Psyop X? Measles, Bird Flu, Disease X?

Bird flu measles
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Once again we are being nudged, by means fair and foul, to be afraid, with a constant parade of “deadly” viral diseases in the media, most recently those of measles and bird flu.  The playbook is so similar to covid, it would be laughable if it were not serious.

Governments and authorities around the world practiced their use of psychological operations to ensure a fearful and compliant population, one that would submit to a novel intervention, if not to protect themselves then by “doing it for grandma”. This provided the population with a sense of purpose and community, something that is sorely lacking for many.  May we offer an alternative? Think, educate yourself, stand up and speak out.  This is a harder road but the rewards are far greater and the longer term risks to life and limb far less.

Are measles and bird flu, Disease X or A Psychological Operation (Psyop)?

Without debating whether viruses exist or not, what appears to be happening is a repeat of the covid situation.  There may or may not be a bird flu (H5N1) outbreak; the incidence of measles may or may not be increasing.  Another rabbit hole for another day is the validity of PCR testing, that is being used again for diagnosis.  What is clear is that power-hungry authorities and influencers are trying once again to make us fearful and compliant. They appear to find pleasure in their proclamations of doom and at how easily the population falls in line.

Let us not forget the infamous statement by Bill Gates “the next one…will get attention this time” and the smirk of quiet happiness and collusion between him and his then wife, Melinda. Bill Gates has also spoken effusively on leveraging the mRNA technology for “every disease“.

The World Health Organization has been talking up so-called Disease X with gusto, suggesting that the world will need to be ready with mRNA technology to vaccinate in response. This has been aptly described as a “vaccine program waiting for a new illness” and a “Counter-Measure Business Plan”.  Disease X seems to be a place holder for the next viral outbreak, be it natural, manufactured or bogus. And what is the intent of these scares?  Harm to humans and animals alike, to further increase fear and compliance?

Bird flu

Already there is talk of slaughtering cows and birds to bring bird flu under control.  Warnings of not drinking raw milk or eating under-cooked steak are flooding the headlines. Read:  Be afraid, be afraid, then line up for your jab and present your cat, dog and chooks for slaughtering, while we take care of the meat animals.  We say:  NO.

2024 Radio New Zealand Headlines about bird flu


In New Zealand, headlines for measles outbreaks are appearing intermittently. This is another well-known psychological technique used to keep people fearful. Scare them, then take the pressure off so that they think everything is back to normal, then scare them again!

We are told that effluent from passenger planes will soon be tested for measles and that proof of immunity will need to be shown when entering and exiting the country. Of course immunity from the measles vaccine wanes, with the resultant go-to solution of more vaccines, even though they worked only partially in the past. More about this here.  For those wanting a further look at measles, why vaccination may not be helpful, whether there are in fact any advantages in contracting measles and how to treat it, we suggest this post.

We are also concerned that the 2019 Samoan outbreak actually occurred in the midst of a measles vaccination campaign. This is apparently also where the practice of counting those who were within the first two weeks of vaccination as ‘unvaccinated’ was first used, as were lockdowns and persecution of the unvaccinated.  Was that a trial run for the upcoming covid vaccine deception?  It is well known that approximately 10 days after a measles or MMR vaccine a child will often get a fever and rash, as highlighted in Medsafe’s Consumer Medicine Information for Priorix, the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.

Measles (Mumps & Rubella) Vaccine Medsafe Consumer Information

Common Side Effects (these may occur with up to 1 in 10 doses of the vaccine)

  • pain and swelling at the injection site
  • fever greater than 39.5 (rectal)
  • rash (spots and /or blisters)
  • upper respiratory tract infection

Psyop X?

It seems clear to us that a tried and practiced response is being rolled out.  A response somehow globally orchestrated to make us fearful and to distrust our own bodies (which affects the immune system negatively) so that we will line up for injections and vote for those who are  “magnanimously” giving them out for free, all the while lining the pockets of big pharma with our money, who in turn can’t wait for another of its products to be coerced – if not mandated – on the population. A response possibly benefiting those who want to control humanity. We could justifiably label these repeated responses to an invisible enemy, as Psyop X.

In response to this fear-mongering, we once again point to ways to improve immunity, especially decreasing the cortisol and fear response they want to ramp up, by enjoying life with loved ones.  There are many other objective ways to protect oneself that do not come at the end of a needle.  Most importantly, we think, is to live in courage and knowledge.

Say No to Psyop X

Psyop X is just another action in a string of increasingly refined psyops to make us fearful, compliant and controllable for the profit of a powerful few. For a deeper understanding of the techniques used by government and global groups, which we suggest is critical, we refer you to the excellent book by Laura Dodsworth:  A State of Fear.

It takes courage to say no, to not comply when all around are doing so, but it appears the intentions of one psyop after another, to harm and control, are ramping up. What do we want for our children and future? Freedom or enslavement? 

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  1. I’m keen to find out if the latest MMR vaccine contains the MRNA component. If so will all vaccinated children be adversely affected?

    1. Of course it will. In light of current knowledge any parent ”vacinating” their child with anything is committing child abuse at the very least.
      Innoculation and ‘vacination’ are very different things. One works the othe maims and kills.

  2. Thanks for your bold and informative articles. I enjoy reading them all.
    A while back I suspended my support for a couple of charities which are dedicated to raising the welfare of disadvantaged NZ’ers. I asked them about the Covid jab injured and when they would finally acknowledge this cohort and how they could support them. The responses I recieved did not satisfy me. My guess is that they don’t want to step on the toes of our government which they also rely on for funding and support. I have instead channelled my donations to the NZDSOS vaccine injury support fund. There’s nothing about the fund in your released articles. Can you please tell me where I can get more information about the fund and how they are using the donations received?


  3. I am old enough to remember Mumps & Measles parties. I am lucky to have a fairly robust immune system, probably due to exposure to various things during the course of life.
    Growing up I remember the sickly kids, those who were mollycoddled, protected from the evil world, given every shot known to man just bin case and vehemently sheltered from exposure to any other child that may be less than freshly scrubbed with disinfectant and fully ”immunised’ against everything.
    A lot of those kids are dead now after lives of continual disease. A perpetual cold , migranes and weakness were common signs among them.

    I believe eugenics is a good thing – It is how nature selects those fit to survive.

  4. I worked as a reporter on the Evening Post in Wellington in 1976 – i wrote a story about how you had to cook pork well or you run the risk of getting trichinosis ( a parasite in pork) – next thing the editor said “in my office anna” i went in and he said ” bin that story” – “What ? i said – its properly researched and tagged” ” Bin it ” he said – ” the Pork Industry board is one of our biggest advertisers” – Lesson learned.
    Years later reporting for radio – our computers every autumn would be flooded with stories – ” worst flu ever in Japan. Turkey, US ‘- where ever – big corporates always flooded our computers with stories they wanted run.
    A month or so later we would all laugh ” here it is ” – stories would flood in from the big companies ” we have a vaccine” – all to instill the idea that everyone needed a flu vaccine – a clever marketing set up – so wasnt hard when covid came along and the same marketing ploy was used – instil the fear and then presto ” we have a vaccine ” fear no more.
    We have been thoroughly shafted.

  5. Rating this post only allowed me to click on one star????? I wanted to give it a five. I don’t want to mess up your results. As always, I applaud your courage and integrity.

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