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River of Lies Covid-19 Documentary

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The River of Lies – The New Zealand Covid-19 Scamdemic

This in-depth documentary, written produced and directed by Billy Te Kahika, investigates the NZ government’s handling and management of the covid-19 pandemic. A past politician, activist and pastor whatever your understanding is of Billy, he has been outspoken in the name of freedom at great cost to himself, including the prospect of jail time.

Once admired as a happy and satisfied nation, New Zealand was famous for its freedoms and for being a land of free thinkers.  However, after the 2017 election and the new Labour-led government, this all changed and our nation entered a new era.  The prime minister, Jacinda Ardern,  announced her government would be open, and empathetic and that she wanted kindness in New Zealand.

However, something went wrong – very wrong – and New Zealand became a country at war, with usually content people fighting against a government which gave itself. greatly increased enforcement powers. The Covid-19 Public Health Act became the most extreme piece of legislation to be passed in New Zealand. The bill went against the freedoms and democratic rights that New Zealanders had grown up with, and some had died for,  and which created the relatively tranquil landscape of their lives.

In this first part of 3 documentaries by Billy Te Kahika –  he deconstructs issues including the covid-19 modelling, lockdowns, masks and PCR testing, as well as examines the social and economic harms which have stemmed from the government’s covid-19 response. 

The documentary addresses the big questions which many of us have wondered about over the last few years. 

Was our government justified in its response to covid-19, was the government honest and transparent with New Zealanders, did the government use mass manipulation and coercion against the people of New Zealand, and were key players in academia and the media used to misrepresent the covid-19 issue so as to shape public perception to gain acceptance of authoritarian control using covid-19 ‘fear’?

Saturated with messages of fear and death, New Zealand was transformed as the government made itself the ‘single source of truth’. Anyone who dared speak out against the government narrative became a threat and was slurred as a conspiracy theorist and antivax nutter. 

Given what we know now, it is fair to ask: what if the ‘one source of truth’ did not tell the truth, the government was not for the people, and the enemy is the State?

Watch this informative documentary, which includes NZDSOS members, Drs Matt Shelton and Alison Goodwin in parts 2 and 3 and assess the facts and evidence presented so you can question what occurred, and form your own opinion on the past few years, which seems to us an unquestionably dark time in our country’s history.

Assessing what happened in our country allows us to move forward together not only for healing but also to do all we can to retain our sovereignty and freedoms.

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  1. If you want a clearly jab-induced death to investigate, try that of Carola Cullum https://infocouncil.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/Open/2023/08/20230823_WHK_MIN_11477.htm

    Carola died a few months ago, after an Auckland Hospital surgeon noted that she had total organ failure and did something that could have been seen as medical misadventure, but was regarded by many in the district as euthanasia. Carola died at home a few days later, in a way so horrible that when the professional carer who had been looking after her later retreated to the weekly community get-together at the Rocky Bay Hall for a cuppa and a bit of human contact, she was visibly shaken.

    If you can access Carola’s medical records I think this would be an excellent case to show Shane Reti. It’s pretty obvious to me that the only comprehensible cause of such a rare condition would have been spike protein stuck to all of Carola’s organs, causing her immune system to attack — well basically, everything in the body (probably including itself). Of course the response of the medical system was to give the condition a meaningless, multisyllabic name and cremate the corpse immediately, without autopsy.

    I hope you choose NOT to post this message online. I just wanted to notify NZDSOS about the case. It would be some small consolation to think that maybe this was the death that finally shifted the narrative.

  2. As one of the vaccinated, 4 x, I am now diagnosed with Cardiac Amyloidosis, a heart condition which I never had before. Of course it cannot be PROVEN, but my physical symptoms are enough to PROVE it to me. As a previously mostly healthy, moderately active over 70 year old, I am housebound, hardly even able to walk for 5 minutes without stopping to sit down. I trusted the MSM, our government and health officials, blindly. I did not inform myself fully as I had no other source.
    I hope my experience will be accurately recorded on my death certificate stats so this will not happen again. God bless all those who are speaking up for the TRUTH about this EXPERIMENT with the Pharmaceutical fraud handed onto us.

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