The NZDSOS Online Health Help Line is staffed by an experienced team of doctors, nurses and admin staff.  We set up to help those harmed by the Covid injections, as well as to provide early treatment for Covid. We are now expanding to include providing a primary care service with an emphasis on Integrative Medicine that can be done remotely. Patients registered with the Health Help Line are expected to continue their enrollment with the GP for in-patient care.

Our Services

  • General primary care with a emphasis on holistic and integrative medicine.
  • Medical treatment for Covid injection injuries
  • Medical treatment for early Covid disease
  • Assessment for Covid injection recommendations
  • Assessment for mask exemptions
  • Guidance and prescriptions for “home kits”

Due to the large volumes of patients, we have prioritise appointments, so those wanting “home kits” may have to wait longer than others. Thankfully, given the mild nature of Omicron, individuals may consider procuring a few supplements themselves while waiting. Here are our recommendations for home treatment.

Information on mask exemptions.

With the start of the school year, we are trying to fit in as many children as possible. This information from Disabled Persons Assembly NZ may help.

We understand that a doctor’s letter or exemption card is not required for schools but we have had reports that some schools and school buses are ignoring this. We are very happy to see your children for assessment for a mask exemption. There may however be a delay in getting an appointment.


We don’t get government funding and need to cover our expenses relating to equipment, software, administration staffing and legal fees. We have decided to charge for our doctors’ consultations to cover these costs. The work of NZDSOS doctors has otherwise been voluntary.

A consultation with a doctor will cost $95 for 20 minutes. Longer consultations may incur a higher charge.

Please be assured that we have your best interests at heart and would love to help you all for nothing. We don’t want costs to be a barrier for you so if you are unable to pay this for the doctor, please tell our staff who may be able to help. We expect that you will get excellent advice and help from these consultations.


Support the Health Help Line and the Vaccine Injured

Covid Injection and Mask Certificates and Recommendations

Healthcare workers are under the Mandatory Vaccine Order.  Exemptions to continue to work in this sector without a Covid injection can only be obtained application to the director general of health under strict criteria and with documented evidence. This application is required to be done by your usual General Practitioner.

For those wanting recommendations outside of the above, the clinic can be contacted for a doctor’s consultation and assessment.

 The NZDSOS recommendations are an official document that certifies that an individual has been assessed by a doctor. This does not guarantee that it will be accepted or recognised by whomever it is presented to.