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What Are You Seeing?


Witnessed Vaccine Injuries Being Ignored?

Heart problems, strokes, blood clots in young people? Seen unexplained neurological symptoms?

Don’t Agree With Documentation?

Unusual symptoms explained as anxiety? Are heart problems documented as costochondritis?

Felt Threatened or Bullied?

Told not to fill out a CARM form? Warned not to speak out?

Truth Project

The Truth Project

An opportunity for health care workers to tell us what they are seeing.


When asking for this information, we are aware that there are people who seek to discredit us and who have posed as people they are not (e.g. journalists pretending to be patients).  We trust people who provide this information are genuine and seek to share what is being hidden. Still, we cannot guarantee that there are not some with ulterior motives providing false information. As doctors, our default setting is trusting people.

We may all have seen the pathetic list of excuses for SADS in the legacy media, designed to keep us in the dark about the jabs – toxic gardening soil, breathing too much, cold weather, global warming, exercise, being young, skipping breakfast, housework, not being a monkey etc. It would be funny if this wasn’t so brutally tragic, with the whole thing seemingly pre-planned, and on-the-hoof pivoting. by media to buttress the narrative as it falls apart.

We’ve posted extensively on all the above, and now it’s your turn. What we’ve lacked so far is widespread confirmation from hospital staff and managers. We’ve had a trickle of people telling us about the climate of fear and intimidation used to hide problems with the Pfizer, so now we want you traumatised but brave health workers to document formally what you have witnessed. If people feel they might be prepared to make a sworn statement for the inevitable future court cases, please indicate at the time of sending your story.

Share your story here:

Truth Project

The Truth Project

An opportunity for health care workers to tell us what they are seeing.


The Growing Archive

Truth Project – Retired GP:

I live in a small neighbourhood, where people are heavily vaccinated and believe in the narrative. My oath is still precious to me and these are some truthful observations I have recorded from the immediate streets around me.

Healthy, very fit father of 2 died of heart attack a few days after booster. Unable to be resuscitated at scene. Aged 48. No family heart history.

Healthy, fit male builder, mid 30s died at work of heart attack a few days post booster.

Healthy 70 year old female with no heart history had heart attack day after first vaccine. Spent 5 nights in ICU.

Two cases of myocarditis in females aged 18 and 21 years – all after second shot.

Talented 18 year old male athlete stroke after booster. Unable to return to sports or education.

POTS (neuro-cardiac instability) in a previously healthy 16 year old male following second shot. Unable to attend school since (ie for over a year).

Well loved local retailer aged 61 died of heart attack after his booster.

Well loved local music teacher aged 70 died of turbo cancer after booster.

That’s just in my immediate neighbourhood and they are only the cases I know enough about to be sure that they are vaccine related. There have been other strange deaths and illnesses but I do not know those situations well enough to say the vaccine was definitely involved.

I was telephoned by a well respected kaumatua in early 2023. He wanted to inform me of some deaths in a central north island iwi that he thought might be vaccine related.

The deaths were of babies born to mothers vaccinated during pregnancy. They occurred over a few months. The oldest baby dying was just 5 months of age.

The first death was seen as unfortunate but no one related it to the vaccine. The second death similarly so. By the time the third death occurred people were starting to join the dots and realised that all the babies had been exposed in utero to the covid 19 vaccine.

On the day of the funeral of the 7th dead baby there was only one baby left in that marae. It was reportedly happy and healthy. The next day it was dead.

The mothers of all of these babies had been vaccinated during pregnancy.

When we tried to ask questions no one wanted to speak to us. There was a wall of silence.

There was nothing else going on to explain these deaths and nothing in the region being investigated by the local public health officials. In normal times this story would have made national headlines and the case would have been investigated. But not now.

This is just one of many stories I have heard from Maori communities. Iwi leaders were paid huge amounts to vaccinate as many Maori as they could. The results have been horrific. 

At the 2023 red remembrance day, a mandated midwife spoke to me. She said that she was hearing dreadful stories from midwives still working.

One thing that stood out was her account of the haemorrhaging at birth. Of babies literally surfing out on great waves of blood, of being unable to stem the bleeding. And only in C-19 vaccinated mothers.

Also of the umbilical cords being very thin and very short.  The cords would break during delivery because of being so fragile and short. Those that were long enough to still be attached to baby once delivered could be broken with a hand! For those of you who have cut an umbilical cord before you will know how bizarre this is. And only in  vaccinated mothers.

Also the placentas being thin and calcified like nothing they have ever seen before. I saw a photo of one such placenta. Completely abnormal. 

These were not isolated cases and they were not seen prior to the vaccine roll-out. They are being silenced. We must speak out for those who cannot use their voices. God Save NZ.

NZDSOS comment: we know this heart-broken doctor and share the desperate sadness. How to stay calm in the midst of this storm?

Truth Project – Independent Midwife:

On that fateful day in November 21, I was mandated from my job as an LMC midwife. Well I never called it a job, it was a passion, my passion for over 30 years and I loved every (almost every) single day of it. One day, I would also help out the unit when they were short on staff and the next day, I was considered the most dangerous creature that roamed the face of the earth because I did not want to take their covid injection. Intuitively, I felt it was wrong and forcing people to have it under the illusion of ‘choice’ was definitely wrong and I would not tell clients to take the injection, when I myself felt it wrong to do so. I urged my college but they stood by and did nothing, they went along with the narrative. Where were my midwifery lecturers at university with whom I had just completed a Masters degree with, where are their voices? I was suspended from the midwifery council, my only crime was to decline their injection, I was told that of I “refused to obey the laws of NZ” (which is not true), my suspension would not be lifted. The Nursing Council also denied me an APC because a reference letter from the midwifery council was scathing. A passion that I had worked at for over 30 years, just discarded was, to say the least, devastating. My continuous education that I had worked hard to obtain, just discarded.

Eventually when the mandates were relaxed, my suspension was lifted and when I appealed to the Nursing Council stating those of Dr’s Canaday and Shelton (at that time) had been lifted by the court, so why therefore are they denying me now? An APC was granted by the Nursing Council and in time, the Midwifery Council lifted theirs.

I no longer have the passion that I once did and only work a few hours here and there in Midwifery. If I do a shift, I look at them and wonder “Were you exempted, while we lost our jobs?”  Why did our colleagues not support us?

It was our faith that kept me and my husband strong, I was the breadwinner and now for the first time in my life, I had to apply for welfare and despaired of ever seeing my family again. I missed my mum and brother’s funeral because I could not afford the flights across. I darn well refused to wear a mask, ever. Even back in Nursing, for the so called third wave, you will not see me wearing a mask.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

NZDSOS comment: just what the country needs: another committed and experienced health worker persecuted for using her brain.

Truth Project – Hospital Insider:

An 11 year old girl, recently covid-jabbed, collapsed at home and was transferred to Starship hospital from her home city, potentially for major cardiac surgery if her condition did not improve. She was diagnosed with “blood clots”, unsure whether heart or lungs. On return home to my hospital, her consultant said they would set up payments to mum for a jab injury for a number of years, but would not officially admit it as a jab injury. There were whispers of 3 kids in Starship having had or waiting for heart transplants after their injections whilst she was there. Although officially (almost) banned, we do discuss all the jab injuries amongst ourselves.

NZDSOS Comment: That she has been injured this way is shocking and disgusting enough. We have verified her details but have no specifics on the myocarditis cases needing a new heart. That the DHB would compensate outside the ACC system and try to keep the case quiet contravenes ethical absolutes and the law, and the doctor involved should be ashamed to be part of subverting proper warnings for other parents.

Truth Project – Retired GP:

My good friend, Julia, has ovarian cancer. She requires surgery to remove it before it spreads. Julia also has psychiatric diagnosis, which is well controlled on medication. Due to this, her husband, Paul, has always been the one to make major decisions for her – he has power of attorney. Julia is agreeable to this.

I know them both very well. Paul is an extremely intelligent man and highly respected in the IT field. He is rational, logical and loves his wife dearly. He would only ever choose what he considers is best for her.

Both Julia and Paul are aware of the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccination and of the risks of receiving vaccinated blood should a transfusion be required during or after Julia’s surgery.

However, NZ blood bank refuses to store blood for her from a compatible unvaccinated donor (who is ready and waiting to donate) and they also refuse to guarantee that Julia’s own blood would be available for her to use should she arrange for an autologous transfusion (ie use her own stored blood). The blood bank actually said that it is most likely that they would give her unvaccinated blood to someone else instead of to her! 

This week Paul received a letter from the DHB saying that the psychiatrist who saw him to assess whether he was of sound mind to be power of attorney for his wife (this was done due to his insistence that Julia not receive vaccinated blood should a transfusion be needed) has diagnosed him with a delusional disorder based on his belief that the Covid-19 vaccinations are unsafe. 

This has now led to the risk that his power of attorney will be stripped and the hospital or Julia’s pro-vaccine family will be given the right to make her medical decisions.

Paul has done all he can to be helpful. He has sourced and screened a compatible unvaccinated blood donor who is willing to give blood and to travel to where-ever he might be needed to do so. Paul is willing to pay all costs associated with blood donation and storage and transfusion. All he has asked is that the NZ blood bank and the DHB concerned be willing to accept this.

It should be an easy situation. Instead it has become a battle because it goes against the narrative. The only other option is to travel to Montana in the USA where there is a hospital that will be willing to proceed with surgery as per Julia and Paul’s wishes. But even that might now be impossible given that Paul has been diagnosed as delusional and unfit to make judgements regarding his wife’s medical care.

This is what has become of our once great and free nation. Everyone should be very concerned indeed.

NZDSOS Comment: We have posted on studies that show around half of vaccinated people continue to make spike protein for at least 6 months after a jab, as well as manifest the modified RNA and the inflammatory lipid nanoparticles far longer than “after 2 or 3 days its all gone from the body”. Paul has a right to a second opinion on his sanity from a psychiatrist familiar with this research (they are medical doctors after all), consult a lawyer and complain to the HDC of mistreatment by  health organisations. Has psychiatry been weaponised, and NZ Blood abandoned science?

Truth Project – Medical Typist / RN:

I was typing clinic letters for a DHB and noticed a growing number of patients presenting with symptoms that I knew were “classic reactions” to the jab, e.g. “has experienced right arm paresis and a severe, unusual headache for the last 2 weeks” – guess what they had had 2 weeks ago that wasn’t mentioned?

