Are NZ COVID-19 Royal Commissioners Tony Blakely and John Whitehead Employed to Cover Up the Crime? Part Two

Tony Blakely Part 2 FI
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As we outlined in Part One of this article, Professor Tony Blakely has spent the past four years promoting measures against an airborne respiratory virus which contradict basic public health evidence. He holds court with governments and mainstream media as an “expert” when in fact, until and beyond the pandemic, his expertise is social epidemiology. With the exception of covid, he has not focused on infectious diseases.

A likely explanation for Tony Blakely’s erroneous advice, and his elevation by the political establishment as an infectious diseases expert, is his associations, hidden in plain sight, with corrupted power. Commissioner John Whitehead appears to have similar associations. We explore some of these conflicted interests here.

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) is a research centre based in Seattle, USA, whose Twitter handle states their role as “quantifying global health challenges like COVID-19, and monitoring the global burden of disease”. In synchrony with Tony Blakely’s team in Australia, IHME provided inaccurate, exaggerated mathematical forecasting which contradicted the accepted infection fatality rates for Covid-19, reliably described by infectious disease epidemiologist Professor John Ioannidis as early as May 2020 and updated in 2022.

Excess deaths IFR Tony Blakely

IHME was established in 2007 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the State of Washington (a public-private partnership). Of the nine founding board members, three rate special mention.

Gro Harlem Brundtland

A medical doctor and Master of Public Health, Gro Harlem Brundtland has held a number of powerful positions including Prime Minister of Norway; Director-General of World Health Organization and co-Chair of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.

Known as the mother of “Sustainable Development” and lead author of the 1987 Brundtland Report “Our Common Future” which laid the foundation for Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030, she is a powerful figure in the public-private partnership systems between the United Nations and their industry sponsors. Learn more about Agenda 21 from researcher Sandi Adams in her presentation to the World Council for Health; and her recent interview with Dr Tess Lawrie.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg recounts Dr Brundtland inviting pharmaceutical industry representatives to the World Economic Forum in Davos to engage in solving global health problems, in 2002. Concurrently, large foundations including Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust began sponsoring WHO, moving their focus from working on health programs based on need, to meeting sponsor preferences relating to return on investment. Learn more at Trust WHO.

Jane Halton

Jane Halton has held high-ranking positions in a number of Australian government departments. She is also a member of advisory boards with corporations such as the ANZ Banking Group, holds professorships at two Australian universities, and has a long-standing history at the World Health Organization. She is another beneficiary of the public-private partnership systems between corporations and public bureaucracies.

She represented Australia at Event 201, a coronavirus pandemic simulation event funded by Johns Hopkins University and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in October 2019, alongside such luminaries as Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence (the highest level spy in the USA). The focus at Event 201 is described by Robert F Kennedy Jr as being “how to use a pandemic to eliminate constitutional rights and clampdown totalitarian controls“.

During Victoria’s harsh pandemic response, Tony Blakely provided the veneer of academic expertise which was referenced by public servants including the Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, instigating harsh and nonsensical lockdown rules. Jane Halton’s husband Trevor Sutton is a senior-ranking statistician at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and the brother of Brett. Another feature of public-private partnership systems is tight-knit nepotism.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Tedros Ghebreyesus is a highly conflicted individual who held high ranking positions with the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) in his home country of Ethiopia as Health Minister (2005-2012) and Foreign Minister (2012-2016). Listed as a terrorist organisation, TPLF has been accused of violent crimes including oppression, sterilisation and starvation of the Amhara people. Learn about Tedros’ incompetence, aggression and Orwellian language skills in this short documentary.

As Ethiopian Health Minister, following the popular pathway of public-private partnerships, Tedros formed associations with the Clinton Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In an early example of the capture of our medical journals, The Lancet wrote a 2011 feature article promoting him as a health visionary successfully improving the lives of Ethiopians. As well as his IHME and WHO roles, he has held positions with the Clinton Foundation, UNAIDS, GAVI and the Global Fund.  In 2022 he was elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society (learn about their conflicts of interest here).

In his first tenure as Director-General of WHO in 2017, one of Tedros’ first decisions was to name Zimbabwe’s murderous President Robert Mugabe as a good-will ambassador to WHO. The decision was reversed after an outcry. Today Tedros is pleading desperately against another outcry, this time from well informed opponents across the globe who are actively condemning the WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR amendments.

