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People Power Pushes Back on the Political Royal Commission

People Power at the Royal Commission
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New Zealand First receives the Voice of the People and Conveys it to Cabinet

The latest up-beat update from the so-called Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into the covid response has been published by the commissioners, and its boss, Professor Tony Blakely is crowing about it in the media. In the face of a conservative lower limit of 4,000 unexplained excess deaths since the jab rollout (but easily exceeding 10,000, more likely), NZDSOS takes a jaundiced eye to its proceedings. 

But it seems this same mainstream media may now be turning on one of its darlings. The New Zealand Herald published a fairly damning assessment of the Professor’s conflicts of interests. Perhaps it has been reading our posts, but more likely was tipped off that Blakely was the tip of the pandemic spear in two of the most ruthlessly treated victims of the Quixotic “virus elimination” drive, New Zealand and Victoria, Australia.

For this, he has laughed all the way to the bank with tax-payer assistance, but don’t doubt he will resign shortly, and this story will move quickly now, so apologies if it overtakes us here. 

Remember, still in play is version 1.0 of the inquiry, with the highly restricted and functionally useless terms of reference (ToR) crafted by the Ardern regime to avoid the ubiquitous elephant in the (emergency) room. The commissioners too were picked to stick well away actually from examining the damage to our health, legal and political systems.

We have criticised their potentially criminal complicity and conflicts, in the face of much screaming – from ignored and dismissed data; by many injured rendered invisible by state institutions; and from the relatives of Kiwis suddenly dead and gone forever.  

A Ray of Sun for the Royal Commission on a Chilly Day

Yesterday however, May 9th 2024, and for the 2nd time in as many months, deputy PM Winston Peters received concerned citizens at the parliament steps, this time to accept a Peoples’ Terms statement organised by Reality Check Radio to present to cabinet on expanding the ToR, containing over 33,000 signatures.

Note the contrast with the just over 11,000 submissions received to the Commission’s own Have Your Say website. 

The People's TOR for the Royal Commission
Claire Deeks and Alia Bland, co-founders of VFF and RCR, hand the 30,000+ signature People’s Terms to Deputy Prime Minister and leader of New Zealand First, Winston Peters and MP Tanya Unkovich. Photo Provided for Use – Copyright Free

Again, Mr Peters affirmed his committment to a full and independent inquiry, and was candid that early pandemic era politicians, himself included, ought not have accepted that the injection science was as settled as they were led to believe.

But that “aha!” moment’ came in the last parliamentary term and the New Zealand First (NZF) party does seem to be trying to come to terms with the enormity of the current situation. Would that the other parties self-examined similarly. There is a parade of open letters on our website  confirming our attempts to help them. 

However, even now, in the face of tens of thousands of people demanding the jab harms are included in the expanded ToR promised by the new government, current RCI chair Blakely just cannot bring himself to foretell examination of jab harms in his piece above on the NZ Herald website. He does grudgingly concede however that  “For example, the ethical case for – say – vaccine mandates is stronger if vaccines also stop transmission.”​​​​​​​  

But he’s wrong, and here perhaps he reveals his authoritarian and value-corrupted instincts. There was never the remotest moral case for mandates, even if they had worked as the contract said (fraudulently) that they would, “for the prevention of covid-19”. Crown Law take note – this fraud should be prosecuted, and demolishes any sway Pfizer has over the ToR. 

In the light of  the AstraZeneca vaccine being withdrawn shortly after a UK court admission that it caused harms, it is unthinkable that the damage by both this DNA adenoviral vector vaccine and the mRNAs were to be ignored by NZ’s Royal Commission and that the mandates may not be investigated properly. NZDSOS does not accept that there is nothing to see here, as is implied in this reported statement from Chris James, Group Manager of Medsafe.

Party on, Royal Commission…

The RCI website itself is a masterpiece of impersonation, seeking to pretend the commission is ever so busy and industrious, and consulting widely with numerous stakeholders and interested parties. It promotes a festival atmosphere, of celebratory yet sober reflection – but trumpets how much worse things might have been but for the mRNA miracle.

A quick glance at many of the invited party guests shows cherry-picking in the extreme, in our view, including various organisations that have benefitted from the labour government’s economy-busting covid spend-up. 

However, they lie that they have “gone to great lengths to reach people who might not otherwise have a voice” (what, like the dead and injured?) and ​​​​​​​there is no sign of community-engaged organisations which called out the harm from the start, like Plan B for Covid, Voices For Freedom, Health Forum NZ and ourselves.

Mind you, last year NZDSOS was politely invited to ‘submit’ to the RCI.

As if!

Our doctors are in trouble because they never submitted to outrageously unethical edicts from the supposed gatekeepers of medical science and ethics. Note that the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act, which magics the Medical Council into existence, requires the Council to uphold medical ethics. That worked well… about as well as the Health and Disability Commissioner defended the dismantling of every single item of the statutory Code it is required statutorily to promote.

