A Neurotoxin in Our Water? – Not A Good Idea

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Mary Hobbs, photographer, writer and publisher shares a detailed commentary on the risks and side effects of fluoride, a controversial neurotoxin known to affect human development and associated with reduced IQ in children. Highlighting the damaging similarities of mandatory vaccination and water fluoridation, Mary asks questions which all New Zealanders should think on and evaluate themselves, rather than blindly trust our leaders with another “safe and effective” rhetoric supposedly for the benefit of public health.

Key facts you will discover in this article:

  • The science on fluoride, what it is and where it is sourced from.
  • Details of the harm caused by fluoride.
  • A brief history and background of fluoride in New Zealand.
  • The current situation and which councils are mandated to fluoridate.
  • The weak and wobbly evidence that fluoride prevents cavities.
  • Why forced medication goes against individual choice and rights.
  • Sources for further reading and information.

Read: Why putting a neurotoxin in water supplies is not a good idea.

Photo Credit: © Mary Hobbs

If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.

– Attributed to Thomas Jefferson

Isn’t it amazing that anyone would ever need to explain why a neurotoxin in water supplies is not a good idea?  

Yet here we are.

The reason it needs to be explained is because successive governments have attempted to force toxic poisons into our water that they have described as “safe and effective” and then stigmatised those that disagree, terming them “crackpots”. Does this sound familiar? The lies and propaganda about fluoride have been waged on our people for over seven decades and it is time to end this harmful, mandatory medication forever.

I was fortunate to grow up in a family with parents who wisely thought for themselves and made decisions on a baseline of common-sense. My father became a successful farmer and businessman through hard work, and was particularly vocal about ensuring that we all  “thought for ourselves” and “used our heads”. One main aspect of that was to never automatically “go with the crowd” unless it genuinely concurred with one’s own independent (common-sense) view. One had to stand for what one knew to be true.

Looking back, I realise it is one of the most important and powerful lessons to be learned in life, for when you make your own decisions and stand by them, then personal integrity remains intact and gives one the ability to calmly stand strong, no matter what the majority may think and no matter what pressure there is in society to go against what one personally knows is right. A spiritual being stands in truth, not lies. It is a powerful strength that doesn’t conform to group think.

Let’s look at the intention of successive governments to add fluoride — a proven neuro-toxin — to main water supplies. About 30 years ago I made the “common-sense” decision that fluoride was a dangerous concept. I felt so strongly about this that I joined public protests against it in my area. Medicating public water supplies seemed like a very bad idea then and still does now. There were two key reasons: The fluoride put into the water is a toxic poison classified as a drug, so is tantamount to medicating everyone by force. It removes the right to informed consent and removes the basic human right to refuse to undergo medical treatment, The other key issue was where did the “fluoride” that was added to water supplies come from — what was its composition?  The government propaganda alleged that it was found naturally in water and reduced tooth decay, and the fluoridation of the water was just a “topping up” of low levels of natural fluoride.  But that was false information spread by powerful industries who worked in tandem with successive governments for their own interests, as the “fluoride” added to water supplies throughout the world is not natural. It is from the waste products of aluminium smelters, fertiliser factories and the nuclear industry. The fluoride that is added to the water in New Zealand is from the chimneys of the phosphate fertiliser factories. This waste product is a poison deemed so toxic that it is illegal to dump it on land, in lakes, rivers, or the sea, so putting it into drinking water became the “solution” to a problem for major industries as they were able to get rid of it that way. Unfortunately it has negative repercussions on the health of those drinking the fluoridated water. There is no testing, no monitored accuracy, and an irresponsible “one size fits all” approach.

“The same potent chemical that is used to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, to prepare Sarin nerve gas, and to wrestle molten steel and aluminium from the earth’s ore is what we give to our children first thing in the morning and last thing at night, flavoured with peppermint, strawberry, or bubble gum . . .It has become a lifeblood of modern industry . . . to smelt such key metals as aluminium, steel . . to enrich uranium . . . to make pesticides, ski wax . . . Teflon plastic and numerous drugs, such as Prozac and Cipro. . . It is so potent a chemical that it’s also a grave environmental hazard and a potential workplace poison. .  . Fluoride’s ugly side has almost entirely escaped the public gaze. . .Historians have failed to record that fluoride pollution was the biggest single legal worry facing the atomic-bomb programme following World War II.”