Tony Blakely and IHME

The main focus of Tony Blakely’s work at Melbourne University has been the use of mathematical models to argue the case for adding cost to general living, in the name of promoting health. For example, modeling the need for healthy-homes policies which introduce new minimum criteria often requiring home owners to spend large amounts of money on upgrades. He has also published on influencing diet choices by increasing costs and adding health star ratings.

These are excellent examples of public-private partnerships where governments establish laws and regulations requiring citizens to consume products and services in order to remain compliant. This is known as corporatism, and it inevitably results in societal degradation.

Tony Blakely “has been collaborating with IHME since 2018 on the adaptation of the VIVARIUM simulation model to undertake macro-simulation of population-level interventions (e.g. tobacco tax).” At a time when 15 Minute Cities and mass surveillance are being imposed on populations, this seems a sinister name for an IHME project, sharing tones of Bill Gates’ “innocent” reference to Covid vaccination as a “final solution”. Wikipedia’s definition of a vivarium is:

Tony Blakely Wikipedia Vivarium
Image captured for criticism/review and reporting current events under Fair Dealing – The Copyright Act 1994

Tony Blakely, Moderna and Anonymous Philanthropy

In April 2022 Tony Blakely authored an article, Covid cases are rising but we probably won’t need more restrictions unless a worse variant hits. Again, he persists with pseudoscientific ideology which does not stand up to scrutiny. This is potentially due to his inability to recognise his own academic limitations and his enjoyment of the limelight, or potentially due to something else.

The article author’s public disclosure statement identifies both Moderna and an anonymous philanthropist.

Tony Blakely Moderna Philanthropist
Image captured for criticism/review and reporting current events under Fair Dealing – The Copyright Act 1994

An April 2023 paper, The health impact of long COVID during the 2021–2022 Omicron wave in Australia: a quantitative burden of disease study declares funding connections between Moderna and Blakely’s employer, the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. This paper is published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, for which Tony has been an Associate Editor since 2017.

Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist Dr Paul Marik summarised the pharmaceutical industry’s capture of medical journals in this brief clip from his presentation at last year’s Better Way conference in Bath, UK, explaining why high-impact journals are no longer to be trusted. Tony Blakely seems to be a cog in this wheel.

Tony Blakely Conflicts of Interest
Image captured for criticism/review and reporting current events under Fair Dealing – The Copyright Act 1994

The Bias of Commissioner John Whitehead

We first learned of Tony Blakely’s associations with Moderna via Lynda Wharton of The Health Forum NZ and videographer Coronavirus Plushie. His co-Commissioner, another lockdown proponent and previous World Bank Executive Director John Whitehead, explained to Michael Laws on The Platform (at around 13m), that everyone has conflicts of interest and these are easily resolved by ensuring the conflicted party abstains from certain meetings.

As Chancellor of Hato Hone St Johns Ambulance, Whitehead is Deputy of the Priory Chapter, placing him front and centre of the vaccine mandates forced upon ambulance staff and volunteers. Some coerced paramedics claim to have been prevented by management from querying or following up on vaccine injuries, whilst observing a dramatic increase in cardiac calls and sudden deaths, especially in young people.

Whitehead’s World Bank connections are concerning given the role of the current World Bank Board of Executive Directors​​​​​​​ in establishing the multi-billion dollar financial framework for the incoming pandemic preparedness and response (PPR) infrastructure.  This involves escalating public costs being directed into PPR activities of country-level ‘disease surveillance; laboratory systems; emergency communication, coordination and management; critical health workforce capacities; and community engagement.’.  This is to be directed by the World Health Organization under a public-private partnership with their corporate donors.

Despite the breadth of industry capture which Whitehead obliquely referred to, many relevantly qualified professionals without conflicts of interest could step into the role as Commissioner. Self-selected abstinence of a biased party is dishonest nonsense. Tony Blakely is already whitewashing the need to look at vaccine effectiveness and safety.


Appointed by the previous government, the New Zealand Royal Commission of Inquiry has the stated purpose “To strengthen Aotearoa New Zealand’s preparedness for, and response to, potential future pandemics.” This wording is consistent with the World Health Organization narrative, that future pandemics are guaranteed. As a massive pandemic industry structure establishes via the WHO, World Bank, G7 and G20 nations and powerful corporations, we are coincidentally being warned of the need to prepare for Disease X.

Is Commission Chair Tony Blakely’s fraudulently elevated status as an infectious disease expert – holding court with governments, non government organisations, large pharmaceutical companies and mainstream media – his reward for working towards the globalist plans for imposition of a biosecurity state? Is John Whitehead similarly conflicted?