What I was worried about was the fact that the doctors dictating the letters never once mentioned that their patients had been jabbed. The symptoms were labelled as “new” or “unusual”, then left hanging, with no comment as to their possible cause. I tried to contact NZDSOS to see if they were interested in my information, which would have consisted of just random sentences giving the person’s reactions, strictly maintaining patient confidentiality. However, in my hurry, I contacted the wrong NZDSOS on Messenger, ending up embroiled in a trap (? Govt Dept, with NZDSOS standing for something completely different).

They” contacted the DHB I was working for and I was summoned to a Disciplinary Meeting in which I confessed to the three people interviewing me what I was trying to do. At the end of my “submission”, I asked them what they intend to do with the fact that their doctors don’t seem to be correlating the jab with their patients’ symptoms. They gave me no reassuring answer and I was dismissed.

Truth Project – An Awake Dentist: A Report From the Coalface

So what are we seeing in the surgery now?

First, that people are sick, chronically sick, unable to shake off simple infections in a way that suggests immune damage. There are opportunistic infections that previously would not have caused a problem; there are chronic issues that suddenly have become acute.

And they are not healing normally. It is slow, so slow, even after the simplest procedures. Dry socket is prevalent after every booster dose, where the blood clot breaks down and leave an open wound. It used to be rare.

They are breaking teeth like never before, clenching and grinding with stress. The damage is often tooth terminal, and difficult extraction ensues, followed now with dry socket..

Medical histories are complicated, especially prevalent with heart attacks, stroke and cancers ( pancreatic seems increasingly common). I sent 4 times as many bereavement cards last year than in any year in my 30 years of practice. This year is no better either.

Weird immunological symptoms are often reported, along with strange neurological symptoms and common presentation of conditions like facial Bells palsy that used to be rare, not forgetting shingles. Again, an indication of bodies run down and not functioning as before.

People look sick.
They are stressed. Angry. Depressed.

I feel like I am living and working in a different country to the one I formerly resided. It is not back to normal. It is not okay. I can never forget that our government demanded we choose an untested medicine over our employment, education, freedom of movement, and even our family and friends. I can never forgive until there is accountability. I struggle how the herd mentality fails to see this, in the misguided and selfish belief that they are okay so what is the problem?

In truth, we are at war.
And we cannot afford to lose.

Truth Project – Rural Health GP:

I’m a doctor with decades  of experience. I have been servicing a rural community throughout the pandemic with all its restrictions, fear mongering and forceful vaccinations etc. I volunteered my service without annual leave for 2 years, and took on extra responsibility to service another rural community who had lost their own GP service.

In my view, the most vulnerable population in NZ are not important enough to be serviced by medics. Revenue trumps all other concerns. WHY DID WE LOCK DOWN THE COUNTRY? WAS IT NOT FOR PROTECTING VULNERABLE POPULATIONS ?

I am now being thanked by this government, by its sending stalker units to follow me while driving down hills, as I responded to the  COVID outbreak in our local rest home. Doing 10 km over 50 and 40 on roads with previous 100 and 80 kph speed limits (under the Road to Zero policy) was the pretext for this cop to obstruct my work on route to emergencies.
He did not care about COVID or emergencies. He was  only interested in his speed radar and nothing else. These rural dust and pothole infested roads without traffic are being milked for revenue. Nothing here except cows and the long arm of the law and dust.

After a third attempt by the same local bully cop within 3 months (he showed up postulating again 10 km over as I had just arrived at our staff parking lot before a 24 hr shift) this robot threatened me with “I know where you live and work doctor and I’m on to you”. Why, I wonder?

That was the red pill for me. The disrespectful treatment of the population, and even emergency responders, by this government shows that the agenda is not health OR safety. Just extortion, revenue gathering and bullying in order to fill their desire for mismanagement of the economy in order to intimidate and control us more.  I have had enough and resigned from my position in protest.

Im looking forward to the election to boot these arrogant criminals out of the government so we can breath and go back to servicing the community.

The NZ police force should be ashamed, sacrificing their Core values to be tax collectors for this government. The community has no respect for them any more. 

Food for thought for the police and the next government.

NZDSOS comment: one can argue about this GPs frustration for being repeatedly targeted for minor speed violations, leading to the loss of yet another primary care doctor, but the big picture here is the failure by police to investigate mass death and injuries, despite being shown evidence and victims repeatedly. 

Truth Project – Registered Nurse:

I have not worked in the health system since the mandates. Recently I met a midwife friend at a social event who I had not seen for about two years. I asked her about work and she said that it’s extremely stressful because the unit is busy but they are very short-staffed. It’s always been a busy unit, but she said there are a lot of high needs women and babies now. I asked her why and she replied that the best way to understand it is to follow the Pfizer Reports at I was surprised that she knew about this, and she said it is common knowledge amongst the midwives and doctors, including the specialist doctors who are far busier than usual. She said that “we are seeing increased rates of ‘everything'”, including miscarriages (before 20 weeks gestation), stillbirths (after 20 weeks), placental abnormalities, congenital deformities, post-partum haemorrhages and large clots. She also said that “it’s the talk of the tearoom”, but threats from the midwifery and medical councils mean they are restricted to whispering amongst each other. When I told her about the NZDSOS Truth Project she declined to submit her story but agreed to my sharing what she had told me as long as she isn’t identified.

NZDSOS comment: we know the submitter of this report extremely well and can vouch especially for its veracity. To other health professionals who read this and resonate, PLEASE join us or each other so we can kick off the shackles and stand up for our patients, including the unborn. 

Truth Project – Dentist:

The first week back after Christmas.

Well I suppose it really started on Saturday morning, when I was at work writing three bereavement cards for my patients- one sudden death, one turbo cancer, both young, one- thank goodness – old and probably natural causes. The first patient on Monday told me of his son having a heart attack post jab, still struggling and completely lost confidence. He is in his forties. In the afternoon we had the mother of a thirty year old who ended up in a wheelchair after one shot. Thank goodness, she is slowly improving with the help of a naturopath. Its taken a year.

Tuesday, we had the patient who has had his cancer return, along with a second tumour. We had a 41 yr old who had spent three weeks in ICU with an aortic dissection post-booster. Her friend, one yr older, suffered a stroke. And we were reminded of the death of a 32 yr old by another patient – the diagnosis , just in, of brain aneurysm. Vascular again.

Wednesday – I saw the radiographer I have known since her school days. She was run off her feet with chest x rays for people suffering chest pain. She said it has been like this for months. And my nurse told me of a friend whose husband had just dropped dead in the kitchen, which he had entered to complement his wife on the smell of her cooking. He was 52, previously healthy.

Thursday, we had another patient report the return of their cancer, another myocarditis, even a guy who has recently started a novovax clinical trial for combined covid plus flu shots. He now has an irregular heart beat and terrible infection. Lunch- I was stopped by a patient telling me how she had recently been to three funerals- two sudden deaths, both heart attacks, both 38 and no previous history. In the afternoon, two more reports of heart attacks and sudden deaths. This week, the first week back, I still have one day to go. And doctors, still, remain baffled. All the way to the bank.

NZDSOS comment: lets extrapolate and imagine this degree of death and suffering being seen in every health care facility in the country. With reporters like this honest and caring dentist, we don’t have to imagine it, because it’s real. These stories put the human faces to dry data, the numbers from researchers and insurance analysts. The mechanisms of injury are known, to explain SADS, heart inflammation, cancers, clots, the children who say their last goodnights. We must all rise together to stop this abomination!

Truth Project – Dentist:

Another day in the dental practice. My second patient has had every injection offered. After the first, she suffered facial palsy. Now she also has tinnitus and an irregular heartbeat that is making her weak and tired, unable to sleep as it is so uncomfortable to lie flat. Her dr is baffled. Mid morning, a patient presented who suffered a stroke after her booster, the next client told me about collapsing in the mall with a racing heartbeat. My two pm had myocarditis after one jab, symptoms ongoing after nearly one year. No treatment offered.

The next – 54 yrs old, four heart attacks and heart surgery, still in pain. And then I had the man who had a heart attack the day after his booster, who explained carefully to me how this was just coincidence. Safe and effective…nothing to see here…when will the madness stop? People, turn off your television news and wake up.
NZDSOS comment: so this is 6 people out of 15 on this day with almost certain serious jab side effects. The dentist  sees at least one jab-injured person daily, estimating it averages out at 2 to 3 daily. Imagine this extrapolated to every dentist and GP in the country.

Truth Project – Registered Nurse:

I am adding my story now as I have resigned after 40 years nursing , a profession I WAS proud to be in, that is no longer the case, I have retired 4 years early nobody was there to support us, and the people we were meant to be helping/ advising. I was seconded to help with public health, what I saw was judgement, ignorance and blindsighted politics, not to mention misinformation. We worked in open plan rooms, so there was not the opportunity for confidentiality, staff were coerced into vaccinations, I tried my best to give what information I had, and initially declined to vaccinate people who needed more time to make a informed consent , were unwell or early stages of pregnancy. I was over ruled in these decisions.

It broke my heart watching staff being vaccinated who were very anxious/ crying as they did not want to be vaccinated, this included my own children who are in health care , but need to work , as I did.  I had 2 doses , but hung out as long as I could . After the first dose I had terrible pain in my arm radiating to my finger tips and tingling for 12 weeks. I was declined by ACC saw 2 doctors, I was made to feel I was wasting their time. A friend’s daughter who was 24 a physio had the first one , ended up with cardiac issues,  she was a refused an exemption  so has left her profession to avoid the next one. I filled out my own CARM form.  In one 10 day stretch I saw 3 anaphylaxis reactions, NOT ONE was reported.

Truth Project – Senior Clinical Midwife:

I very reluctantly was jabbed with initial two and felt immense coercion to keep my  job of  over 20 years. I developed narcolepsy, fell asleep at work and during a dinner party and significant reduced aerobic tolerance. I didn’t apply for an exemption as I knew from others that it was virtually impossible and would have not changed the outcome anyway. As a midwife I can tell you these vaccines were virtually forced on pregnant women. The women believed the doctors and would not have questioned putting themselves or their babies at risk by not taking it. Informed consent was non existent. I was given a list every few days of unvaccinated women both antenatal and postnatal and asked to talk to each one and persuade them to take the vaccine.