– Extract from The Fluoride Deception

The Fluoride Deception shines a direct light on where it all went horribly wrong. It highlights that a Dr Hodge, America’s leading fluoride researcher trained a generation of dental school deans in the 1950s and ‘60s. He could well be defined as a modern-day Mengele when considering he was also the senior wartime toxicologist for The Manhattan project. While there, he helped arrange the notorious human radiation experiments where hospital patients were injected with plutonium and uranium without their consent, so the toxicity could be studied. Hodge also studied fluoride toxicity and was one of the first to experiment with disposing of fluoride in water supplies. He was a leading promoter of it in the US. The books also states that Dr Robert Kehoe was another vocal supporter of it (along with adding lead to petrol) while at the same time he privately shared doubts about fluoridation with his corporate sponsors and doubted that even a tiny amount was safe. Yet, in the US at the time, scientists could be fired for speaking against the practice. Just like doctors are ridiculed today for speaking against the experimental jab that has injured and killed so many.

Aside from the obvious violation of basic human rights, freedom of choice, the Hippocratic Oath of ‘Do No Harm’, and the right to be provided with fully informed consent, it was easy to conclude — even 30 years ago —it was a terrible idea to medicate a water supply and I have seen nothing since that has convinced me to change my mind, but a lot more that deepens my original convictions.

Back then, many concerned Kiwis throughout the country managed to keep the situation in abeyance in many areas for decades, as it was up to local areas to decide whether they wanted it or not. Yet now, very annoyingly, 30 years later, the argument is again raging throughout the country because in November 2021 the Labour Government shifted decision making on fluoridation away from the councils to the Director-General of Health, and then in July 2022, the former director-general of the Ministry of “Health”, subsequently declared mandatory fluoridation of 14 different council areas in New Zealand. The 14 councils were given a totalitarian deadline by which they had to comply or suffer severe fines. A further 27 councils were also informed they were being “considered” for fluoridation. It seemed like a parting shot, as that decision was announced the same week that Bloomfield’s resignation came into effect. As if enough damage had not already been done following his key role in forcing an untested genetically modified injection into the arms of the majority of New Zealanders in one of the most gross violations of Human Rights ever witnessed.

Thankfully, New Health New Zealand, filed proceedings against the directives and the High Court ruled Bloomfield’s decision to be unlawful because he did not give specific consideration to the Bill of Rights Act. This is not surprising, since he had shown the same gross lapse of recollection of human rights during his tenure, when mandating Kiwis to receive a harmful injection that caused serious adverse effects and death. However, In February 2024 when the Judge provided remedy for the situation, he allowed the directives to still stand putting councils in the extremely strange position of being ordered to carry out an unlawful direction. Does that make sense to you?

It’s really clear-cut:  The fluoride that is put into water supplies is a neuro-toxin that is unsafe and causes harm;. It is hydrofluorosilicic acid — colloquially known as fluoride —which is an industrial by-product of fertiliser factories where the waste is so toxic that it is not permitted to be disposed of in sea, water (including rivers and lakes), or on the land.

Photo Credit: © Mary Hobbs

Everyone has the right to make his own decisions, but none has the right to
force his decision on others

– Ayn Rand

The Fluoride Free website details that silicofluorides are not pharmaceutical-grade fluoride products, but are unprocessed industrial by-products of the phosphate fertiliser industry. (Ref: page 3 Water New Zealand Good Practice Guide: Point 1.5.1 ). The silicofluorides undergo no purification procedures, they can contain elevated levels of arsenic — more than any other water treatment chemical —  and recent research suggests that the addition of silicofluorides to water is a risk factor for elevated lead exposure, particularly among residents who live in homes with old pipes. It is a key component in insecticides and rat poison, and is dumped in public water supplies by personnel required to wear haz-mat suits as the product is extremely toxic, with some of the contents being, but not limited to, arsenic, lead, mercury, aluminium, and sometimes even uranium.  

In the early years, a hero that really stood out in the national furore on fluoridation was the former Principal Dental Officer for Auckland, the late Dr John Colquhoun. He had initially been an avid promoter of fluoride, but later, on being confronted with the factual information and corruption at higher levels, he did a complete reversal of his position. It took great courage to change his position and publicly retract his earlier endorsement. Regardless of his position in local government he  spoke against it and gave his position as to why he had changed his mind after a world study tour on fluoride in 1980 that was funded by government. The consensus had been that he would subsequently return from his tour to act as a national advocate for getting fluoride into other areas. According to Dr Colquhoun’s testimony, officials also confided in him on his return that they had some concerns that tooth decay was declining in unfluoridated areas. He said in an interview, that after his world tour, and a subsequent review of statistics from the MOH that proved more children in the UNFLUORIDATED areas had perfect teeth in comparison to the fluoridated areas, he was instructed NOT to make this public and to tell the public the OPPOSITE. This turned John’s avid views on fluoride on its head. As a man of integrity, he did not carry out this instruction. Given the results, he did not see the point in promoting fluoridation at all. 