It seems evident that both commissioners are highly compromised and inappropriate choices for the role of Royal Inquiry Commissioner. We appeal to the Royal Commission that they find independent replacements immediately.

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  1. I recall some NZDSOS members stating, in past interviews, that they signed the letter asking the Government to close the borders at the beginning. Wasn’t that around the same time we went into the first lockdown with a single confirmed case? I’m guessing none of you would now support such an act now? I also suspect you all accept and support one another despite this?

    I don’t know Tony Blakely, but I do know people who have worked with John Whitehead and their impression of him has been of an honest, fair minded person willing to listen other points of view.

    With that in mind, isn’t it just possible that hearing what those that submit have to say, they too may change their position? Just as some of you and many of your supporters have?

    Is it really fair to judge them by the people that serve in the same institutions they do? We all have to work for a living and I certainly wouldn’t want to be judged by the opinions/actions of people I’ve worked with. Apart from which how can you have an influence in changing these people’s opinions if you refuse to engage?

    I support most of what you guys do but sometimes it feels you employ the same tactics you complain have been unfairly used against you.

    1. Nothing quite like a blood sucking vampire wearing a fake doctors costume. Any inquiry these criminal fake government perverts and mass murderers and mass maimers indulge in will be to cover up their extreme mass murder and mass maim, crimes against our friends and families. At the end of the day “failure to provide informed consent” as a Crime Against Humanity, was judged by the Nuremberg Court 1947, to only suit the “death by hanging” penalty.

  2. Hi Sally, thanks for your polite feedback. Yes, as a GP at the time I was temporarily alarmed by the videos from China and we knew a border closure was coming, so a number of specialists and GPs lobbied to make it sooner than later, about 3 or 4 days sooner as I remember. Fairly quickly I smelt a psyop and certainly felt some regret. But yes, we support and allow ourselves to have our own journeys of discovery!

    Regarding Tony and John, having an economist and a lockdown architect, recruited by the Ardern administration, specifically to NOT look at the greatest health disaster in modern history – the gene injections – and to be OK with this does NOT make them the right people to start healing the nation. Their comments already – specifically in support of the greater good over individual human rights and not wanting to look at the devastation of the jab harms – stink, frankly. Their funding and allegiances DO matter, and having conflicts of interest means far more than just absenting oneself from certain meetings. It speaks to global biases and hidden ( or not so) agendas that can completely permeate the thinking and perceptions. This inquiry must be done, and seen to be done, properly.

    1. Hi Matt
      Thanks for the reply. I have no issue with John’s or Tony’s conflicts of interests. At least they are being open about them, not just with the authorities but also the public, a bit of a first really when it comes to COVID, don’t you think? Their solution is standard practice. Even I have had to declare conflicts and remove myself from certain negotiations/situations. Or do you think my employer should have fired me, like you’re asking the government to do with them?

      You’re may be right in stating they are a lockdown architect and an economist, but is that all they are? I get that all of you at NZDSOS are extremely committed to your vocation, but I’m sure that doesn’t fully represent who any of you are.

      On the terms of reference, my understanding is they were set by the government, so I don’t think it’s fair to place the lack of such terms on either remaining commissioner. I’ve listened to the recent Michael Laws interview with John Whitehead where JW said multiple times people should submit on their desire for the vaccine to be added to the terms of reference review to be undertaken by the government. I have no evidence that either commissioner is ‘OK’ with the terms of reference. I would have expected them to be contractually restricted from voicing such opinions publicly. Perhaps you can direct me to some though?

      I have worked with drug dealers, theives, violently abusive people to name a few. Do you really think it fair to judge me as sharing their views/values just because I continued to work with them? I hope I proved a positive influence, simply by engaging with them and treating them with the same respect we all deserve?

      For Red Remeberence Day 2023 , NZDSOS emphasized healing. I’ve been told forgiveness/compassion of ourselves aides healing, but surely these must also be extended to those that may have contributed to the trauma. I’m not dismissing the abuse those who spoke out or stood up against NZ’s COVID response received, as it was horrific. I do feel though, it needs to be acknowledged that there was plenty of abuse going back the other way also, both physical and verbal.

      For healing to take place and our country to move forward positively, then don’t both sides need to, as difficult it may be, take a steps toward reconciliation? JW seems to be doing his part from what I can tell from the interview. I’m sure I’ve also heard you say you’re an optimist. Believe it or not, so am I and, I was left feeling very optimistic after listening to ML and JW that there is a good chance the mistakes could, and maybe already are, being recognised. Maybe we need to focus more on the opportunities we do have.

