Medical Freedom – Rising to New Challenges in 2022 & 2023

While many are relieved at the “end of covid”, at NZDSOS we know that covid and its response was a symptom of where the world found itself in 2020. Most of us were asleep, lulled by big food, big pharma and big tech into a trance of increasing obedience to these industries while they mined us for resources. We are wiser now. We cannot un-see what we have seen and therefore, as healers, we will continue to strive for personal and medical freedoms, in what is only a small part of a larger whole in the fight for humanity.

Our Objectives

  1. Abandonment of the covid injections by the NZ government and its regulatory bodies including the MCNZ.
  2. Acknowledgement by the NZ government of the harms caused by the covid injections and the mandates, along with a commitment to fully investigate every report of possible harm associated with the injections.
  3. A “Truth & Reconciliation” type investigation into the covid response, run by fully independent people with no conflicts of interest.
  4. Freedom of doctors to practice and speak in line with Primum Non Nocere, Informed Consent, The Right to Refuse Medical Treatment, The Nuremberg Code and the New Zealand Bill of Rights.
  5. Regain control of our national health strategy by a truly independent body, that adheres to an inclusive, evidence-based approach; starting with the implementation of strict separation of industry and regulatory bodies, such as Medsafe and the MCNZ.
  6. Restoring national sovereignty, starting with complete independence from the World Health Organisation.

Founding Objectives in 2021

Our Message

  • Natural and innate immunity works against Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.
  • Early treatment works for Covid-19.
  • Think carefully about the risks and benefits of the Covid-19 injections.

Our Objectives

Ensuring the ability of Medical Practitioners to speak without censure.

  • Up-holding the sanctity of patient-practitioner relationships and communications
  • Legally supporting practitioners who are censured
  • Building alternative health structures and platforms

Promoting medical freedom.

  • Affirming the Hippocratic Oath: First do no harm
  • Empowering individuals to say NO to vaccine passports
  • Opposing vaccine mandate orders
  • Promoting freedom of choice around mask wearing and social contact
  • Encouraging all effective medicines and treatments, including proven alternative and traditional therapies
  • Supporting appropriate legal undertakings

Supporting the public with unbiased information and care.

  • Providing fully informed consent including information on:
    • Natural immunity
    • Early treatment of C-19
    • Harms and efficacy of the C-19 injections
  • Acting in accordance with:
    • Basic Concepts and Universal Laws of the Wakaminenga Kauniera Hauora Health Council
    • The New Zealand Bill of Rights 1990
    • The Nuremburg Codes
    • The Unesco Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights (this does not imply blanket support of the UN)
  • Building an alternative narrative to the mainstream media
  • Setting up alternative health care structures and supporting individuals in need of care
  • Promoting robust public debate.