He reached out to the US National Institute of Dental Research and asked what their results were. They did not reply. He then began to see a mottling of teeth in fluoridated children, which indicated chronic poisoning caused by fluoride ingestion. He reported this to his superiors. They ignored his concerns. He then did a survey of non-fluoridated and fluoridated areas. 25% of fluoridated children had fluorosis, showing chronic fluoride poisoning. John was outraged about the lying propaganda and the fact that the authorities refused to act on the facts and drop their promotion of fluoridated water, so he spoke to the on national TV, and explained the dangers of fluorosis directly to the public. This caused an uproar.

He subsequently learned there were many other forms of harm from fluoridated water and was at a loss to understand how the authorities could continue to advocate this mass medication in view of the evidence against it. Six years later he found that studies showed increased hip fractures due to fluoridation as well as increases in bone cancer in young males. He pointed out that if a poison circulating in the body caused such harm in the tooth enamel then of course it could create damage to the bones as well.

Despite the facts he presented, he was subjected to ridicule by the authorities and his colleagues for going against the status quo. Some colleagues privately told him they agreed with his stance and yet, lacking his courage, they shamefully continued to publicly advocate for fluoridation, citing substantial intimidation in the industry, where the “pressures to shut-up were strong.” Colleagues stubbornly clung to their beliefs – he said it was almost like a religious belief and he lamented the strict confines of the medical and dental profession where students are virtually ordered what to think.

“How can they advocate something so wrong when faced with the facts?” He also went on to explain how the fluoride propaganda then expanded to position all who were against it as “crack-pots”.

Hastings in NZ was apparently the first area outside the USA to be experimented upon and at first the results to John looked startlingly bright for the pro-fluoride advocates, but when he studied the detail he found, to his shock, that the study had changed the way “terms of decay” were measured, resulting in damaging and corrupted results that were tantamount to blatant lies. “It was rigged.” The interview with John can be viewed here. It is well worth watching.

Dr Peter Scanlon’s testimony to the New Plymouth Council is also well worth a look. He has sadly passed on since this testimony in 2011. However, councillors stopped their 40-year fluoride programme as the result of his and other testimonies.

Photo Credit: © Mary Hobbs

Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless or corrupt.

– Mahatma Gandhi

Fluoridation has always been touted to remedy tooth decay in pre-school children but it has been proven that it doesn’t work. The NZ government base their false propaganda and belief that it works on a flawed 2009 survey of 15 years ago, that even the authors of the survey stated should not be used to draw conclusions from as it was a snapshot of 60 children in each age group and there were too many variables. The government cling to this wafer-thin “reasoning” while ignoring updated factual information that has 45,000 children in a database on an MOH website that proves it does not decrease tooth decay. In short, it does not do the job the propagandists claim and it is extremely harmful. And every day that a Kiwi is drinking water that contains this toxic substance is a day that serious health risks may occur on a cumulative basis. (Foetuses and bottle-fed babies are strongly likely to be in danger of lowered IQ, which amounts to irreversible brain damage.)

In summary, it is mass medication with a toxic poison that can harm and kill. Pregnant mothers and babies (who have no teeth), patients with kidney diseases, young children, and athletes, are particularly vulnerable as immense harm is caused by the one-size-fits-all approach. Athletes require much more water to replace fluids lost, so their intake of this neuro-toxin is correspondingly higher. It is also hidden, as food and drinks processed in cities with fluoridated water add to the ingested intake of this drug, without those taking it being made aware of that.

The Fluoride Free website has valuable interviews with experts who state that: It can cause cancer, impairs bone strength, and has been proven to be a neuro-toxin that impairs IQ, impairs kidneys, impairs the thyroid, recedes gums, depresses the heart, depresses cell growth, increases infertility and fluorosis. “In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical”. Dr Dean Burk PhD (34 years at the International Cancer Institute).