I conveniently didn’t get around to it!! I don’t think it even registered with staff and certainly not women that drugs must never be tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women until well down the line. When a pregnant woman tries to get medication from the pharmacy they are rigorously questioned and warned about drugs in pregnancy and unknown risks to the fetus. What happened suddenly to make all cautions unnecessary? It was noticeable how many more babies had extra digits, unexplicable and profound hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), late trimester intrauterine deaths, large clots in postnatal mums without any cause for a secondary postpartum haemorrhage. I can’t in all good conscience belong to a profession that was complicit in this medical misadventure. It has been heartbreaking and mentally debilitating to see my career being flushed down the toilet. All my triple vaccinated colleagues got covid, sometimes twice, and still are not connecting the dots. Critical thinking health professionals at their finest!!! Masks have covered their ears and their eyes.

Truth Project – Intensive Care Paramedic: In the last 2 years working in pre-hospital emergency care under Covid i have not seen anyone dying of that so deadly virus , but now especially in the second year with the booster being pushed into the public , i have come across an increasing number of unusual cardiac and stroke cases in healthy, young and fit people. There is also an increase of normally healthy older people, suddenly displaying arrhythmia’s, breathing problems, stroke like symptoms ! Many of them have had a booster before those events. 2 of my younger colleagues suddenly had arrhythmia’s and anaphylactic reactions after the second and a booster injection, with admissions to the emergency department. I am not against Vaccinations and believe we have eradicated some nasty viruses because of that, but even the most blind person must see by now that there is something not right!

Truth Project – Update from one of the insurance brokers:

Our claims haven’t slowed down. Breast cancer specifically. I’m not sure how to explain it but it’s like the Covid vaccine has activated something sinister – combined with a lack of medical professionals to diagnose and treat people it’s nothing short of a perfect storm.

Truth Project – And from the other broker:

Well in some respects things are a bit easier for us, as the actual number of health related claims seems to have levelled off in our Practice, but overall we understand Industry claim volumes are still elevated. We were chasing a surgical pre-approval  and the claims person we were dealing with was explaining that they normally see 400-500 new health claims each day (large insurer, not Southern Cross) but at the moment they were seeing 700+.

Hence the drawn out turnaround times. Our other main insurer is still also reporting increased volumes, although officially all are tight lipped about what is going on. Whilst the actual number of claims we are seeing is subsiding, there seems to be a worrying trend emerging in terms of prostate cancers. Normally we might see 1-2 cases per year but at the moment we have 3 new cases within as many months, two which are moving rapidly and necessitating urgent surgery. Now these might just be quite normal events given the average ages of our clients (I’m 67 and have been doing this for 35 years – so our base is aging) but it does feel like some of the bleak T Cell predictions I heard 12-18 months ago, may be coming to pass.

Truth Project – Registered Nurse:

As the mandates were rolling out and I was about to be dismissed from my job with a Kaupapa Māori service, much of what I saw and heard was confusing and disturbing.  A patient arrived at the Marae from an area under restrictions due to Covid cases.  Staff identified her as having a mild cold and panicked, closed the Marae, self-tested and self-isolated.  Doctors and nurses who you would think could help calm matters with information seemed more panicked than anyone.  Rather than sharing data on risk or common sense responses such as staying home when sick and ways to bolster immunity, they talked about how scared they felt and encouraged everyone to remain locked at home.

Management described with huge excitement that an undisclosed, very large sum of money had been offered to the Marae.  The contract merely required that they make the Marae serviceable as a vaccination centre.  This would cost a tiny portion of the money on offer and they wanted ideas from staff about what the rest of the money could be used for, such as purchasing new cars and other resources which had previously never been affordable.

This was the same time that they began to embrace mask-wearing, and speaking about whether and how to keep the unvaccinated separate from the vaccinated at events on the Marae, what rules should be put in place and whether there should be an exclusion rule for the unvaccinated.  They spoke about needing to wear full PPE during home visits of the unvaccinated and how to keep these home visits contact-free, such as only staying on the doorstep (in full PPE). Doctors and nurses listened to unqualified staff suggesting these new rules and offered no basic advice.  They agreed emphatically with various ideas put forward by anyone from social workers to kitchen and administration staff and which were based purely on fear, without any reference to evidence and/or common sense. It was an extremely surreal and sad time, with a sense that pharma dollars were the modern-era version of blankets and rum.

NZDSOS comment: we knew as early as April 2020 that the illness burden was similar to a moderate flu, who the at-risk groups were, and how helpful optimal vitamin D levels were. Why weren’t all health workers reassured and advised accordingly?

NZDSOS Comment:

This one is from a heart- injured health worker, but his final  comment sums up very well the situtaion we see over and over. People step up, take a very hard one for the team and then get dumped on the scrap heap as an embarrassing inconvenience.

We did our part by getting vaccinated as we were asked to, ordered to might be more accurate, but when it went wrong nobody was there to catch us when we fell. My experience of the ED and public hospital was judgement, ignorance and blindsighted politics, not to mention misinformation. These professionals are not engaging in research and this is a new phenomena, they need to recognise us not condemn us.

There is a tremendous grief you suffer as a 28 year old man, losing the ability to exercise, losing the trust in your government, your medical system, your family, friends, colleagues, hiding your pain as you are labelled an anxiety-fuelled hypochondriac with a tin foil hat that reads anti-vax. Who will recognise and fund my mental rehabilitation, let alone my medical, it will have to be me. Will I ever get better? If I don’t then I can truly say that this medication has ruined my life, and I will have to try so hard to find new meaning for I am physically and mentally weakened by it. Will our stories be heard?

Medical photographer:

Truth Project – I have been a volunteer birth/new-born/stillborn photographer almost 8 years in one Australian state. Before covid I photographed maybe 2-3 stillborns a week across the entire state. Within  first 3 months of mandates I noticed an uprise in cancellations of newborn photoshoots due to miscarriages. Still births gradually increased. About 8 months after the rollout in one week in one hospital I photo’d 8 stillborns.

Between April 2021 and April 22 I was getting 15 to 20 calls a week! I couldn’t keep up with the workload. Before covid I averaged about 70 a year but in this last year to April I did almost 400.

Since everyone has stopped getting the vaccine still births have gone back to around 1 or 2 a week for me.

However I have noticed a lot more mums saying they bled in pregnancy and I am photographing a lot more babies delivered early. I know I’m not alone in my field and this is happening countrywide.

I would like to put a call out to all still born/birth photographers and midwives to come forward and share their stories.

Truth Project – Midwife:

This highly experienced midwifery trainer was living in Wuhan during its lockdown, and describes a complete disconnect between the reality of , effectively, no covid cases as far as she and her ex-pat colleagues could gauge, and what was portrayed on Chinese state media. In such a populous region social distancing was a complete joke and yet no-one seemed to get sick. Returning to NZ, navigating MIQ and defeating the midwifery council to regain her licence was far harder than living through covid in China. She resumed work during the rollout. 

I could not advocate an experimental drug to any pregnant woman. It was unethical to do so. Our midwifery case load was 8 women a month. I was beginning to see many things I had not encountered before in my entire midwifery practice. I witnessed 2 cases of infant meningitis from vaccinated women. I witnessed 2 cases of preterm birth from vaccinated women. I witnessed 1 case of preterm birth after sexual intercourse with a partner who was vaccinated. This was a healthy woman who had birthed 3 healthy babies.

Communication to the MOH, Midwifery Council. NZ College of Midwives
I sent a document to all of the above crown institutions and asked for the evidence behind the decisions to advocate COVID 19 injections to pregnant women. They responded by telling me to refer to the Ministry of Health (MOH) website which was outdated and gave out misinformation as I had performed a lot of research. They declined to send me any scientific evidence.​​​​​​​
NZDSOS comment: today 31/8/22  we have news of UK govt admitting there is no reassuring safety data regarding pregnancy and breast feeding. Wow. Just wow. 

Truth Project – Practice Nurse:

During the period of November 2021 to about February 2022, on average I d see 1 pt with a vaccine related injury approx per 3 days. What stood out was the pt was usually healthy, actively fit , normal weight, white men under ages of 40 except one was nearly 50. It became so common and consistently this demographic I kept the pts details  to f/up with them. Complaints were always a similar story.
“ I’ve had pain in my upper L chest, at rest or activity. Increase SOB and not able to do their active exercises as they usually do”.

These symptoms would usually start about 2 days after their 2nd vax. After assessments, ecg etc they were sent to ED, Drs wld write possibly vaccine related injury in their referral letter. Discharge summary from ED usually given ibuprofen after being monitored. No mention of vax. None died as far as I know.  Then I started to see more older women after the third jab, overweight and not generally that well.  Their symptoms seemed to be reduced quality of life due to lethargy and just not feeling well for weeks on end. But heart issues (L sided chest pains and inc SOB) were still consistent as with the young men but coupled with a reduction in their quality of life as they had less energy.
One woman  stood out. Her job was to organise counselling for emergency workers who had experienced trauma wrt dealing with traumatic deaths in their work day. The files on her desk were more than usual but she didn’t need to organise counseling for those involved because the deaths were clean n tidy.

The deceased were found collapsed during running in the park, or at home, in sleep etc without body trauma. No distress for the worker BUT an increase of files on her desk for her to process. This would ve been in Dec 2021. I saw her because she became ill after 2nd vax given in June/July . She stood out as she was female vs all the men I saw then. Then – a coincidental chat with a stranger who happened to be a nurse working in heart/ lung in Auckland, mentioned the same demographic of excess young fit white men being admitted to her unit. But she also said, we cannot talk abt this increase at work as we would be seen as an antivaxer and questioning the powers etc.
No room for this in the Stalinist medical system. 
As a health proff I’m taught  to always question or think about the health care we give and I always want to do what is right for the pt , not what someone in a role of power decides is right for a pt. It was an extremely challenging time to work in these last few yrs and it’s been exhausting and emotionally draining. Then to see so many pts with hlth issues which were obviously r/t the vax, which on the other hand we’re meant to endorse!  Let people make up their own mind surely. 

Truth Project – Rest Home Worker:

Since the roll out if this lethal vaccine I have witnessed many many deaths. Some with in 12 hrs of 2nd vaccine. Some with in 24 hrs and the rest over a week. They were residents whom of course had other health issues but not life threatening. Do you have any idea to watch someone come in and inject poison into the ones you care for in your job? I call these people murderers. The fear that has been put into our residents about covid. They don’t understand what this vaccine can do. Kill you. We had residents sign the paperwork. Like sign here it’s for the vaccine. No explanation. Just put so much fear into them. Then when the time is here they say no when the needle comes out. But needle forced into their arm anyway. They do not consent at the time. Now they have had the 4th. Nothing like a few more deaths and peoples mental state change. The govt are murderers as far as I am concerned

Truth Project – Retail Worker:

I have been battling Lupus for over 20 years, it was in remission for 2 years and then  mandatory for workers to get vaccinated. I did so not wanting to lose my job I had for 15 years. 2-3 weeks later my skin started to flare up so bad it was infected, I could barely hold my then 6 month baby as it was too painful. My skin has still not come right since nearly a year on from taking that poison. Recently talking to my rheumatologist he said he’s had too many of his patients flare after the vaccine. My aunty also in the same position as me works retail and has lupus, started having heart problems after the first dose but that’s her story to tell

NZDSOS comment: autoimmune patients generally have very aggressive antiviral defences, even on immunosuppressives. Where were the Pfizer trials looking at this large patient group?

