Rubbery Clots Found in Blood Vessels

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NZDSOS has been aware of the white rubbery clots being removed by embalmers from some dead vaccinated people since about mid 2021.

Embalmers around the world have been reporting this brand new phenomenon, and we interviewed a funeral director here in NZ in late 2022. 

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Medsafe will have been aware of these rubbery clots. We have posted and written on them often enough. But perhaps, like the temporary magnetism in some vaccinated, and the self assembling microtech – supported by a considerable scientific literature – these topics seem too outlandish for many people to contemplate. 

Now, mainstream medical journalist Dr John Campbell is profiling these findings, which he explains represents an entirely new disease process never seen before, nor discussed in medical literature. However research is being published on the spike protein’s prion-like ability to form amyloid protein polymers, or condensates. He discusses the failed attempts of a UK funeral director to report his and others’ findings, to both the Chief Coroner of the UK and his local coroner. This person is a highly experienced and credible professional who has been speaking out about the excessive number of vaccinated predominantly young people who have died suddenly, as well as the unprecedented and strange structures being fished out of corpses’ blood vessels during the embalming process.

US embalmer Richard Hirschman was the subject of last year’s documentary Died Suddenly. He has been attempting to raise awareness of these frequent rubbery clots and is joined now by US Air Force Major Tom Haviland, here with Dr Campbell again, in exposing the seismic reality of the effect these injections are having. 

Please watch the videos above, but here is bit of terminology.  A normal blood clot (thrombus) is a collection of red blood cells, platelets and clotting factors which usually forms when a vessel has been damaged, or when blood is exposed to the air.  It is one of the first steps towards healing.  It is usually dark red or purple in colour and has a jelly-like consistency and will break apart easily when handled.

The new rubbery clots are not the same. They are a brand new disease entity.  They appear more like ‘casts’ or internal molds of the blood vessels, both arteries and veins.  They are white and rubbery, stretchy and sticky.  They appear to be fibrous and constructed of many different proteins, none innate to the body. They are becoming known as calamari ‘in the trade’.

Another term gaining momentum is gel/plastic, as coined by NZDSOS member David Nixon who is doing very important work at his microscopy substack. In this article he covers some foundational work by the much missed pathologist Dr Arne Burkhardt.

We have seen these bizarre structures, taken from recently deceased Kiwis, and now a living patient has come forward with indisputable evidence of these rubbery white structures being discharged through a surgical wound drain site. 

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The significance of this actually is earth shaking, as it provides a final jigsaw piece for the exact mechanisms that can prove these modified RNA injections were always going to be very dangerous in the human body. The underlying chemistry is being teased out and the ‘smoking gun’ will be evident soon for all to see. 

Until then, when will this dangerous jab be stopped? We call on the people to send this article and links to everyone they know. Just as so many deaths are unexplained, so is the absolute refusal of all governments and regulators to act. If this doesn’t alarm people, what will?

We will be handing a letter to parliament at 1pm on 29th February listing our many concerns, including these fibrous structures, any one of which ought to have triggered a regulatory recall.

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  1. Thanks for your excellent work.

    Question: can the unvaccinated get the fibrous structures in the blood from just getting the Covid virus?

  2. Apologies as I think I did tap at least twice wrongly
    as I wanted 5 stars but somehow did two once and 3 once
    so it was difficult somehow trying to tap on the 5 on my computer

  3. Please call the clots found in the blood stream something else, they are not a disease as we think of diseases, they are the result of mRNA engineering. To call the clots a disease will normalise this outlandish abomination in the minds of people and we need them to realize these murdering clumps come from a manufactured process which were tested on a few rats/mice by the pharmacy companies, before the corrupt government and health board mandated them on the population. The covid shots were supposed to remain in the upper arm muscle, but that too was a lie, like the “safe and effective” drivel still being pushed on the public in 2024.

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