Thanks but no thanks…

Anyway, we declined the RCI’s disingenuous invite to have our say for the obvious reasons. Not being aware of any successes for the average person of NZ’s pandemic strategy, we felt unqualified to cheer on for more of the same, only harder and earlier “next time”. Bird flu, anyone?

In its most recent quarterly activity update, for Oct-Dec 2023, the RCI does acknowledge at least that political winds are trying to shift, though the temperature of cabinet discussions remains a mystery to us. We do understand NZF is working hard to do the right thing, but we suspect against a whole-of-government reluctance to let in the harsh but healing light.

It states:  “This process will invite the public to tell their COVID-19 stories so they can inform the Inquiry’s work … Alongside this, the Inquiry will be facilitating the Government’s public consultation on the changes it has committed to making to the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference. The Inquiry will collect this information on the Government’s behalf and will then provide it to the Department of Internal Affairs in April 2024.” 

So, Internal Affairs will have heard by now the many voices that we know insisted on harms being examined by the tax-payer funded inquiry – voices which have been cruelly excluded from the RCI so far, since it began operating already proclaiming a mythical success of the vaccine campaign, and refusing to “lean back” and find faults. 

In stark contrast, several citizen-initiated rolling roadshows are collecting hair-raising descriptions and numbers from the injured and bereaved. This adds to the long evident disconnect between the reality from jab ground zero, compared to the official screeching of “safe and effective, especially in pregnancy, get your booster!” by the so-called experts, sounding like the demented parrots they really are.

“At every crossroads on the path that leads to the future, tradition has placed ten thousand men to guard the past.”
Maurice Maeterlinck

We believe sincerely that a watershed moment for the country is approaching, which will tell us all whether the future will brighten or head further towards a dark dystopian genocidal morass – the long-stated goal of an unelected and perverted elite. 

If RCI 2.0 will hear from the jab damaged, the general public will face the devastating truth of the many harms, and have to question how and by whom their own decisions were made for them, and what their futures may hold.

Once over that particular line, other deceptions may crumble for them – climate nonsense, managed retreat and weather manipulation, pharmaceutical medicine, virology and vaccinations generally, fluoridation, attacks on sanity and the family by politicising biological gender and sexualising young children, assaults on food, farming, and our water. 

Perhaps the most imminent of all, that the world must be run by unelected crackheads of the UN, WHO and WEF forming a One World government, so that the nuclear apocalypse we are being dragged inexorably to the brink of may be prevented (don’t worry – it will). We will be told that countries can’t be trusted to run themselves, so we must own nothing and be happy. 

Crazy is as crazy says…

Remember though, these same people say that we must burn trees to reduce CO2, kill birds and cows to defend against a flu, eat insects, breathe less, genetically modify billions for a cold, let men believe they are women and teens can pee in a kitty litter tray, and that Christian values are hate speech. 

All in all, the disclosure of jab harms through newly adequate ToR could get really ugly, so bird flu AKA disease X, which “ really will get our attention next time“, could provide the cover to avoid going anywhere near the injuries since the RCI would be parked indefinitely.

This has happened to the section of the UK governmental covid enquiry that was due to look at vaccine harms – though this was before any bird flu MSM fear porn ramped up. That’s our current guess: another power-grab lockdown to derail the truth from emerging.

Whether and however plandemic 2.0 runs, a solid NO from the Royal Commission to hearing from the covid-jab injured and bereaved would signal to a large sector of society that still trying to support this supposed representative democracy, in the face of a captured parliament’s legislative supremacy, will not save our asses. 

Oh, one more thing. Blakely and Ardern promoted a non-adversarial Royal Commission. On the contrary, we think some of the key players should bring lawyers. They’re going to need them.  

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  1. One look at the way the ”Terms of Reference” are set and it is obvious that all of these commissions of enquirey are corrupt. There was a very pressing reason why the Communist Labour for Nothing Party with the full support and backing of the National Marxist party withdrew New Zealands right to addresss the Privey Council
    All the outcomes are pre-determined with only minor negative issues allowed to see public gaze for appearances sake.
    Until New Zealand resigns from the U.N.G.C. and sails its own waters and politicians and senior bureaucrats are truly held accountable for their actions there will be no change.

    Perhaps joining BRICS+ would be a step in the right direction.

  2. Hi Folks, I should point out burning trees instead of coal actually does reduce CO2. I want to know in your reference above to the Health and Disability Commissioner, what parts of my protection has he abandoned ? My recent experience with Health and Disability suggests they dont care about my healthcare, and their services are not fit for purpose. I have paid good money for their protection, so please tell me what you know about them no longer doing their job properly.

  3. The RCI is a perfect example of the state of NZ governance. A cesspit of compromised, controlled, duplicitous schemers feeding at the trough.

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