Truth Project – Dentist’s Group:

NZDSOS summarises from a private chat group who all agree they are  seeing a dramatic rise in “dry socket” after tooth extraction, an acutely painful condition where the clot in the socket dislodges or fails to form properly, delaying healing and exposing nerve and bone and potentially allowing infection, food entrapment etc. Usually quoted at 2-5%, they are reckoning nearer 50% since the rollout got into full swing, but only in the vaccinated.
It is no joke of course. Serious pain can resultThe causes are usually known to include things that interfere with blood clotting, such as smoking and the contraceptive pill. We wonder what else can affect the blood? 

Truth Project – Pierre Kory is an ICU expert,

fired for his work with Read of his conversations with US hospital nurses about they are seeing here. They speak of multiple pathologies but especially in younger patients, how the numbers were fudged to hide vaccine harms, and of the dissociation demonstrated by many doctors and administrators. A striking thing is the mention of sudden rise in eyeball removals for cancer in young vaccinated patients, in amongst an unprecedented overwhelm of the oncology services.

Truth Project – Sister of a nurse: My sister is a practice nurse. One of the nurses she works with was rushed to hospital with a heart condition after the first booster and was told she must not have any more jabs. My sister herself was very sick after the first booster she then crazily had possibly the flu injection and got pneumonia and now due to a change in her bloods and health is seeing an oncologist again to discover if her cancer has returned. I  told the local jab pharmacy this story so they could question things but they screamed at me to get out of the shop and phoned the police on me. I spoke to them very calmly with no aggression and they were just maniac…unbelievable.
We have had a sudden number of deaths locally including a fit 60 yr old local Fire Chief after the booster. 

Truth Project – Occupational  health nurse:

I work for a large company that is not pro mandate. There are nearly 900 employees. I do health checks and covid testing. I am seeing vaccinated who are either constantly coming in with flu like symptoms or complaining of being sick with flu like symptoms for over a month. Some of them are very fit and healthy and they tell me that they are never sick. I am seeing youth staff in their 20s coming in complaining of sore throats and tiredness. A couple of the managers and their families ( all vaccinated) are saying that they are sick for long periods and can’t seem to regain their health. I have never seen so many ‘ normally healthy ‘ now complaining of feeling unwell. I saw a lady yesterday who cannot shake the upper respiratory tract infection she has had for over a month.
She has run out of sick leave and still unwell.

I am seeing a lot with high blood pressure. Some as high as 180/100.
Some staff state they have never had hypertension before.
Every week some business units have people off sick. When staff want to the see their GP they have to wait up to a month for an appointment and when they do go they have to wait up to 5 hours for a booked appointment.

Truth Project – Physio student:

I have had heart problems since the vaccine, causing tachycardia rhythms and palpitations along with strange rhythms. It’s affected my sleep and my mental health. I was forced to get the vaccine for my placement as a physio student. At first I got an excemption which expired now they won’t give me another one. Now they are trying take take get the booster as well. Do they want to kill me?

Truth Project – Naturopath:

I am still in full time practice [after 45 years] and am seeing some horrible rashes and neurological side affects from the Jab, and am having to formulate new creams and protocols for treatment. Very frustrating but getting excellent results.  I see a huge variety of complaints and having to think outside the box with what we have available as our clinical tools. We are able to work, using tools that out forefathers and foremothers used everyday to survive. Most of these are gradually being banned or are no longer available. I have seen this coming over the last 30 years and wondered why is this product deleted, when it is extremely effective, Suddenly we find out officially why. Stay strong and stay united.

Truth Project – Physio: I rented a room  for 10 years. I loved working there, the staff were awesome and still are. Once my colleagues heard I wasn’t getting the jab I started being alienated. Talked about behind my back, barbed comments made in the smoko room etc. I had a meeting with the directors and the outcome was I had to pack up and leave the clinic by Nov 15th. They were acting out of fear and completely obeying the govt. I had to sell my business at a much reduced price and haven’t worked since.

I have 21 years experience working as a physio in pelvic health, I am on national boards etc and it utterly broke my heart to leave it behind. 9 months later I am fulfilled and loving leading at a YWAM base. Training students to do missionary work and know God more deeply. The change in my career enabled this to happen but I still deeply miss helping my patients.
I loved my job and considered it an absolute privilege. 

NZDSOS comment: Sometimes in life when a door closes, another opens. However, we don’t usually expect it to be slammed in our face, trapping our fingers. 

Truth Project – Insurance Agent:

Never in my 12-years of being an life insurance adviser have I seen this volume of serious illness and income protection claims. Since the Covid-19 vaccination program and manipulation started, we have had countless claims relating to heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer, bowel cancer, inflammation of the heart, chronic fatigue, and facial droop. Many of the medical events (with the exception of the cancers which seem to be appearing now), have happened shortly after my clients were vaccinated. I’ve estimated our trauma and income protection claims are up 300% from the previous years with the average age of the claimant being mid 40’s.

How are heart attacks and strokes in healthy non-smoking 40 year old males being normalised? Why are we receiving a breast cancer claim a week for women in their 40’s. Most of the claimants are being gaslit by their doctors and not receiving the treatment they desperately need. My understanding was doctors sign an oath to say they’ll do no harm first. Why was that ignored and why do so many still turn a blind eye? It was obvious this mRNA technology was never properly tested and truly confirmed as safe and effective. If it was why would it’s manufacturer attempt to suppress its safety data for 75 years? Personally, I no longer have any faith in our government or medical system. I’m happy to provide more information as required.
NZDSOS comment: This is the second such comment from an insurance insider; massive companies overease are reporting major increases in death claims in working-age vaccinated people. 

Truth Project – Defiant Dentist:

The jab injuries walk through our door every day. It goes on and on, and it is heartbreaking. The following happened last Tuesday, in one single day…In the morning, I saw the grandmother of the nine year old boy who got pericarditis after the jab, taken only to be able to participate in school sports. His crushing symptoms continue after many months. He has received no medical help, with no consideration given to possible permanent damage. My receptionist reported that two of my patients had cancelled due to pancreatic cancer.
One of them is already dead. He seemed fine when I saw him in June. Diagnosis to death seems increasingly rapid these days, with these new “turbo” cancers. I saw a man who is suffering from acute joint pain throughout his body since the booster. It only went when he caught covid, with these safe and effective jabs, but has since returned. It was the same for my wife and me, with our chest pain from pericarditis. Covid felt heavenly!
We experienced no pain for the first time since November.

But when we got over covid it returned with a vengeance. I had a 26-year-old man with blood clots on his lungs, his sister now with a racing heartbeat. They had not made a connection to the jab. They have now. My nurse’s mother, formerly a devout covidian, now has the autoimmune Graves’ disease and she is angry. She declares that she never realized she was signing her own death certificate. An old lady in her 80s is now suffering cardiac issues.  This was all in one day. A single heartbreaking day. 

How can we retain any trust or confidence in a medical profession and system that allows this to happen, that silently acquiesces to what feels like genocide? They know what is happening, and fear is no excuse. Amazingly, people clearly wouldn’t recognize tyranny if it covered their faces, locked them in their homes, divided communities and families, made them show papers and force medicated them with an experimental poison. The day of reckoning draws near. It has to. Silence is no longer an option, the direction we are headed is terrifying. Its time for people to take off their masks and smell the bullshit.
NZDSOS comment: This heartbroken man’s mother lived through a genocide. Many of her peers died so that no-one else would have to. “Lest we forget” bears repeating. 

Truth Project – Senior Support Worker:

I worked at a community home for residents with physical disabilities. After the second jab, 3 out of 13 residents started having serious side effects, although all was given paracetamol straight after the jabs to prevent any pain. One mild one had rocketed blood pressure up over 180, only to be prescribed blood pressure pills. Other 2 ladies started having extremely heavy menstrual bleeding, whilst both on hormone control drugs which they both hadn’t bled on for many years. One lady had a few panic attacks which she hadn’t had for many years, heart palpitations. Sent to ER twice. Everything swept under the carpet as they both had long medical history.

Truth Project – Hospital Specialist:

My colleague, in the same specialty, is a fit middle-aged man. He knows all the science behind the mRNA jabs and subsequent results. He had two shots late 2020, as late as possible. Then got COVID this year and had a three month exemption from the booster. He exemption expires today and the DHB management have stood him down. It is absurd. I am similar age, very grudgingly coerced into triple-jab status against my will, so I can work and pay my bills. I had significant arrhythmias (heart irregularities), short sharp chest pains, breathlessness after shots 2 and 3. Normal echocardiogram after symptoms had subsided. I still feel breathless and my resting pulse even in bed is never below 75-80. I resent this evil govt and all it has done to NZ. They are the enemy of the people.

Truth Project – Primary care practitioner:

I am about to lose my job in the next couple of months as I refuse to have my booster. After my first vaccine I had palpitations and chest pain which got fobbed off as costochronditis, I delayed my second jab as long as possible and made it through albeit petrified it would happen again. My job at work consists of doing ECG’s and other clinical duties. I have noticed a very significant increase of ECGs being done for chest pain patients since the roll out and the majority relating to having had the vax recently.

None of these cases have been reported to CARM. Everything gets swept under the carpet, the patient usually gets told it is “unlikely to be caused from the Vax”. How do the doctors know? But I might add the practice is quick to claim for funding for these cases through primary options. A lot of money is getting made from this. I have to say I am disgusted with how many lies are being told, I have been getting bullied recently to have my booster and fed lies as to how it would benefit me. I will be relieved when my job is lost as I am so upset with how our patients are getting treated and they are all now getting told to line up for their 4th shot.

