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10 Concerns Regarding Prof Blakely, Head of NZ’s Royal Commission of Inquiry

Blakely Concerns
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Government appointed commissioner Professor Tony Blakely is increasingly coming under public scrutiny as his conflicts of interest are exposed in his role to head New Zealand’s Royal Commission of Inquiry into c-19. In this latest commentary we present our 10 concerns regarding Blakely. Each ‘Blakely Bite’ heading is followed by what he said or wrote and then concluded with our comment.

Read the 10 Blakely Bite Concerns:

  • Heading
  • What he said or wrote
  • Our comment

1. He thinks considering vaccine harms (and lack of vaccine efficacy) should be someone else’s job.

He spoke with Mike Hosking on 8 Feb 2024.

TB: There are other issues about vaccines for example vaccine harms, which are probably beyond what a Royal Commission should do, that could be done by others.  But let’s see what comes in on the…

MH: You see, what you have just done there Tony, is line yourself up against many thou…, rightly or wrongly, many thousands of New Zealanders who have seen the whole covid experience as a scam, a vaccine scam.  This is what they want to say, this is the opportunity to say it, and you’re already saying “Oh no no no we’re not really interested in that…”

TB: I was just speaking as one expert there, but it’s actually up to the NZ public to come in with what their views are. We live in a democracy.  So, what’s going to happen, is we’ll be collecting all those views on our Terms of Reference on behalf of the NZ government. We then forward that data on to the Dept of Internal Affairs, they analyse it, give it to Minister van Velden April May.  She then sits down with the rest of government and cabinet and decides how they want to tweak our Terms of Reference.  It’s their call.”

It is our view that the vaccine needs an independent investigation all of its own.  The panicked justification, the time frame for development, the procurement process, the secrecy surrounding it, the lack of clinical data, the approval process in NZ, the efficacy or otherwise of it, the contract with Pfizer but most importantly the harms (which are ongoing) that have been caused to New Zealanders.

We agree that Prof Tony Blakely is not the person to undertake this.

2) He has a conflict of interest regarding work done for Moderna.

“I also do some contract work for Moderna that I should declare.”

It is our view that a conflict of interest this big and important should automatically exclude someone being in this role.  Moderna revenue ballooned from $803 million to $18.5 billion between 2020 and 2021.

3) Despite not being a clinical physician, he said post vaccine myocarditis is ‘pretty trivial and goes away’.

TB: “That all said, the risk of myocarditis is not that high other than for teenage and young adult males, so that’s the risk that we can identify with the mRNA viruses (sic) and it’s really not that severe.”

Interviewer: “What is that, just remind me what myocarditis is?”

TB: “Myocarditis, myo for muscle, carditis for heart.  So, it’s an inflammation of the heart tissue.  Almost inevitably it’s pretty trivial and goes away, very seldom does it result in serious consequences, but it’s definitely an increased event that happens for people, young males in particular, also young females, but more young males after an mRNA vaccine.  It’s hardly surprising that there are a few side effects and adverse effects because otherwise it’s not really doing much, it’s part of the physiological response of the body.”

We note that there are 4 official vaccine-related deaths in NZ, all due to myocarditis.

  • A 57 yr old woman whose case was reported in a medical journal
  • 26 yr old Rory Nairn who was not informed of any risks
  • A 13 yr old boy
  • A woman under 50 yrs

Prof Blakely did three years of clinical medicine before segueing into public health.  World-renowned clinical cardiologists say vaccine-induced myocarditis is not trivial in many cases, can cause sudden death and may have long-term consequences for a significant number.  The New Zealand myocarditis study was due to be published in early 2023.  Over a year later it has still not been published so we don’t know what people’s experience or the clinical course of post covid vaccine myocarditis in NZ is.  Our experience to date is that for many people it is neither trivial nor short-lived and neither should it be excused as “just” affecting young people.

4) He is not concerned with what went wrong and the damage done to NZ society but rather with how it can all be done ‘better’ next time.

In November 2023, he was reported by RNZ as emphasising that he and the other Commissioners will “not be looking to lay blame or to dig out what went wrong, in the NZ Covid-19 response”.

He detailed the opportunity that the Inquiry provides NZ with, to give insights into better ways to respond to future emergencies – “be they climate emergencies, earthquakes, or threats to our cyber security”.

“Those are the sort of lessons we’re looking for on how you make those decisions so when the next pandemic comes around which will be different on the virus and the way that we can address it is that we’ve got some generic lessons out of our experience this time round that we can use to do the next pandemic well.”

“We’re not here to lean back into the past to blame, we’re here to lean back into the past to take the lessons out.”

We have interpreted ‘better’ as meaning locking us down ‘harder, faster and more thoroughly’ next time, rather than a response that is less damaging on people’s health, trust, and the economy.  We don’t think the majority of the population would agree with the former definition of ‘better’.

5) He fully supported vaccination and the intention to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

He wrote in The Age in Australia on 1 Sept 2021

“…vaccines are great at preventing serious illness and death, but not as great as we would like at dampening transmission. We absolutely must get vaccine coverage as high as possible.”

The only possible reason that could potentially be used to justify a mandate is that the product stopped all transmission.  Prof Blakely appears to have put all his eggs in the vaccine basket and forgotten about the magnificent human immune system and the nutrients, social and environmental factors that make it function optimally.  He supported recommendations that damaged it. 

6) He was a strong proponent of lockdowns, curfews and other controlling measures.

On 23 Aug 2021 he wrote for the Australian Financial Review:

“I strongly support the Victorian government’s decision to go “really hard” by Australian standards, with curfews, and by closing playgrounds and childcare, and further reducing essential workplaces.”

