Measles in 2024? We Will Not Comply

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Is the government using a “measles outbreak” to divert from the crumbling covid narrative and create fear for compliance again?

This week Dr Shane Reti announced that $50 million tax payer dollars would be given to Whānau Ora and unnamed partners to boost vaccination rates. Dr Reti said that the focus would be on “high risk groups” such as Maori, stating that vaccination rates were a key part of health targets.

As if on cue, a purported email from Reach Aotearoa to its former staff members started circulating on social media. The email offered temporary employment positions in relation to an outbreak response, “most likely measles”. The offer did not mention the possibility of an outbreak, but inferred that the company would be needed for a defined period to respond to this outbreak. Hmmmm….!

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The job offer came with very defined dates of 23 December 2023 to 7 January 2024 to undertake tasks described as: confirming exposure events, creation of disease contact records and receiving inbound calls. While it is quite possible that permanent staff will be on leave during the period advertised, it is obvious that Reach Aotearoa want staff to be at capacity. This is the same company that provided the then Ministry of Health with contact tracing services as part of the covid response. Hmmm….do they have prior knowledge of something?

Have we been here before?

Trying to set aside the terrible 3 year covid jabicide, monkey pox was the last most visible attempt by WHO boss Tedros to force unilaterally another ‘panic-demic’ on us. Remember – and to especially those that think he is all sweetness, light and collaborative democracy – he over-ruled his entire advisory committee to push “MPox” as a high concern infection for all nations,  justifying yet another ill-tested vaccination. Never mind that the infection was quite hard to get, very rarely fatal and affected a known demographic practising specific behaviours. 

Swirling in the background, to scare us all further, are persistent jostles from Marburg disease, bird flu and even the – as yet – unmanifested “disease X”. Perhaps this latter is the one that Mr Gates assured us “will really get our attention next time”.  God forbid if any of these are actually real and dangerous. The boy crying wolf comes to mind. 

A bit about measles

Measles is a viral illness that usually occurs in childhood, most often resulting in a mildly miserable child with a characteristic rash, accompanied by fever and flu-like symptoms. It used to be called a ‘childhood disease’ until there was a vaccine to sell and then it became a serious, highly contagious, life-threatening disease.  In the vast majority of healthy children, this a self-limiting infection, a rite of passage even. While measles can rarely result in death, the mortality rate for measles was declining rapidly in the United States by the 2nd half of the 20th century, due to better living conditions, sanitation and nutrition amongst the global population, and antibiotic treatment of any secondary bacterial infections.

Not only were deaths from measles decreasing but so were deaths from all infectious diseases. For those wanting to see graphics of the decline in mortality, these can be found in the link above. You will need a free membership to download the pdf. The American Medical Association will not allow the graphs in a medical journal to be distributed without their approval. Hmmmmm…..

However, we have been given permission to use the following image from Dissolving Illusions. Note the decline of deaths from measles prior to the vaccine.  Researchers suggest that the decline was due to the factors mentioned above.

Roman Bystrianyk & Suzanne Humphries MD 2012. Reproduced with permission. Dissolving Illusions

Lest we digress from the measles story, almost all Gen Xers (born 1965-1984) who were fortunate enough to grow up relatively well fed, and who missed out on the childhood measles vaccines, can confirm that measles was a benign disease that provides life-long immunity.

How to prevent severe measles

Yes, the vaccine will decrease your chances of contracting measles, mostly.  Some adults are now being advised to get top-ups if they have only had one jab. 

Most women born after 1969 have been vaccinated against measles. However mothers who have recovered from measles infection appear to provide greater immunity to their infants than those who have never contracted measles but have had the vaccine. (This is exactly the situation with covid-19 virus of course, and the jab given for it: natural immunity is far safer and more effective). 

Measles vaccination cannot be given to infants. This situation leaves infants now vulnerable to suffering severe disease as the immunity they receive from breastmilk from vaccinated, but not infected and recovered mothers, is incomplete. This is illustrated by a Chinese study describing that nearly 60% of children hospitalised with measles were under 9 months old. As hard as it might be for modern humans to face, the reality is that the best way to prevent severe measles is for healthy women to contract and recover from it – ideally in childhood when immune function is more robust and wide-ranging. Then, later on, passing that immunity on through breast milk to their infants who are too young to be vaccinated.