Truth Project – Covid Researcher:

my job is to contact people who have tested positive on behalf of MOH. I had my suspicions about the vaccine right from the start as I have been involved in the medical industry for 30 years. Over the past three months 99.9% of calls I made are to people aged between 65-95. They are ALL double or triple jabbed and they have tested positive for covid. That tells me something is not working and something is not right. All the symptoms are flu symptoms. Some do not even have symptoms.

Truth Project – Emergency Department Doctor:

Since the vaccine rollout a number of thinngs are clear to me.  1. Younger adults are dying much more commonly. It is not covid. Many never make it to hospital for resus.  2. There are many more chest pains and strokes. I have had up to 8 in a single shift. This is extraordinary. But then it can go “quiet” again ie back to normal.  3. There is an extraordinary collective pressure amongst other doctors to not mention the vaccine as a possible differential ( ie possible cause of symptoms) when patients are treated. People that do are shamed. Many CARM reports are not being done that should be.  I just don’t know what the future holds, including mine. I took the jab but won’t have any more, possibly losing the career I have worked so hard for.   

Truth Project – Practice nurse:  

I’ve known 3 people to collapse within 48hrs post vax, friends not clients, but when they have sought assessment it’s been deemed unrelated to vaccination. Who am I to challenge that, I’m a nurse, it may well be unrelated, it just feels too coincidental to let go. I have been doing covid calls, phone checks on those who have tested positive, I have heard about 5 younger people report chest pain, they all have said they had this pain after their vaccination but it went away, and had  now come back with covid infection, no CARM report done at time, none had  medical attention at the time, all I can do is get them reviewed by the GP for current pain. I have no “evidence” for you.

The GP’s I work with are wonderful people and as a team we are lost at times, I recall conversations months ago with what we should do with people coming in for a covid vaccines that report having chest pain or SOB post the previous dose? it was challenging as these people often needed the vaccine due to mandates, there was no guidance, it was clear exemption was almost impossible. Now I see the guidelines recognise carditis and don’t recommend vaccination- thank goodness.  My feeling is many health professionals and possibly IMAC are having to respond to the situation as a public health emergency. For a massive shift in the behaviour of health professionals it would have to be recognised as not actually to do with health.

That’s a tricky space to enter for the vast majority of the health work force. The whole situation has me in a spin and I am left confused by the government’s actions, there is no sense in many of the rules, I have seen the lies. Early on they announced an abundance of PPE. We had 10 Surgical masks  in our practice, we were asked to send half to another sth island practice as they had none! We had no PPE, there on the tv announcements of how well prepared we are rolling through. I talked to a client who had a heart attack the day following his covid vax, he reported the GP was convinced  it was vaccination related, but hospital not accepting that. He was advised an alternative covid vaccine, he reacted badly to that also, required medical review but not admitted.

This is just him telling me his story though. I have no confirmation of anything. I know of a woman 3 ambulance trips to hospital in shock requiring adrenaline and fluids in the days/ weeks following her covid vaccine. No cause determined, pericarditis noted, no exemption granted. I don’t have every detail and I’m not able to go into peoples’ notes for that purpose. So I can’t really write what you need with the confirmation needed for it to be more than just a “story “ all I can give fully is my own.  Honestly the inormation I’m given in my role and then what I seek from my own reading and the stories I hear and the lack of sense in the government’s actions, I’m a wreck I became a nurse to help, to care, to heal and I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, I just want out.

Truth Project – Clinical Psychologist:

I have seen a range of reactions to the jab since rollout. A medical science professor who describes feeling every nerve ending in her body and has centralised neuropathy. She knew what was happening and only took one shot. Teacher 29- extremely fit, noticed fast pulse and myocarditis symptoms after the booster. couldn’t afford further therapy as she had to pay for her treatment. She also told of friend who was a victim of SADs. Died of a heart attack. In our small town we have one death after the booster, cancers taking off that have been in remission leading to death (3).

Many many with heart issues afterwards. One personal friend had trouble with her heart after 2 shots until she got covid then it resolved itself. She just had the booster!!! Another client male late 40’s neuropathy, works in health so had a booster, cant use hands properly now. Extremely fatigued. My adult son, reported that he “didnt feel right” after 2nd shot and wont take any more. Other son had a tonsil explode after first shot, then gut problems since booster. My daughter had past autoimmune disease some years ago, now has long covid after the shots. This has divided our family. I have so many more stories….. however these are the ones that are close to home. I hear so many professionally…. I have tried to keep it anecdotal however many of us psychologists who smelled the cow manure from the get go, and have been mandated to zoom, have a multitude of injury stories to tell.

Truth Project – Hospital pharmacy technician:

For a decade I have worked in a hospital Pharmacy Dept. In that time I have had 3 previous vaccine reactions including breathing difficulty and changes in sensation thru my face, neck and tongue – 2 x flu vaccine and 1 x tetanus vaccine. Each year there was significant pressure to get the ongoing flu vaccine despite previous reactions. I was still asked to get the flu vaccine and then made to sign a form when I declined it acknowledging the risk I was prepared to take by not getting it. Once the Pfizer vaccine was being rolled out the pressure started again with an “it can be done in ED with everything ready to go in case you react badly”. I already had an GP relative overseas who was having ongoing migraines and other neurological issues since her vaccine and I was not keen to risk it.

This was confirmed by her neurologist to be vaccine related. Also I have 2 medical workers in my own family with significant side effects (neurological, and myocarditis ) as well as an 18 year old nephew with significant nerve damage in his arm causing paralysis from his last vaccine I do not believe it is safe and effective when it doesn’t prevent what it was supposed to and has a high adverse reaction rate​​​​​​​. I was told if I got an exemption due to a vaccine allergy I still couldn’t work in the hospital so there was no point in trying to apply but did have the initial exemption from my GP before they changed the rules again to exclude this option. The day I was terminated I spent the morning reading over years of glowing performance appraisals.

They’re still short staffed and another staff member has left since due to stress and being bullied. I have since had old work colleagues off with covid and told a few days in not to do any more tests as they will be needed back at work by a specific date even if they have mild symptoms. I find it incredibly disheartening that previous staff that are well are not allowed to work but symptomatic staff that will be transmitting the virus are allowed back to work. This jab can not be forced on the staff in our health system or it will be collapsed due to staff shortages.

Truth Project – Hospice Medic:

I did not want to have the Pfizer product and remonstrated with my boss citing the published overseas evidence I had read. I was forced to take both injections to keep my job which I bitterly resent. I watched colleagues succumb to the propaganda and line up but shingles was a common reaction. They did not seem to connect the dots. One fit and healthy young nurse developed shingles then stroked after the booster. The majority of staff did not look well. I refused the booster and now work outside the health sector never to return. Our MoH disgusts me.

As does our MSM who refuse objective and unbiased reporting. There will be a tsunami of Pfizer product-related cancer-induced deaths let alone the cardiovascular issues it causes. It will turn out to be the biggest pharma-medical disaster in human history.

Truth Project – Allied health receptionist:

I lost my job. I got both of the jabs, on my second jab I got a vaccine injury in my right arm where my arm trembled inside for five months on and off. I refused to get the booster for that reason and lost my job as it was mandated. I was born with a problem with my left hand. Hence why I didn’t get the booster as I couldn’t afford for something else to go wrong and rely on my other hand. My doctor tried to get me an exemption for getting the booster and to try and save my job, we even sent in a photo of my hand with the application for exemption. We got a letter back declining, saying that it wasn’t a good enough reason. Wow just wow.

Truth Project – Lactation Consultant:

I saw a fully jabbed mother (25ish) of a 15 week old yesterday. In the last 4 months the mother has had covid, shingles and the flu. Since when do young people get shingles?
NZDSOS comment: You are are quite right, although it does very occasionally happen in “normal times”.

Truth Project – Allied Health Worker:

My colleague recently resigned due to blood clots on her lungs. She seems oblivious to how it happened and hospital staff told her they don’t know why. She has had all 3 injections of the Covid vaccine.
NZDSOS comment: all medics know that pulmonary embolisms do happen. But this many? C’mon guys!

Truth Project – Occupational Therapist: I worked before I decided not to take the booster due to allergies and increased asthma symptoms following the first two jabs. Most of the people who were admitted into the Covid ward during that time got Covid from being in other wards such as orthopedic, or surgical wards. There were many who were asymptomatic but unable to go home due to the support available when they discharged home. A lot of the delays in hospital of those being discharged were actually from the lack of care workers (mandated out) available to support on discharge.

Patients would be admitted due to falls and delays in treatment and family struggling to meet the needs of their loved ones. Private Hospitals and Resthomes also had lack of staff due to the mandates and had reduced care and often delayed discharge. 90% of staff who got Covid were double jabbed or boosted and high risk of passing it onto other staff. Staff seem to have reduced immunity and are more affected by the RSV and flu that is going around.

Truth Project – Community Support Worker: I was part of a 3 member team, working 24 hr shifts supporting a 36 yr old lady with complicated intellectual problems. I was in this position for over 5 years and enjoyed my job. All the service users were jabbed on the same day. 2 days later one of the SU died of a heart attack, he was 30 years old and as far as I know was in good health. Of course it was never considered it was anything but bad luck. I started hearing talk of Healthcare workers being mandated to have the jab so I went to my Doctor to seek an exemption for serious past medical issues and was shocked by her attitude. It was a complete waste of time although I think she was a little embarrassed at her stance. I was so relieved when I found out about NZDSOS and was listened to and validated and was able to obtain an exemption.

I was feeling sure that I would be able to keep my job as I was working 1 on 1 and we never went into the community except to go to the library.

I had accumulated 53 sick days and was happy to use them if I got covid, I was happy to do regular testing and I did a health and safety report, all to no avail. I was given till 15th Oct 2021 to have the jab otherwise I would be terminated. I was upset by the way I was treated by management leading up to my dismissal. I am 64 years of age and still have a small mortgage so was worried about losing my home. I have not been sick with covid but many of the infected support staff have been asked to return to work early as they are so short staffed. I’m the only one in my entire family of 20+ who has refused the jab which has been very awful. Even with my exemption they all thought I was crazy, I was unable to have Xmas with them or attend my sisters 60th birthday party. I worry so much for them.

I have not been able to wear a mask as I gag just putting it on, I asked my Dr when I went for other exemption if she could at least write me an exemption for that and she refused to even consider it. I could say so much more about the awful stuff but I will finish by saying I am heartened to know that we have good Doctors with heart and honesty and this gives me hope. Thank you all so much for what you are doing.

