NZDSOS Covid-19 Helpline

Along with consultations for vaccine injuries and assessments for vaccinecertificates and mask exemptions, we are now offering consultations for Covid-19 prevention and “at-home kits”. 

Vaccine Recommendation / Certificate Information

Healthcare, education and corrections workers and baggage handlers are now under the Vaccine order.  Exemptions to continue to work in these sectors without a C-19 vaccine can only be obtained for this group on application to Ashley Bloomfield under strict criteria and with documented evidence. This application is required to be done by your usual General Practitioner.

For all other workers or for those wanting exemptions for reasons outside of work the clinic can be contacted for a doctor’s consultation. 

The recommendation / certificate is an official document that certifies that you have been assessed by a doctor. This doesn’t guarantee it will be accepted/recognised by whomever you present it to – that is their choice/risk.


Non-Medical Exemptions and Actions That Can Be Considered

The NZDSOS clinic is unable to offer general practice services outside of Covid-19 related issues at this time.


At this stage, we have funding to pay our nurses. Koha is greatly appreciated to keep being able to do this.

We don’t get government funding and need to cover our expenses relating to equipment, software, administration staffing and legal fees. We have decided to charge for our doctors’ consultations to cover these costs. The work of NZDSOS doctors has otherwise been voluntary.

A consultation with a doctor will cost $75 for 15 minutes. Longer consultations may incur a higher charge.

Please be assured that we have your best interests at heart and would love to help you all for nothing. We don’t want costs to be a barrier for you so if you are unable to pay this for the doctor, please tell the nurse who will be able to make a $50 consultation available to you. We expect that you will get excellent advice and help from these consultations.