Concern in some sectors has been raised regarding the waning immunity to measles in those who are vaccinated compared to those who contract measles naturally. The solution proffered is to vaccinate child-bearing age women again.This is not currently advised in New Zealand.

Furthermore there is concern about the association of vaccination with outbreaks for virulent strains and questions still remain about short and long-term side-effects that range from mild to life-changing.

Once again viral illnesses are mitigated by a healthy terrain which is built by healthy, unprocessed food, exercise, sensible sun exposure and community engagement. Nutrients known to fight off viral infections include zinc and vitamins C, D and A.

How to treat measles.

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Hint: you can do this at home.

In those who do contract measles, whether vaccinated or not, the standard treatments for viral infections remain: rest and fluids.

For those who are more at risk for complications such as the very young, the very old and those with chronic disease, a single high dose of Vitamin A can be be significantly beneficial– see your integrative doctor or the NZDSOS clinic for the correct dose. If complications do arise, these can most often be treated by the provision of antibiotics for secondary bacterial infections. While we do not know for sure whether early treatment using Vitamins A and C and other integrative therapies will prevent the very rare complication of subacute sclerosing panencephalitits, our clinical assessment is that there is good reason to suppose so. On the contrary, there have been cases of aseptic meningitis following the measles vaccine.

Lockdown and Forced Vaccination for Measles

Yes, this has happened with disastrous consequences – in our back yard, in Samoa. We hope Winston Peters, who was advocating for compulsory vaccination, has learnt something from this episode of human suffering. It would seem that Helen Petousis-Harris, who was also involved, has not. Read the story of Edwin Tamasese here. He successfully helped children recover from measles using Vitamin A and Vitamin C. His reward? Imprisonment.The whole horrific incident is aptly described as the “Killing Fields of Samoa” by the respected medical blogger Arkmedic, who calls himself (very sardonically) “Dr AH Kahn Syed.”

After three years of the, at best, ill-advised and, at worst, downright corrupt and genocidal covid response, it is still mind-boggling to learn of people imprisoned for helping their fellow man, rather than criminal pharmaceutical executives being called to account. Our politicians, expert blabbers, academics and those that sit on regulatory bodies are complicit, and rife with conflicts of interest.

We Will Stay Healthy and Promote Health, But We Will Never Comply

Maybe the chatter on X about a measles outbreak is misinformation, maybe it is a diversion, maybe it has been deliberately posted to discredit the freedom movement, maybe the New Zealand government is pandering to the pharmaceutical industry, trying desperately to instill fear in as many people as possible to be jabbed – if not for covid, then for measles and other infectious diseases. No wonder mistrust is increasing in the childhood schedule, and the (same old) pharma shills who promote it.

Whatever the reason, we will not comply.

We do not need pharmaceuticals for health. We may need occasional medication for treatment of a severe disease, although herbs and nutrients will often do the job. However, we do not need the products of corrupt industries to stay healthy.

Photo Credit – © Canva Pro Content License
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    Watch the pre-vaccine and pharmaceutical marketing vintage clips above as Donna Reed, standing in a doctor’s office, smiles sweetly and pronounces that a measles diagnosis is “not serious.” Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble are mad about losing money for a vacation they have to cancel, but not about Wilma and Betty coming down with the measles. And all of the Brady Bunch children play Monopoly and “joke” over the school days they get to miss while Mrs. Brady happily checks off the family disease tracking chart for who’s had what and declares, “Well the measles are over in the Brady family.”

  2. What, if any is the risk that mRNA componentry will be added, or touted as having been added to “improve” measles vaccination outcomes, and what guarantee is to be offered that the ‘vaccine’ formula will not just be a repurposed çv¹⁹ killshot formula venomous serum? Without a means to actually verify what is in the vials prior to their release, or use, it would seem prudent to refuse ANY shots from at least the 4 criminal organisations of Scamplandemonic fame.
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  3. I thought it used to be common knowledge that only natural immunity can be passed on to infants, and that natural immunity from mums should protect infants from measles till they are at least 5 year old.

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