Who We Are and What We Are Doing


Who We Are

Our group formed around an open letter to the New Zealand government that expressed our concerns with the Pfizer Comirnaty Covid-19 injection, as well as the implication from our regulatory bodies that we would be considered incompetent in our duties if we provided fully informed consent about this procedure.

NZDSOS is now made up of Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists and Vets.  We have formed alliances with other groups both locally and internationally.

April 2021 seems a lifetime ago with our wonderful country on the brink of being divided. In the wars of the past, communities came together for a common cause. Now it appears that we are being divided by a common cause, that of keeping healthy.  While science is never certain (once it become certain it changes into belief), we can say with confidence that:

    • Covid-19 is a mild disease for the majority of people.
    • Covid-19 is easily treatable.
    • The Pfizer Comirnaty injection does not stop the transmission of the disease and probably does not offer meaningful protection against Covid-19.  Why then the division of our society?
    • Many have suffered, often life-changing, adverse effects to this unnecessary medical procedure.
    • Masks and lock-downs do way more harm than good.
    • Anyone who dares to question the narrative, is immediately censured.

We wrote many letters to all the relevant government and regulator bodies, pointing out scientific findings regarding Covid-19, the Pfizer injection and early treatment and, as well providing details of death and injury caused by the injection.  The replies we received completed ignored our concerns and statements.

The authorities have only one narrative:  Be scared, get the jab and vilify anyone who does not.  This has lead has to asking:  What is going on and What We Can Do About It.

We may be vilified by our colleagues (those we once respected inflicting the greatest wounds), the authorities (they are supposed to serve us, remember) and those in the public that are fearful and asleep, but we have looked into our hearts and we cannot stand by while atrocities are being committed.  And they are.  We are health practitioners who set out to help those in need. We have taken the Hippocratic Oath.  When the time comes, which it will, we know which side of good or evil we want to be found on.

We no longer trust that the regulators including Medsafe, the Medical Council, the Dental Council, the Pharmaceutical Council and specialist colleges such as the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners are guided by the best interests of New Zealanders. The government via the District Health Boards and the Primary Health Organisations are decreeing what medicine gets done and what medicine is left undone.  We are concerned that these organisations have become unduly influenced by politics rather than sticking to health principles.


What We Are Doing

For our members, we are engaging in legal proceedings regarding the right of doctors to abide by the Hippocratic Oath. We are also joining with other professionals challenging the vaccination order for healthcare workers and teachers.

For the public, we are providing information about what is really going on; what can be done to help anyone who contracts Covid-19 and an online help clinic to those affected by the Pfizer injection, Covid-19 and mandates.  We are working with the Health Forum NZ to collect and collate data regarding the adverse effects of the Pfizer Covid-19 injection.

For both members and the public, we are forming a new organisations both locally and internationally, based on freedom and choices of the individual.

Locally the Wakaminenga Health Council is in the final stages of being set up.  This is organisation that promotes Taurite (Balance) through Reretahi (Harmony), Kotahitanga (Unity) and Tapu (Holism), leading to Hauora – Manaakitanga (Health -Wellbeing).  Our first principle for Health Practitioners is: First do no harm.

Internationally, the World Council for Health has been formed as an early alternative to the WHO. NZDSOS is proud to be one of its founding members, which now number over 70 and include luminaries such as Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr Kat and our own Dr Tracy Chandler as advisors. They stand to be free of governmental and corporate influence.

Truth, Empowerment and Freedom is the Path to a Better Future.

Cindy de Villiers, Tracy Chandler, Simon Thornley, Mark Bailey, Tessa Jones, Jacques Imbeau, Anne O’Reilly, Anna Goodwin, Paul Butler, Caroline Wheeler, Tracy Chapman, Ulrich Doering, Damian Wojcik, Rob Maunsell, Wellington Tan, Fred M. Timmermans, Rene de Monchy, Mike Godfrey, Samantha Bailey, Emanuel E Garcia, Graham H. Evans, Tihomir Djordjic, Matthius Seidel,  Anna Harvey, Kate Armstrong, Elena Bishop,  Pavel Gajdusek, Clare Halford, Helen Proctor, Rupert Scott, Joy Sutton, Katherine Thompson, David Walsh, Karen Doouss, Ronald Goedeke, Maurice McGrath, Rupert Scott, Steve Taylor, Janion Lempriere Heywood, Tralee Sugrue, Sophie Febery, Alanna Ratna, Deon Claassens, Glen Twentyman, Dave Walsh, Alison Goodwin, Marian Droba, Ann-Marie Jenner, Ximena Hunefeldt, Matatoa Engu, Felisa Roldan, Vivian Rusman, Anna Romeo Brualla, Mitchell Bloom, Iren Barna, Felicity Breen, Aida Hasbun, Emma Sanford

Our Original Statement - April 2021

Click here to see our original statement (previously our home page).

Our Videos

Click here to see our doctors standing up and speaking out – for the people of New Zealand, all our Colleagues, ourselves and the right to speak without censure.

Our Objectives

  1. Ensuring the ability of Medical Practitioners to speak without censure.
  2. Promoting medical freedom.
  3. Building alternative structures for health practitioners.

Our Message

  1. Natural immunity works against Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.
  2. Early treatment works against Covid-19.
  3. Think carefully about the benefits and risks of the Coivd-19 injections.