Dr Emanuel Garcia & Dr Matt Shelton Uncensored Conversation: Covid Catastrophe to Erosion of Medical Principles

Dr Emanuel Garcia and Dr Matt Shelton have become familiar faces to many over the last few years, and in this latest doctor to doctor uncensored conversation they share their perspectives on the covid catastrophe, early treatment suppression, the propaganda, politics and marketing of medicine and the erosion of once sacrosanct medical principles.

With a medical career spanning 37 years, Dr Matt Shelton recognised the red flags early on in the covid phenomenon as New Zealanders were told in no uncertain terms that this was a deadly pandemic and the only way to ensure public safety was to follow the government directives. Those doctors who had legitimate concerns or questions or had an opinion outside of the government rhetoric were censored, silenced, and many suffered restrictions, persecution and/or suspension of their medical license.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) was born out of this political, legal and medical climate that was averse to those who thought differently. Dr Matt Shelton knew the situation was fundamentally wrong and it was unconscionable to him not to give his patients full informed consent, to honour his oath of ‘First Do No Harm’ or to discuss traditional means used to treat flu like symptoms such as nutrition, vitamin c, vitamin d, zinc, and other medications which were indicated early on to be effective such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

Meanwhile, from the outset of covid the messaging from medical authorities, the Ministry of Health, government and the media was clear, the only way out of the danger and pending catastrophe which covid posed was ‘vaccination‘ and this became the one-size fits all approach for the whole nation. The only solution was the vaccination, the only conversation to be had between health professional and patient was the vaccination and anyone who disagreed risked the safety of the ‘team of five million‘.

The experimental, novel, synthetic mRNA polynucleotide LNP cocktail or ‘vaccination’ for the team of five million became the single greatest master minded marketing campaign ever designed to nudge, coerce, manipulate and brainwash a nation into believing that an injection would be their salvation. The messaging of ‘safe and effective’ were the most powerful three words to grace every conceivable corner of New Zealanders lives, with no escape.

The covid catastrophe has undoubtedly been one of the most manipulated events in New Zealand’s history, characterised by a powerful propaganda wheel that even now still continues to prop up its narrative of ‘safe and effective’ even though it is clearly hanging on by a thread.

The growing data and evidence of harm, injury and death from the ‘vaccine’ indicates a significant rate of damage (catastrophe?) which is substantially more than the government is telling us or promised us with its ‘safe and effective’ messaging. We must now ask ourselves, are they sadly mistaken, acting irrationally or are they covering up something far bigger.

Time will tell, truth will out, and while our pleas to engage in honest debate have fallen on deaf ears, our persistent letters to raise concerns on safety have been ignored, and our calls to stop the vaccination catastrophe have been met with silence, we continue to speak out and hope that one day justice will prevail.

Watch: Dr Emanuel Garcia & Dr Matt Shelton Uncensored Conversation: Covid Catastrophe to Erosion of Medical Principles

Doctor to Doctor: November 16, 2022

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