Truth Project – Primary Care Worker: I am seeing many adverse events in practice (post jab) ranging from what might be considered “minor”, to the complete other end of the scale. I have managed a teenage male who was admitted to ICU after suffering 2 heart attacks AND myocarditis post-Pfizer jab. The hospital would not release his medical notes until threatened with legal action. The case has now been approved by ACC as an adverse vaccine reaction. He was told “wow – you took one for the team”. I am currently taking care of a young male who developed myocarditis post-jab, and took 3-4 months before he could climb a flight of stairs. I also have a petite framed mother who is healthy. She was cooking in her kitchen and her heart rate escalated so much that went to hospital via ambulance.

Was told everything was “normal”. It has taken 4 months to lower her heart rate, yet she still has episodes. I have a young fit healthy female runner who was diagnosed with POTS (postural ortho static tachycardia syndrome) 4 weeks after 2nd jab. Came to me in tears as she felt no one was listening to her. Lots of complaints of irregular and heavy menstruation post-jab. This Winter, I’m seeing chronic illness whereby patients simply cannot shake recurrent colds, or have been severely knocked over by flu. My healthy fit athletic relative is one of those. Suffered severe tight chest & breathing issues 2 weeks post jab. Seemed to recover. Then got hit with flu 7 weeks ago and has still not recovered. She has never been so sick. She got the jab to be able to “play sport” and represent her school. I’m heart broken. I feel like we are going to be managing many health problems over the next 5 years arising from this experimental jab.

Truth Project – Community Care Worker: I was fired from my support working job a few weeks ago because I medically could not get the booster after first 2 jabs injured me and was refused an exemption from MOH even though I had letters from my Dr and cardiologist, saying that it’s a risk. On Friday, I bumped into a little old lady I use to look after, she started crying and sounded desperate in her voice. She told me “ I have had no one to help me since you have gone” that is 5 weeks of no help! She continued to tell me she “hasn’t had her bed changed since then and my kitchen floor is messy and sticky due to spilt tea.” She hasn’t had washing done and is starting to run out of clean clothes. This is all the things I use to do for her to help keep her independent in her home.

She does not have children and her husband has passed away. She is still quite independent, and had me as her carer so she could remain so. She told me she rung the company and they told her they have no carers available. This is ridiculous, I have had 2 vaccinations and because I haven’t had the booster they would rather these clients suffer?!! My heart is breaking! It’s so wrong on so many levels.
NZDSOS comment: those that say mandated-out health workers are anti-science and lack judgement should reflect on the above submissions. Those that “took one for the team” get thrown on the scrap heap too. You can’t have it both ways. Look after your own, at least.

Truth Project – Dentist:

A mother I have treated for a number of years started telling me about her 9 years old son complaining of chest pains, breathlessness, constant tiredness and his heart feeling funny. He was undergoing multiple tests from the doctor and hospital, including bloods and ECG, and the whole family was feeling worried and traumatised. There was no previous medical history. They only got him jabbed so he could keep doing his sport. I heard a nearly identical story from another mother, only this time the sufferer was a 16 years old teenage girl. She had no energy and was nearly passing out after the simplest of activity, even standing up from sitting on the sofa. A 60 something nursery school teacher told a similar story.

The day previous, she had believed she was going to die at work, her heart was beating so randomly and the accompanying chest pain acute. They had one thing only in common. The covid jab. I am particularly attuned to this because it happened to me, three days after my first Pfizer jab. I too thought I was dying, and the breathlessness was terrible. I have had a cardiologist later confirm it as vax induced pericarditis, and he is snowed under with similar cases. He cannot tell me how long it will last, or even if the damage is permanent. After five months, I have few answers. By rights, I should automatically qualify for a six month temporary exemption from further jabs from the MOH, but Ashley Bloomfield has declined me this formality. Like many others, the choice is simple- risk long term health and possible death, or quit. Give up my practice. Give up my career. Stop caring for the community I have been so happy to serve for nearly twenty years.

It gets even worse – my wife got jabbed with me, and she now has pericarditis, She is under the same cardiologist. We have two young children. This week, I treated a 59 years old man who had a heart attack after his booster jab. It was the first question asked of him in hospital – they know what this jab is doing. I treated a 53 years old man who also needed heart surgery post jab. I had a 41 years old woman tell me of her best and longest school friend who had suffered a stroke, also post jab. And then there was the lady in her 80s with the sudden onset of symptoms identical to my own. She told me that lots of her friends and neighbours were suddenly dying in the retirement village. My receptionists’s daughter is the same, triple jabbed and now barely able to function as a nurse. Our 61 years old bank teller had her jab, went back to work and promptly fainted. She died later that day. One story has stayed with me and hit harder than most.

A 63 years old teacher, loved her job and mandated out of it for refusing the jab. Her partner – they were due to marry, gave in to the coercion like me. He died the next day. Some people believe that with most of the mandates being dropped (for now) life is back to normal.

Well it isn’t for her. And those triple jabbed who inevitably get covid clearly seem to get it the worst, as backed up by NZ hospitalisation data that you will never see on One News. I see this every day, and we are a small two surgery practice. >Just how big is this problem? Is this why we now hear so many ambulance sirens? A radiologist I treat confirms the same – they are rushed off their feet doing chest x rays, as we are all shunted their way even though we know it is our hearts that is the problem. Instead, we are asked how much coffee we drink. Are we anxious? I am in contact with a dentist also struggling like me, and another has a 17 years old daughter with the same problem. She has been admitted into hospital three times now, and advised to quit her job.

She is 17! This should not be happening. This should not be allowed to happen. I have been hearing these stories every day, and have been doing so for weeks. Months. Nobody dares speak up for fear of recrimination from our professional bodies. It is nothing short of criminal. It is time to say no to further jabs that don’t even work, to further restrictions and madcap advice that has nothing to do with health. Where there is risk, there has to be choice. There has to be clear consent, not coercion and bullying. There has to be discussion, not insults. It is time for truth to be revealed. It is the time for justice.

Truth Project – Cardiac Nurse:

I’ve been working in a cardiac catheterization Lab of one of the main hospitals in NZ for quite a few years. My observations as a Cath lab nurse, coincidence or not but since the start of using the mRNA vaccine our patient load coming in with heart issues has probably tripled, young people as young as early 20s. And this increased work load hasn’t stopped today since the vaccination propaganda began. On a daily basis on average 2 or more people were referred to our emergency department by GPs for pericarditis/myocarditis issues. This is probably and very likely only a tip of the iceberg we see.

Truth Project – Brave ED Nurse:

Firstly, can I say you are doing a great job and this is scary for me (which I’m sure you are aware).. as I have been very vocal at work in questioning these particular cases. The first was in August 2021 – a young (early 20s) female who came in with the worst exacerbation of eczema I have ever seen. She had reacted to her childhood vaccines so her mother had protected her from ever having more. 4 colleagues at her workplace had the v. on the Wednesday. Thursday she worked with them in the office, and by that night her eczema was playing up, she felt extremely nauseous and couldn’t sleep.

Over the weekend, she was in so much pain because her skin had started to weep,so presented to ED. All of us nurses who looked after her were ‘awake’. she became more dehydrated overnight as all of her body fluid leaked out of every pore and her IV lines kept falling out because her skin and the bed were saturated. I called the DCCM reg to resite the IV who was unable to, her EWS (early warning score)  was becoming unstable because we couldn’t hydrate her. I suggested shedding, but was told that was impossible.
NZDSOS comment: Shedding now scientifically proven in a study showing children seroconvert after mums were injected. 

2nd significant case, was a 26y Pacific Island male, presented 2/7 post 2nd jab with increased SOB and decreased exercise tolerance, with some chest pain. Because he was morbidly obese, the Drs blamed his symptoms on that (near 250kg). he was diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure), myocarditis and pericarditis. I asked the Drs to report to CARM and was mocked and told it was entirely due to his obesity. I said “but last week he was large but could walk 8km without getting breathless, this week he can’t walk 8 steps without barely being able to breathe! Surely the difference is the v… and the health profession are telling people who are this overweight that its safe to get and then blaming their comorbodities for their reactions.. you can’t have it both ways!”… still laughed and mocked. I gave the patient the details for CARM and asked him to report.. in hindsight, I should have done this myself. I felt his care was compromised due to body shame and prejudice and and reported it to the CNM (clinical nurse manager). 

NZDSOS comment: Reporting to CARM is not mandatory, incredibly, but doctors (and/or others) should report EVERY new medical event in a vaccinated person.  How are we to know what’s happening otherwise?  It is not the role of the health professional to determine causality or otherwise, (that is CARM’s job) their job is solely to report anything and everything.
The week before Christmas last year, I had x3 young males in my care (cardiac monitoring room) aged around 19, 29, 31 who all had myocarditis post j.. all had got it against their better judgment to ‘participate in society and keep their employment’.. I specifically remember this day (coz I looked after people with heart issues post v EVERY shift from September to December last year) .. because one of the patients asked me how common it was and I said that there were x3 of them in the room right now.. and gave him the details to report to CARM as well.

Mid to late January, we started to see the elderly post booster who had previously had mild cognitive impairment come in with sudden significant (post booster) decline and at least 3 cases of full blown dementia .. with new aggressive behavior. I have also seen sudden, fast onset of cancers both in patients in remission as well as new diagnosis. 
NZDSOS comment: So have we, and there are very plausible mechanisms for this.

Also immunocompromised patients who have had x4 jbs coming in with severe covid and put on remdisovir and dying. unsure if b/c of already immunocompromised, extra jbd or remdisovir adding to it.
NZDSOS comment: There was the barest minimal clinical trial evidence for remdesivir; but mountains for ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine which have both been fraudulently suppressed, with prescribers persecuted. 

Truth Project – Lab scientist:

Hi there, I wanted to share my story so thank you for giving a platform. I was working in a hospital mortuary and histology when vaccines rolled out. Doing some research, I was questioning how we were quantifying vaccine injuries/death. Almost the same day I had done an autopsy on a 13 year old (who it came to be had died from vaccine induced myocarditis) I received an email stating if I did not receive my first dose by November 15th, 11:59 I would be unemployable. Long story short I refused.  Only to find out that now my jabbed colleagues could go to work anyway if testing positive even with symptoms! I am one of the million stories but my heart is one of the same for all those damaged by this medical apartheid in history. Thank you for standing up as a voice for those who can not be heard. May we continue to be the beacon for a better life for human kind. Kind regards, A scientist in dismay!!

