli People’s Committee

11 July 2021

We had a very interesting meeting with Dr Pinky Feinstein of the Israeli Group. Israel is a small country with a population about double of New Zealand and a central government, like New Zealand.  They have used Pfizer Comirnaty exclusively to inoculate their population. They began early and were touted by the media as a model.
Dr Feinstein explained that there is total media disinformation so that most people, including doctors do not really understand what is really going on. The reports of adverse events are hidden by the government.  Either they are not reported or individuals are either coerced or bribed not to report adverse events.  The government and the media all sing the same song of safe and effective and saving lives. As stories of adverse events and the impact on loved ones are increasing, people are starting to wake –  up but it is quite late.
The similarities with what is happening here are striking with a big difference: We are at the beginning whereas their situation is much worse. We have NZDSOS with members that are willing to stand up publicly. They only have a small group of doctors (20-30) who are afraid of going public. We have Voices For Freedom, they do not.  So, we are in a better position than they were when it all began.  One very good thing they have done early on, is they began collecting cases their own data of adverse events. Despite the Israeli government doing all it can to suppress the information and pretend all is well, The Israeli’s People Committee have done a excellent job and published reports that show what has happened and is still happening.

Below is their report of adverse events as to May 2021 and an update as of 8 June 2021. Please note that this is before the Delta variant surge. Dr Feinstein says that about half of those who contracted the Delta variant had been fully injected with Pfizer and were sicker than those who had not been injected. He also explained phenomena of sudden death 2-3 months after the injections; these were mostly young males, dying in their sleep. They suspect cardiac problems, embolisms, clots.  Dr Feinstein explained that a lot of people are experiencing new health problems for which conventional medicine has little to offer. These people have multi-system damage which is usually typical of toxicity. The Israeli government is doing all it can to cover this up.

We need to build on our strengths and learn from their mistakes.  

Israeli People's Committee Adverse Events Report May 2021

Israeli People's Committee Adverse Events Report Updated June 2021