      1. “For healing to take place and our country to move forward positively, then don’t both sides need to, as difficult it may be, take a steps toward reconciliation?”

        Absolutely not. We first need justice, we need to hold people personally accountable for their actions. In todays climate it is still too early but the tide has turned and has is starting to flow quite powerfully and much more publicly against the architects and perpetrators of the covid operation

  3. Methinks that Sally doth protest too much. If the foxes promise to stop eating chickens, then it’s perfectly OK for them to guard the henhouse? Why persist in defending the indefensible, illogical and patently closed minds? Surely, any taint of conflicted interest ought to be an automatic bar. The whole concept of a government appointed ‘inquiry’ investigating patent government malfeasance is a forgone conclusion that no-one in government will be held accountable for the tens of thousands of deaths, impaired lives of vaccine-injured, ruined economy, damage done to Health service through sacking of unvaccinated nurses and doctors, damage to the futures of children by unnecessary school closures and psychological damage to babies unable to see faces. It is entirely predictable, given the terms of reference, that this inquiry is a sham, and another opportunity for the Powers that be to push the propaganda narrative and continue in their lies and not so secret agenda to harm Humanity. It all smells like a certain supermarket in Dunedin…

  4. It does seem that this Royal Commission is going to be a complete waste of time – because it has been set up to be exactly that. There will no doubt be great establishment pressure against any move to replace the carefully selected narrative controllers. What we are seeing is NZ’s version of the concerted efforts to keep a lid on things globally.

    But that lid is coming off IMO. The slow but steady awakening of the general population, the transition to common knowledge around vaccine injury and excess death etc – this is a process like the tide coming in. Perhaps I’m being overly optimistic but it seems to me that beyond a certain point the process becomes unstoppable.

    So, while it is far preferable to have a meaningful NZ Royal Commission rather that the farcical scam that seems to have been set up, the most influential force is likely to be common knowledge flooding in from around the world. The emperor stands revealed despite the best efforts to convince us otherwise

  5. Sally you’re such an obvious shill it’s absolutely disgusting.

    Your fake concern is as clear as day. “oh don’t just notice that these people have clear conflicts of interest, are liars and tyrants and were obviously appointed to whitewash and gaslight AGAIN over this issue.” ?????????

    Why did we have Nuremberg trials? they were just following orders? don’t judge them just for being part of an institution that caused millions of deaths. In fact, we should posthumously rescind Mengele’s sentence. He was just doing his best at the time right? don’t judge him or anything!

    People are dead. Our nations souls is ripped to shreds. Our economy has massively suffered. There are children all around our country with unknown illnesses that they didn’t need to have. Giant fibrous CLOTS in the excess dead. So that the people you’re defending here can make money and dictate from on high ignoring human rights and our democratic principles. So they could impose their totalitarian world government through the ruse of health. So they could wage geopolitical war with us as the pawns.

    This stupid inquiry is their last chance. If the government doesn’t deal justice to the traitors who did this then WE THE PEOPLE will rip this government and this rotten nation down and build a new safe one for the prosperity and safety of our children and countrymen.

    People like YOU will not stand in our way with your pathetic concern trolling.

    I will never reconcile with tyrants.

  6. Hey Matt & Sally,

    This isn’t time for reconciliation or healing.

    Virology as a field established itself before there was any evidence for the existence of a virus and how it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t follow the scientific method in its experiments and is total pseudoscience. Combine psuedoscience with epidemiology – the use of statistics to describe how pseudoscience can be mapped onto a population and you just have a bunch of lies and a war on all peoples and their freedoms.

    War is peace in our modern age, and yet we have wars on drugs, wars on aids and zero covid. Actually, what we have is a lot of wars being fought against fake entities when the target is really everyone who isn’t in on the scam. This isn’t anything new, it has been going on for a long time and is one of the reasons why those behind this nonsense have been kicked out of every country they’ve ever resided in at various times in history. The difference is that this time, they’re in control of the only worldwide organisation that could’ve prevented their reign and the public has been propagandised so much most of them don’t realise who and what they’re working for as they are ignorant of the true historical past, and of religion.

    I suggest you align yourself more with Dr’s Mark and Sam Bailey rather than piddle around the periphery. This is a war and no royal commission they’re in charge of is going to harm those behind it.


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