Vaccine Harms

Vaccine Injuries Part 4:  Discover How the Vaccine Harms. The Pathology

A Treatise for our Health Officials Who Appear to be Either Ignorant or Averting Their Eyes

The fourth post in our eight part series on vaccine harms.

Possible Pathology – How the vaccine harms

How could the vaccine cause all these adverse effects?

This is a crucial question. The short answer is “Where shall we start?”. The Pfizer confidential post-marketing report of the first 3 months of widespread use listed 9 pages of different side effects! 

 This is a brand new gene-altering technology to change the immune system, and with artificial ingredients, some of which have never been even tested in humans – alone or in combination – let alone used therapeutically, and on this massive scale. Cells in the body take up the shot, manufacture and then present the spike protein (SP) part of the original Wuhan virus on their surface. The trouble is, SP is the actual damage-causing part of the virus infection itself, and injected people make much higher amounts than with natural infection where the virus enters through the upper airway. After injection, the immune system attacks the home-made SP wherever it finds it, which includes the cells lining the blood vessels, which took up the vaccine. The brain and nerves are very richly supplied with blood vessels. So is the pump that never stops: the heart. 

Further, there are ingredients not even listed that seem to organise and self-assemble after injection into the body. This is a whole other deeply suspicious kettle of fish. See our letters on this and microtech presentations.  

So, with a “novel” treatment comes novel patterns of injury. We wonder if this is why so many doctors can’t accept what they are seeing and hearing from their injured patients. Perhaps they should open their minds and get to work. 

Below is an explanation of some potential ways the vaccine harms and could be causing the vast array of symptoms being witnessed in living human beings:

Vaccine Harms: Clumping of red blood cells (rouleaux formation).  This has been observed when the blood of vaccinated individuals is examined under the microscope.  Clumped blood cells don’t flow freely and can block blood small vessels.  They also don’t carry and deliver oxygen to the tissues so well.  Tiny capillaries in any organ could be affected, meaning that organ won’t function optimally.  Symptoms will vary depending on which organ has clogged capillaries and reduced oxygenation.

Vaccine Harms: Inflammation of lining of blood vessels of all sizes from tiny arterioles to the aorta.  This may be due to spike protein in the inner lining of blood vessel walls.  This can mean blood vessels are weakened and can bulge (aneurysms), or burst (rupture) or have clots develop inside them (thrombosis).  The variety of symptoms could be endless depending on which size blood vessels in which organs were affected.

Vaccine Harms: Abnormal blood clotting.  This has been seen by surgeons and by embalmers who are having to remove long abnormal proteinaceous clots (containing amyloid-like protein) for therapeutic reasons or in order to embalm their clients.  Some clots are on the macro scale and visible on imaging or to the naked eye during surgery.  Other clots are on the micro scale and are only visible when tissue is examined under the microscope.  Again, depending on which tissues are affected, any number of symptoms could be possible.  The spike protein has been shown on its own to induce highly abnormal clumping of protein in platelet-poor plasma [28mins in video linked].  Dentists have noticed that vaccinated patients don’t bleed post tooth extraction in the same way unvaccinated ones do and phlebotomists have noted the blood of vaccinated patients to be thicker and more viscous than the blood of unvaccinated patients.  Paradoxically, this abnormal blood clotting can also cause bleeding by using up all the platelets in the formation of clots.

Vaccine Harms: Inflammation in tissues.  Lipid nanoparticles are inflammatory as is the spike protein. Many tissues or organs can be affected.  The heart muscle (myocardium) is one that is affected by this phenomenon.  An inflamed heart muscle means the heart can’t pump properly, so blood and oxygen are not delivered to the rest of the body with many possible symptoms.  Fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath and chest pain could all result.  Inflammation of the heart muscle could also affect the electrical conduction pathways causing the heart to beat out of rhythm- too fast, irregular, too slow, or to develop a fatal rhythm where the heart wobbles instead of pumps.  If inflamed heart muscle cells die, they are replaced with scar tissue. Myocarditis will shorten the lifespan in many cases. 

Vaccine Harms: Autoimmune conditions.  This was specifically mentioned (as condition 5) in the 58 conditions of the original provisional consent as a possibility.  “Any homology between translated proteins (other than the intended spike protein) and human proteins that may, due to molecular mimicry, potentially cause an autoimmune process should be evaluated.”

This sentence suggests that it is possible that other proteins (not just spike protein) may be produced by the mRNA and it may be that these are similar to other human proteins that will then be targeted by the immune system.

Cells that produce then express spike protein on their surface are likely to be targeted by the immune system as abnormal and destroyed.  Symptoms due to this mechanism will depend on which cells have picked up the mRNA and been turned into spike protein factories.  Brain and nerve cells will cause neurological symptoms, heart muscle cells will cause cardiac symptoms, skin cells will cause skin symptoms, ovarian cells could cause menstrual disturbance etc.  The array of possible symptoms is almost limitless. 

Vaccine Harms: Immune suppression.  This can occur because of the technology used to allow the vaccine to get into the body without being detected and destroyed by the immune system.  Lymphocyte numbers can be lowered.  One common side effect of the vaccine is shingles.  This is the reactivation of a latent chickenpox infection which usually occurs when immune surveillance is lowered.  Epstein Barr Virus (glandular fever) or Molluscum contagiosum could also reappear.  The ability to clear other new infections may also be affected leading to prolonged symptoms.

Vaccine Harms: Down regulation of Toll Like Receptors.   Toll-like receptors numbers 7 and 8 keep viral infections in check, whereas receptors 3 and 4 are providing surveillance against cancer cells.  When their function is lowered, latent viral infections (such as molluscum contagiosum or shingles as above) or cancer (new onset or recurrence of cancer previously in remission) can appear.

Vaccine Harms: Cancer. Spike protein can bind to and disrupt the function of p53 gene (the guardian of the genome) and BRCA genes. When these genes are functioning correctly, they are keeping cellular mutations in check.  If their function is suppressed, mutations can proliferate and become a detectable cancer.

Vaccine Harms: Reverse transcription of mRNA into DNA.  This has been shown to be able to occur in a liver cell line in vitro (in the laboratory).  If this is shown to occur in vivo (in living humans) any number of unanticipated effects could be seen depending on which/how much mRNA was inserted into the genome and where it was inserted.

Vaccine Harms: Disruption of Immune System. The vaccine has been developed to cause the production of high levels of antibodies which are extracellular molecules that attack a virus in the blood stream or outside of cells.  To be able to disable or destroy pathogens/viruses inside cells, T cells and cellular immunity are required.  When a vaccine is developed that focuses on production of high levels of antibodies from B cells, it is likely that this comes at the cost of lowered levels of T cells.

Vaccine Harms: Antibody dependent enhancement/Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease.  ADE/VAED This is “thought to occur by several mechanisms where the immune response is not fully protective and actually either causes the body to have an inflammatory reaction due to the type of immune response with specific types of T-cells, or the body does not produce enough strong antibodies to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection of cells or produces weak antibodies that actually bind to the virus and help it to enter cells more easily, leading to worse signs of disease.”  Are some cases of “long Covid” actually vaccine associated enhanced disease where the vaccine has made the immune system incapable of clearing the infection?

In the next section, there are images from pathologists of what is being seen on detailed post mortem studies overseas, indicating vaccine harms.

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