Further information can be found at the fluoride free website that is meticulously maintained by tireless Kiwi heroes. They provide additional information including:

  • Of 27 studies classified by the NTP as high quality, 2 showed no loss of IQ, 11 showed neurotoxic effects at fluoride levels less than 0.7ppm, 4 showed neurotoxic effects at fluoride levels between 0.7 — 1.5ppm and 10 showed neurotoxic effects at less than 1.5ppm.
  • The second draft had 55 studies, 52 of which found lowered IQ.
  • New Zealand councils “typically fluoridate at around 0.85 ppm — higher than anywhere else in the world. NZ adds more toxic fluoride to its water than the other handful of fluoridating countries.”
  •  Babies IQs were typically lowered by between 4 and 7 IQ points. NTP’s finding was based on “… a consistent and robust pattern of findings in human studies … demonstrating that higher fluoride exposure is associated with lower IQ and other cognitive effects in children”. The NTP’s recognition of harm at 1.5 ppm or above incorporates no margin of safety to protect pregnant women and children drinking fluoridated water, thus refuting claims by proponents that fluoridation is “absolutely safe and effective.” The NTP found fluoride is neurotoxic to humans and they could not find a dose where fluoride does not cause neurological harm. A good summary of the review can be found on the Fluoride Action Network’s page Fluoride is the New Lead. Also, here and here.
  • The four recent highest quality studies funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH in the US) found significant effects when pregnant women or bottle-fed infants were exposed to fluoride at or below 0.7 ppm (or equivalent). Ref: Bashash 20172018Green 2019Till 2020.
  • In the 1930s Doctor Weston Price (an American dentist) toured the world researching dental health and nutrition. Included in his study were three Maori iwi who were still eating their traditional food. He found their teeth perfect and they were ‘exceptionally healthy’. (Nothing about fluoride, but a great deal to do with healthy food and good water.)

For a study of the science, this 31 minute video is highly recommended by Fluoride Free.

Photo Credit: © Mary Hobbs

Do not keep silent when your own ideas and values are being attacked. If a dictatorship ever comes to this country, it will be by the fault of those who keep silent. We are still free enough to speak. Do we have time? No one can tell.

– Ayn Rand

In 2018, members of parliament proved themselves to have no interest in removing this neurotoxin in the water supply in most areas of New Zealand, as when Professor Connett embarked on a nation-wide tour of New Zealand to make the dangers of fluoridation known to the public, he also took the time to make a presentation to parliament for all MPs. Only three turned up. One was from NZ First and the other two were Labour MPs who became uncomfortable during the presentation and tried to disengage. Why? What is it that makes those who have inched themselves into positions of authority go along with such mindlessly stupid and harmful orders — which they have no right to do if they are genuinely representing the people? 

What is so difficult to understand about the fact that fluoride is proven to be a neurotoxin, and causes systemic damage to the health of those who have had it poured into their water supplies by local councils with the blessings of government? If members of parliament were genuinely wanting to represent those they purport to, wouldn’t they want to take immediate action to stop it being put into water supplies throughout the country? What is stopping them?

Common sense is not so common.

– Voltaire

Is it a case of “follow the money”? The research suggests this is a factor. Is it a “solution” to the problem of the disposal of toxic waste? In 1983 the Deputy Assistant Administrator for Water, USA, EPA, stated that it was. The late Dr Mike Godfrey considered this to be a factor, as do many others. Professor Connett explains it here and that part of it is explained by an Australian doctor here.

Is it about money for government? Is it to make us more docile and more easily controlled? A history of this push for it to be in water is here. Take from it what you will. There are also reports that up to 30% of medical drugs now contain fluoride which can be seen here. Why? Is an unelected international cabal calling the shots and demanding all governments fall into line? Bloomfield has been closely connected with the World Health Organisation for some time and has now returned to their fold to continue to work for that now-questionable organisation. The head of the WHO, Tedros, appears to have deep connections to global depopulation advocates, along with a dubious past. He seems uncomfortably close to the largest benefactors of the WHO that, at last glance, was Gates and communist China — neither of whom are comfortable bedfellows with freedom and democracy. Nor do any of them ever seem to pop up extolling the virtues of avoiding excess sugar, cleaning one’s teeth properly, eating good food and drinking pure water.

Chillingly,  The NZ Ministry of Health continues to blindly advocate fluoridation and endorse mass medication of the water supply under their usual oft-repeated mantra for deadly medicines with the worn-out “safe and effective” phrase that most sentient beings know to be a blatant lie. After the horrific debacle of the last four years and the trail of devastating injury and death at the point of a needle containing an experimental jab that continues to maim and kill — while attacking those who are brave enough to blow the whistle on it — anything the government currently label as “safe and effective” has come to mean “avoid at all costs” and is enough to make sentient beings race for the exits.