All these extreme measures (which were unnecessary as the illness was not severe in the majority of people and early, effective treatment was available) came with a health cost that was not counted at the time. Now is the time to assess this.  Prof Blakely has written that he strongly supported the measures, so it is hard to imagine he would be able to determine that they did more harm than good.

7) He is comfortable with a non-adversarial, secretive inquiry.

Radio New Zealand programme, ‘The Detail’, spoke to Prof Tony Blakely about the Quiet Inquiry in November 2023.  Prof Blakely discussed who they had been speaking to and explained why discussions were being kept confidential.  He said the previous government decided against an adversarial inquiry with public hearings.  

The inquiry is not adversarial, no-one has to front up to provide evidence, no-one is being cross examined, no-one is being held to account for damage done.  With this approach many important questions will remain unanswered.  In addition it is being held behind closed doors so the public cannot see what is said or spoken about.  By accepting the role of Chief Commissioner he has tacitly agreed with these conditions.

8) He sees the extraordinarily dangerous mRNA technology and managed quarantine as having roles to play in future ‘pandemics’.

Also on ‘The Detail’ in November 2023 Prof Blakely reiterated the purpose of the inquiry was not to apportion blame but to pick out the tools and generic lessons learned so that the country is able ‘to do the next pandemic well’ i.e. better contact tracing, better ability  to do surge testing.

He noted the tools will be different for the next pandemic because ‘we’ll be able to produce mRNA vaccines a lot quicker’ and ‘will have a better understanding of how to do managed quarantine at the border.’

He is sure there will be another pandemic: “The future pandemic when it arrives, there will be another one unfortunately, spoiler alert, it will almost certainly be a different type of virus…”

Before the inquiry has been completed Prof Blakely has already assumed that the measures which we see as particularly harmful (mRNA technology and quarantine) will be part of the next response. An independent inquiry would investigate the merits of arguments from all sides.

9) He has close connections to those who orchestrated New Zealand’s covid response.

According to a recent NZ Herald article ‘Blakely also disclosed “close collegial relationships and friendships with many of the key players in the NZ Covid-19 Policy Response, including Ashley Bloomfield, and Professors Michael Baker and Nick Wilson”‘.  

He also appears to have provided advice to the NZ government on covid issues including MIQ though there is debate over whether this was official or unofficial advice. 

He has co-authored numerous scientific papers with the current Director General of Health, Dr Diana Sarfati.

It is our view that he will not be able to be impartial or find adversely against something that he contributed to and promoted or something that his colleagues and friends have promoted.

10) He is affiliated with Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).

Blakely is an IHME affiliate, who “has been collaborating with IHME since 2018 on the adaptation of the VIVARIUM simulation model to undertake macro-simulation of population-level interventions (e.g. tobacco tax).”

IHME is a Gates Foundation brain child of mammoth proportion, co-founded by a group of globalists including head of the WHO Tedros.

Being aligned with organisations such as the WHO and the Gates Foundation that are pushing for increased surveillance and global control makes us concerned about whose tune Prof Blakely really dances to. 


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Tony Blakely | Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation


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  1. Never let the likes of Prof Blakely, Baker, Bloomfield, Ardern, Wilson, Plank, Mike Yardley and co breathe easy. It’s important we be resolute in regard to freedom of choice because those who would deny it through highly questionable agendas know for certain if they can manipulate the public to behave like sheep it’s a green light to treat them like sheep.

    1. I hope you publish on your site the severe heart rhythyms and my live blood samples showing the graphine oxide spikes and nanotechnology from only one covid jab…

      I sent you the photos a few weeks ago.

      Yes it was only intended concealed murder of the unborn, the young, the middle aged, and the old, plus the fear and control by persons in power that were in the know and caught lying on the news during the plan-demic.

  2. This guy needs to stand down and fuck off . Another paid off corrupt thug .
    Cannot trust this government either . Don’t forget the 11000 politicians government exempted. !!!
    Wake up kiwis ffs

  3. It truly terrifies me just how ignorant the proletariat are of the ignorance and vicious malfesance of the scum that run the government,(bureaucrats and ‘advisors’ such as Tony Blakely),these unelected vermin are often members of variious ointernational organisations such as the IPU https://www.ipu.org/ which in conjunction with many other U.N.G.C. subsidairries are work for global communism and a One World Government where the average person has no say in their life.

  4. Where there is no free agency, there can be no morality. Where there is no temptation, there can be little claim to virtue. Where the routine is rigorously proscribed by law, the law, and not the man, must have the credit of the conduct. [William H. Prescott, “History of the Conquest of Peru,” 1847]

  5. This inquiry will be a complete whitewash and cannot be allowed to proceed under these circumstances. Every health official & government politician involved in the decisions made regarding the COVID vaccine mandates, lockdowns etc must be vigorously questioned and answerable to the people of New Zealand and this must be open to the public.

  6. There should be a public enquiry with evidence given under penalty of perjury. All officials and politicians having any input to the recommendations and events following should be subpoened

  7. There should be a public enquiry, open to the public, in which all involved parties, officials and politicians, give evidence on oath under penalty of perjury.

  8. I too want to see an independant public enquiry held, no conflicts of interest among the participants. All aspects of the Covid response should be looked at and questioned openly and honestly. So much real science was suppressed and labelled misinformation by health professionals and politicians. It’s time the public learn the truth and hold the ones who were running the Covid response accountable.

  9. We must have independent public enquiry. It is very important to learn the truth about all aspects of the covid response, medical who benefitted financially.

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