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Dr Matt Shelton Speaking at the Freedoms & Rights Coalition Stand in WellingtonAbout One People Standing Together

Dr Jacques Imbeau Speaking at the Freedoms & Rights Coalition Stand in Auckland About One People Standing Together

Dr Alanna Ratna Speaking at the Freedoms & Rights Coalition Stand in Tauranga About Who Decides Our Health

Dr Tess Jones Speaking About the mRNA Injection and How NZDSOS is Helping at the Freedoms & Rights Coalition Stand in Nelson

Dr Sophie Febery Speaking About Conscience at the Freedoms & Rights Coalition Stand in Christchurch

Dr Matt Shelton Speaking at the Freedom Rally in Wellington

Dr Cindy de Villiers Speaks About Humanity in the Time of Covid

Dr Rene de Monchy, Psychiatrist NZ, speaks from and of the heart.

Dr. Anna Goodwin, NZ Based Doctor Speaks Up For Health Freedom

Dr Samantha Bailey NZ, On Questioning The Official Covid-19 Narrative

Dr Cindy de Villiers GP NZ, "We practice first by doing no harm."

Dr Emanuel Garcia NZ, Speaks Up: "I am gravely concerned about the roll out of the Pfizer vaccine".

Dr Elena Bishop, NZ On The Pfizer Jab: "It is not a vaccine. ..."

Dr Damian Wojcik, GP NZ: "My Deep Concerns About The Covid-19 Vaccination Roll-Out in New Zealand"

Dr Alison Goodwin, GP NZ: This is unethical and this is madness

Why Nurses Are Rejecting the C-19 Injection

Is Big Pharma Blocking Effective Treatments?


Dr Pierre Kory explains the backlash against Ivermectin.

Yes, There Is a Disease Called C-19 - But Was It Planned?

Dr David Martin – The Truth About Covid

Dr. Ryan Cole, Pathologist

Dr Cole explains how the vaccine works in the body

Australian Senator Malcom Roberts on Freedom

Where are the voices of our Kiwi representatives?

A Killing of the Mind

Our Canadian Colleagues Explain About Blood Clots and The C-19 Vaccine

Vaccinologist Byram Bridle

Cardiologist Peter McCullough

Just Say No

Craig Kelly Introduces a Bill in the Australian House of Representatives to Ban Covid19 Vaccine Passports.

An Easy To Understand Video About C-19 and the Vaccine

Made by Children’s Health Defense, this video explains C-19 and the Vaccine in an easy to understand way.

An Angry Voice From the UK- Dr Vernon Coleman: How Many Children Will Die Because of this Woman?

Canadian Parliament Exposure of Censorship and Harassment of Doctors in Canada

Reiner Fuellmich Discusses Corporate Fraud With Dr David Martin

Prof Bhakdi Explains How Well Our Immune System Responds To Corona Viruses, Including All the Variants of Sars-CoV2

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