Truth Project – Writer-historian:

My love of philosophy has taught me critical thinking and my love of history has taught me about tyranny, and I watched with incredulity as New Zealand went down the same road in 2020 and 2021 as Germany did in 1933 and 1934—the parallels are numerous and unmistakable to anyone who’s studied the Third Reich, and how incredible it is that the legacy news media haven’t mentioned it! I had never quite believed how quickly the Germans went crazy, and now I was seeing it in New Zealand and I still couldn’t believe it.

Truth Project – Chiropractor:

Briefly, I have seen countless patients who have had post-vaccination ‘events’ and illness, both acute and chronic. These have ranged from severe injection site pain lasting for many months and in many cases causing serious weakness of the affected limb to many reports of ‘Cardiac’ symptoms -mostly consisting of chest pains, palpitations and dyspnoea as well as referred pain to the anterior neck, TMJ and often to the left arm (occasionally to the right, and often bilaterally). Most have accompanying malaise which for some has morphed into Chronic fatigue.

One female had weakness and paraesthesiae (tingling or strange sensation) down one side of her body simulating a CVA, but was dismissed at the local ED (I think she was told it was a viral infection) -interestingly when she had the episodic symptoms she also had paraesthesiae in one side of her tongue, suggestive of Cranial N. 1X and X involvement. (Decompression of the Jugular Foramen by Cranial procedures has helped immensely). 

Truth Project – Midwife: Since the implementation of the vaccine rollout and especially this year 2022, I have seen a definite increase in the number of miscarriages, as well as preterm births within my own caseload as well as my colleagues. I am more than interested to see some collated figures on these stats for 2021/22. There also very sadly, appears to have been an increase in number of unexplained intrauterine deaths within my clinics caseload as well as at the hospital. In addition to this a student placed with me suffered medically diagnosed pericarditis after the first vaccine dose, she was forced to have a second and third dose to stay in the program (at this stage she was in her 4th year of the degree so what choice did she really have?). In addition another student placed with my midwifery partner suddenly developed type 1 diabetes post her booster dose (no family history).

Truth Project – Nurse: I clearly remember, as do my friends and work colleagues, my hesitancy to conform and take the COVID 19 vaccine. My intuition told me not too! I had my first vaccination on November 15th 2021, this was the cut of date given for nurses, teachers etc to conform or get out. Post injection I had immediate symptoms of a racing heart, central chest pain and feeling clammy. The vaccinators at the pharmacy said “that’s normal, it means the vaccine is working”! And after the 20 minute period I was able to leave. I was then required to have my second dose, on December 6th 2021 again to keep my nursing profession and the job I loved. I had an instant reaction, excruciating pain to my right sided shoulder blade.

My heart raced and I could literally feel it pumping so fast. Again hot and clammy, central chest pain and jawline pain….I was terrified! I believed I was having a heart attack or a stroke! I felt dismissed, alone and scared as I sat with others in the pharmacy waiting area, after 15m minutes I was told its fine for me to go. I remember hopping into the car thinking is it even safe for me to drive in this condition? Over the next few weeks my symptoms worsened especially fatigue and shortness of breath. I tried to seek medical help but was fobbed off and told “what I was going through was normal and that Id be OK”. I continued in this state with these symptoms whist continuing to work, I was shattered with huge bouts of fatigue and pain.

Eventually I saw a locum GP. He did not wish to acknowledge my severe health concerns let alone my concern of any such thing as a vaccine injury, he diagnosed me with menopause and hyperventilation and sent me home! As a nurse I was hugely unsatisfied with his behaviour and diagnoses. I hounded the medical centre and finally was seen by the nurse practitioner 4 days later. I was well cared for and never left alone whilst she completed her observations and examinations, reassurance was given as she stated she had seen this recently in someone else. Thankfully for the nurse she obtained a blood sample and sent it for urgent testing. This came back at 8pm that night showing my D-Dimer level was 1991 ug/L, it should read less than 500 ug/L. A D-Dimer test determines if someone has a blood clotting condition, which is very serious. We knew then that I had a pulmonary embolism and I had to attend ED as this is a life threatening condition. I was horrified and an emotional wreck when the emergenc

y department doctor told me to return in the morning at 8am as radiology was closed and I needed a CT scan! I was refused proper care and treatment and this incident is currently in front of the health and disability commissioner.

I should never have been sent home in this fragile life threatening state. The next day was given a CT scan and diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolisms! I was not admitted for treatment and monitoring, I was sent home with a prescription to fend for myself, I could barely walk, had severe shortness of breath, unable to even make a coffee, have a shower and other basic tasks of daily living. A week later I was back to hospital as I wasn’t improving and admitted at this time thanks to a wonderful Doctor who was open to the fact that yes I am vaccine injured and went above and beyond to support me. ACC have refused my claim for vaccine injury. An exemption for a booster, due in June , with the support of my respiratory specialist has been denied.

I have been well supported by a respiratory specialist who has put me through agonising ongoing various tests to ensure proper care and diagnoses. However my results 6 months on have not improved and sadly I can report that my bilateral pulmonary embolisms remain in both lungs.

It is fair to say I am mentally, physically and emotionally raw. A vaccine I was made to have injected into me has caused a huge disarray in my life and I now battle depression on top of it all. As a nurse of 20 years I am devastated. I anticipate i will be struck off the nurses register as we have been forbidden by nursing council of NZ to be a part of any Voices for freedom organisation or anything similar. We are unable to post anything on Facebook against the vaccine.

I complied yet have lost so much and been left with a severely life threatening illness to manage requiring medication indefinitely and which may require surgery. What to do, when your diagnoses of vaccine injury is not acknowledged by the government organisation in place for this very purpose, and ACC is a bloody nightmare? Losing your income and employment, where you previously made a huge impact on many lives and gained so much personal satisfaction. SO, TELL ME………… WOULD YOU BE AS COURAGEOUS AS I HAVE HAD TO BE?

Truth Project – Senior Registered Nurse: I am a Senior Registered Nurse and I am vaccine injured. When the Covid Response Act was implemented, I sought the advice of my Specialist, who advised me (and my employer) that I was high risk for an adverse reaction because of past major reactions to other vaccines. Despite this, I didn’t meet the criteria for exemption and opted to be vaccinated against covid in order to keep my job. Unfortunately, I reacted to this vaccine, as warned, and have spent the last seven months recovering.

My adverse reaction wasn’t severe enough for me to be granted an exemption because it wasn’t deemed permanent or life threatening. The MOH’s decision has meant that I am now required to receive another Covid-19 vaccination (that may or may not cause another adverse reaction- possibly worse than the first) just to keep my job. Prior to receiving my Covid-19 Vaccine I worked in a busy hospital ward where I’d often miss breaks, leave work dehydrated, starving and exhausted all because I’d prioritised my patients care over my own health and wellbeing.

These sacrifices aren’t uncommon in healthcare, we do it because we care, but that doesn’t make it right.. I’m not complaining though, I love my job, as do all of my colleagues, some of whom have also sustained vaccine injuries themselves. In fact, most health care professionals (that I’ve spoken to) know of at least one person who has been adversely affected by the Covid-19 vaccine. In my department of less than 50 employees, at least three received a diagnosis of either myocarditis or pericarditis following their booster vaccination.

NZDSOS comment: this equates to an astonishing 6% cardiac injury rate, also shown elsewhere, that belies the rubbish coming out of IMAC, MOH etc.
You may be wondering why my colleagues (and other vaccine injured health care professionals) haven’t shared their stories publicly; the answer is easy- we are frightened of losing our livelihoods.The saying “snitches get stitches” comes to mind, however, in this case it would appear that “snitches” often end up on a black list, never to be employed in their profession again.

So, why am I sharing my story, you ask? Because I trained as a nurse to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and I will continue to do so, even if it is the last thing I do.
NZDSOS Comment. The callousness and cold-hearted cruelty in refusing exemptions towards people clearly at risk or injured is beyond belief. And they are dedicated people who love their jobs and their patients, now lost to the system. Is this actually the idea?

Truth Project – Social Worker: Hi I’m a mandated social worker mental health clinician. I am aware that DHB stood down at least 3 health workers including a psychiatrist. Next minute I hear the psychiatrist was not stood down in the end and did not have to take the jab. Totally unfair.

Truth Project – Nurse: Sadly, no one believes me because “I’m that person” who didn’t want the injection and caused problems. Because of this, I’ve been continuing to battle through my headaches and migraines despite working and spent much time in bed recovering, ready for another shift at work only to deal with it all over again. All my results from the doctor are ‘normal’. But I’m truly struggling because of having to wear the N95 masks and the bands around my head which aggregate my headaches. The vicious circle continues.

I recorded it on CARM at the beginning of the year because no-one believed me and said it was stress. In addition to this, I have been covid positive this week and symptoms include headaches. I’ve had intermittent sharp stabbing pains (pre covid) in my head in 2 main central areas which are now getting worse. I get blurry vision, dizziness and nausea. The pain lasts from 2-5 mins then gradually eases leaving my head feeling tender (this is why the head straps on the mask aggravate the migraines). I love being a nurse and don’t want to lose my job over because I now struggle to wear a mask.

I know I’m not the only one. Others at work mention the same, but are also stuck because of “having to” wear it; they are clearly struggling with shortness of breath. This is really ridiculous. Our health system is crippled and the government doesn’t appear to have its own NZ citizens best interest at heart.

Truth Project – Aged Care Nurse: The importance of being a critical thinker is taught on the nursing degree; this lead me to doing my own research about the vaccine. I felt so determined that I didn’t want the injection because I believed it should be a personal choice. Regardless of this, and for not having a ‘justifiable reason’ I was mandated out of my new job from November 15th 2021 for four weeks. I believed I should have the same rights as anyone i.e that of personal choice. ‘My body my choice’ not the government’s. I ended up at my doctors and was put on antidepressants.

My marriage was failing, not because I don’t have a supportive husband but because of the stress of being unemployed with depression which was literally ruining my life and my family. I couldn’t stand seeing them watching me go this this without knowing what to do. Their sadness was tearing me apart. I ended up caving, to try and get some sort of my normal family life back. I had both injections three weeks apart in December in order to keep my job and save my family. The second injection crippled me. I had nose bleeds, heart palpitations, random deep bruising on my legs, dizziness, headaches turning to migraines, nausea, loss of balance and extreme fatigue.

Truth Project – Nursing Home Anguish: Today I spoke to my dad on the phone. He answered incoherently and told me he was laying in his bed looking at the roof, waiting to die. His nurse tells me he has stopped eating and lost all faith. He is currently in a secure dementia unit, in lockdown because covid has entered the facility. Since he has been in the unit his mental health has declined because he is currently not allowed to see family. I’ve been waiting on the phone all day today because the lines are full of people worrying about their parents.

