Thank you! You have joined thousands of other doctors, health professionals, scientists and concerned citizens who are standing up and speaking out. Speaking out and reminding the authorities of: The Right to Refuse Medical Intervention, The Right to appropriate Health Care, The Right to Freedom of Expression.

You are one of more then 42,000 individuals

  • 64 Registered New Zealand doctors
  • 1011 New Zealand Nurses
  • 46 New Zealand Pharmacists
  • 47 New Zealand Dentists
  • 68 Dental Health Care Workers
  • 2098 New Zealand Allied Health Practitioners
  • 623 Scientists / Academics
  • 36710 New Zealand Citizens
  • 98 International Physicians
  • 1886  International Citizens

Numbers are updated periodically.

Who is signing? 96% of requests are from NZ and half are direct “word of mouth” requests to  Robots and bad addresses are blocked to inhibit automated impersonation, and data is surveyed and corrected as it is added.  While nothing is perfect, the effort required by bad actors to add bad data is drowned by the volume of professionals and citizens speaking for themselves.

We are an independent collection of experienced NZ registered real-world medical experts. We question the team of 120 politicians exploiting fear, division, confusion and cult techniques of persuasion, rendering words like kindness and truth meaningless. We question politicians' disdain for the long established fundamentals of health and medicine, including the right to fully informed consent and the right to decline medical intervention. We question taxpayer-funded promotion of compromised experts. We decline the media single source of half truth with its snout in the trough. We are pursuing strategies for medical body alternatives.