 If fluoride is so safe, why does each fluoridated tube of toothpaste come with a warning on the box? Why have almost all countries in the world dropped fluoridation? Based on all of the above information, it is surely a criminal act to continue to make it available and particularly to mandate such a toxic chemical in water supplies.

Really, with all this information at their fingertips, they would have to be two sandwiches short of a picnic to advocate or support it.

An immediate action the government could pro-actively take to prevent further harm would be to put an instant halt to fluoridation throughout the country. Also, remove the GST from food, which will make it easier for struggling families to give their children higher quality food that helps prevent dental decay. They could also issue school-age children with toothpaste and toothbrushes, and teach early primary school children to learn how to properly brush their teeth and help them understand why it is so important for their health.

Yet again, reversing public health issues that cause tremendous harm appears to rest on the backs of a few unsung Kiwi heroes.  Something Kiwis could do is to donate to Fluoride-Free and NZDSOS who have recently combined their energies to place an injunction on the Hastings District Council in regard to fluoridation, after that council, mind-bogglingly, decided to continue to (unlawfully) fluoridate. If you are able to lend a hand through donating and/or supporting them in their valiant and courageous efforts that would be greatly appreciated. Click on the following links to donate here and here.  Also, please pass on links to the New Zealand Fluoride-Free website. It gives a plethora of accurate information on this topic and illustrates why it is so vital to ensure that it is stopped. You will also find informative articles that can be shared at www.nzdsos.com and www.dailytelegraph.co.nz

The bottom line on this is that no one on earth has any right to mass medicate by adding toxic drugs into our food or water. No international group has any right whatsoever to mandate for any additions to the water supply of anyone. No one. All souls have a right to pure water and organic food without chemicals. One dose does not fit all.

It is a matter of Human Rights and body (and soul) sovereignty. Hands off.  We do not consent.

It is basic common-sense.

Photo Credit: © Mary Hobbs

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life,
 liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

– Thomas Jefferson

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  1. Medical malfeasance is doing something that increases the risk of injury, illness or death. Bloomfield should be charged for what is blatantly medical malfeasance; and, so should all medical officers in volved in the process along with the Medical Council who allows him to carry on forcing people to drink water that contains unapproved fluoride and heavy metals as a form of medical treatment which has not worked for more than 60 years- “there is still a significant Public Health challenge of dental disease” admitted by Royal Society and respondents in the Hastings case.

  2. About half an hour before finding this write-up I was on the Ministry of Healths webpage, wanting to find out who exactly endorses fluoridation. To my horror 30 establishments do, from the NZ Dental Association ( surprise, surprise) to the WHO ( gee, another surprise ) to the Paediatric Society of New Zealand ( sadly that one did surprise me )
    Yet most of Europe, most of South America, and most of the Carribbean islands list a whole slew of diseases and conditions that are caused by it, from arthritis to Alzheimer’s.
    And I understand the government are going to make sure we all get calcified brains, and ignore the council’s who stopped or are planning to stop it.
    When oh when will people realise the medical , entertainment, business and finance, education, law and political establishments have been getting infiltrated since the 60s , by dedicated Marxists who are now in the final stages of bringing down the west and the only way to stop them is to name them and then do a Ghandhi for as long as it takes.

    1. Bindy,
      The greatest problem is ignorance and apathy in the proletariat. Most people don’t care about anything that does not directly affect them negatively that they can see and ignorance and apathy means they will never bother to read or even listen to any proof of harm if they can see no physical proof.
      Another problem is the attitude of ”but ‘they’ say” Meaning the government or some perceived authority.
      The fact there are people lining up right now to get ‘flu shots’ is a great example.
      There is a reason business management schools teach that people have a memory hole that opens up at 3 months.

  3. I have NOT drunk the ‘Crap from the Tap’ for some years now and prefer certain Bottled Water, always.
    These Government Officials that leave the stench of Lies regarding the Truth about the Poison in our Water, seem to think that they are beyond Judgement. My Message to them is “wait till you stand tall for final Judgement for eternity, before God”. If you don’t believe in him …… just wait to see who’s right !!
    A huge thank you to you Folk the have the Integrity and Moral Courage to speak out about this.

  4. Hello,
    We received fluoride pills in the 1960’s for our 2nd teeth health. Were these manufactured for medicinal human use? If so, is there someone who still makes or sells them today? Thank you from Jan

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