As a single parent myself, with little children, and lacking family support, I couldn’t look after my father as he wanders regularly and is not mobile. During the covid outbreak at the home, an existing UTI infection flared up and he had to go into hospital. He waited in the ED, in excruciating pain for hours. The staff at the ED did their best but that night, he got very sick. Luckily the antibiotics got him back on track by the morning. We will go through all this again. This is all supposedly to keep our elderly safe? Instead, they are waiting in emergency wards getting sicker, laying there alone with no one they love around them. With nurses stretched to their limits trying to do the best job possible.

They wake up every morning and forget where they are, then some stranger comes in with a cup of tea, kitted out in a plastic overcoat and plastic mask. The virus has gone through this country two or three times now, for some people, yet we are still keeping our elderly away from the people they love and putting them in a place of serious depression. While you sip on your latte with your mates, without a mask in a crowded restaurant, my dad, and many others like him are laying in their beds, surrounded by strangers, lonely and wanting to die.

When they go into hospital, they are neglected because the nursing staff just can’t keep up. Meanwhile, there are nurses waiting at home, without a job who would happily work but can’t because they have made the decision not to vaccinate. If my dad is dying in a hospital, I couldn’t care less if the nurse is vaccinated, I just want her to help him and take the stress off the other nurses and doctors. The exact same virus is circulating in other countries but if my dad was still in the UK, I’d be able to sit with him and hold his hand.

If you have some compassion for my dad and the many like him, please share this, please write to your local MP about your experiences, please take a stand. It might not be affecting you right now, but one day it could be you laying in that home, bewildered, dying alone without your family. Will it matter then? End the healthcare mandates. They are causing more damage than good.
NZDSOS comment: wasn’t all this to protect the elderly in the first place? How has our society been “killed with kindness” as we abandon our olds and experiment on our children?

Truth Project – A contract tracer’s tale: I can tell you as a contact tracer I am now seeing double and tripple jabbed people having their 2nd covid infections. I have also heard of people having their 3rd infections, and immunosuppressed individuals that are triple jabbed having long covid. Initially I thought it was just a matter of time before people started connecting the dots but unfortunately it doesn’t matter what evidence you have they can’t seem to see or hear it as their brains are broken from the mass psychosis .

Truth Project – DHB worker: I just want to share you the story of my manager. I am one of many that really did not want to take the Covid vaccine. My manager talked to me as initial step of the process of HR to deal with those who were refusing the mandatory vax. My manager shared her story about her first dose, that she had an adverse reaction, that she needed to be treated in emergency in hospital. She was anxious for her 2nd dose and so she took that in the emergency department. I did not hear from her what happened about the second dose reaction.

But on 3rd or booster shot, she withheld this for sometimes, hoping she can get a medical exemption. Her reason was she developed an autoimmune disease. She was not granted the medical exemption despite the life- threatening reactions she had with the previous doses. She was forced to take the booster. She was pre medicated to counteract the expected reactions from the vaccine. She seems fine at this stage. I feel what happened to her was wrong. But she probably cannot afford to lose her job. On the other hand, I have one workmates that left the job to avoid the jab.

Truth Project – Experienced Emergency Department nurse: Covid injection harm. I was terminated from my many years as a registered nurse in ED because I refused to take a mandated experimental mRNA injection. I won’t call it a therapy because it was evident from the people arriving at ED with multitudes of symptoms that this was not benefiting them, it was causing harm. Left sided chest pain, chest heaviness, shortness of breath. Raised BPs resistant to treatment. Headaches. TIAs. Numbness in limbs, electric shock feelings. Shingles++. Molluscum contagiosum in adults.

Recurring cellulitis despite IV abs. Rashes. Swollen oedematous lower legs and reduced renal function. To this day I don’t think one single patient’s experiences has been reported to CARM by any clinician treating them at this facility. As a concerned nurse I would tell pts to contact their GPs or vax centre re their concerns and that they wanted to report their symptoms. If the treatment providers did not report it they or relatives could fill in their own CARM. I also witnessed mottled bruising all over pts who were completely confused like a dementia patient, who had only become like this in the past one to two weeks.

They had a remnant of awareness that they were confused but could not think straight. CBCs and blood cultures and urinalysis normal . I believe these patients had prion disease. One lady in particular had to be sedated she was so demented and later died. I was accused of thinking everything was related to the vaccine to which I replied ‘well you think nothing is’. In fact they were not even researching anything about the technology or its evident effects on populations overseas. One Doctor told me the trials had been completed already and it had been proven to be safe.

Stunning and extremely upsetting the complicitness and cognitive dissonance displayed by all medical staff. Our hospital had a number of nurses leave. Some resigned and others terminated. Several others wanted to resist the mandate but had financial commitments which saw them coerced into taking shots. This worldwide lockstep fear-based medical tyranny that has been inflicted on our populations is the largest crime ever exacted on humankind. I have nursed for many years and although I was well aware of the faults with research/funding/published outcomes etc I have become totally mistrusting of the political/medical/legal systems which are trying to control us with their totalitarian agendas. As evidenced by their actions the past three years. I support a new holistic wellness centered health care system . Thank you.

Truth Project – Natural health practitioner trying to help the community: I trained as a naturopath, Medical Herbalist over 20 yrs ago and have recently returned to part time work in the local Health store. The shop staff have seen a huge increase in customers presenting with jab damage-related symptoms, doctors cannot offer relief and are often diagnosing an array of vague viral symptoms, we encourage people to report these injuries to either yourselves or Linda Wharton. We can only treat symptomatically and follow parts of the detox protocols as budgets allow.

Difficult in retail environment to have full blown consult and one is cautious about asking if been jabbed when suspect damage from gene therapy (I am getting much more up front), our predominantly elderly cannot correlate symptoms with this and as they are fearful we often do not go down that track with them (often just enough to defend our lack of mask wearing)!

Lots of heart related symptoms, muscle aches, pain and fatigue and recently more severe respiratory illness in younger clients with more virulent flu strains. The future concerns me with increased regulations (fortunately we can carry some practitioner products) and increasing costs of supplies, we have a great local community and are running workshops on foraging, gardening, herbal remedies- tincture making and I want to promote the tissue salts as a safe and cost effective first line of treatment, would be great to work alongside local GP’s but I feel our medical ethics have sadly become too diverse as they have a 3+ week waiting list for a consult (people still want a pill for an instant fix without taking any responsibility for their own health).

Truth Project – Health Insurance broker: I run a small Insurance Brokerage specialising in Life, Medical, Trauma and Income cover. I have been doing this for decades, so am pretty close to the clients and try to get involved in every claim. I have a decent book of medical insurance, so claims take up a fair part of the admin time. The base is a real mix of ages, from kids just started work (looked after their parents since before they were born) through to retirees. I have about 650 individual people (including kids) who I look after. I have seen a significant uptick in health claims – some quite serious, since vaccinations started to be rolled out. In terms of what I would call suspicious morbidity claims (none reported to CARM and all downplayed by medical professionals), I have seen severe infections, new and relapsed tumours, chest pain, stroke and neuropathy.

I’m not a medical professional, but my engineering training makes me always take a step back and say, “Ok, what has recently changed?” In every case there seems to be proximity with vaccination. Industry insiders I am close to and other brokers I interact with supply software to, confirm similar client claim patterns. Premiums are already starting to move and sabre rattling of 6 or 8 months ago by one Industry CEO, that “they may have to unload unvaccinated clients” seems to have fallen eerily quiet… What a shock.

Truth Project – Experienced nurse manager: Hi there I lost my job after many years at a hospital. Could have worked from home but they wanted to punish me I suspect as I was a manager and very visible internally and externally. I have just recently returned from overseas having attended a funeral. Loads of unanswered questions about that too and the coroner has stated indeterminate natural causes – we believe it was from a pulmonary embolism as does his GP friend. Just had 2nd booster within two weeks of death.

Also my niece is a surgical nurse in a major university hospital and they are experiencing unprecedented cases of heart disease and SADS. She says there is a gag order against the medical staff. I have a medical condition but do not trust the medical profession any more and am seeking an honest GP who supports natural holistic medicine. Thanks

Truth Project – Concerned Auntie: In respect of an ‘insider story’ for which I am unable to disclose identifying details which could result in a breach of confidence… Last week we were visited by a young relative who is a police officer in the area on leave, was accompanied by a younger constable friend, also on leave. The younger constable, with 3 years experience in NZ Police told us that as a result of – or perhaps it was only coincidental with, although this officer didn’t think it was coincidental – the govt mandates that police officers must be vaccinated against covid, they suffered the loss of eyesight, which gradually recovered although had to wear glasses during the recovery period so could use at least partial vision. Another consequence of the vaccination was that they suffered for several weeks with migraine headaches.

The doctor did not express surprise, apparently saying that “there are thousands of cases of migraines after being vaccinated”. Subsequent to being vaccinated, the officer contracted covid in any case. The public is not being told this. An OIA request to NZ Police could be constructive. We also know numerous other people who have suffered adverse effects soon after being medicated e.g. Bells Palsy, myocarditis, paralysis and/or discomfort in limbs. Unlikely to be coincidental; some have endured these effects for months with little relief. Some have had the 2 initial shots but are now refusing to take the boosters because of adverse effects.

Truth Project – Switched-on girlfriend: I’d like to share an incident that happened when my partner got his first vaccination and got myocarditis. I dropped him at the Emergency Department. I wasn’t allowed in because no ‘visitors’ or additional people weren’t able to enter the ED. There were a lot of people in the waiting room and when he was finally seen some time later the young doctor who treated him confirmed he had had a reaction to the vaccine. They wanted to do an xray, so were both walking around the corridor past the entry area and by this time the waiting room was full and there were people lined up along the walls inside the ED corridors in chairs and beds. The place was absolutely chocca. My partner commented to the doctor that he felt silly being there with so many other people waiting to be seen.

That they must be more urgent than his problem.The doctor said to my partner… The people waiting are ALL here for the same reason as you (all Vaxx reactions), he said they have had so many and the ED has been like his for weeks. The staff at the hospital were all told they were not to say anything to anyone about the number of people presenting at ED for vax reactions. Effectively they had been gagged. Were not to talk to media or anyone else about it. He is only one of many people I personally know that had reactions, mostly myocarditis from being vaccinated. Some had strokes, palsy and rashes etc. This was a huge cover up.