What We Can Do

"If we have a moment of humanity, we will unleash the power of that which once had life breathed into clay and man became a living soul". Dr David Martin

Even if we don’t want to, we can’t help but feel our connection to the rest of mankind:  we are connected by industry, by art, by knowledge, and most importantly, by our common mortality.

Leo Tolstoy

Notice of Liability

How to serve your local councilors, schools and injection centres.


How have lockdowns and mandates impacted kids and their families?

New Zealand Teachers Speaking Out with Science want to hear from you.  They are assessing the impact on kids and families that the mandate and lockdowns have had for their upcoming court case. Click here for the questionnaire.


Power in Unity

Dr Martin: Reclaiming Humanity

Write to the Government About Ivermectin


Our Objectives

  1. Ensuring the ability of Medical Practitioners to speak without censure.
  2. Promoting medical freedom.
  3. Building alternative structures for health practitioners.

Our Message

  1. Natural immunity works against Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.
  2. Early treatment works against Covid-19.
  3. Think carefully about the benefits and risks of the Coivd-19 injections.