Billy Te Kahika Petition: Should a Peaceful Protest Be Deserving of Prison Time?

Billy Te Kahika Petition
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Who is Defending our Bill of Rights?

NZDSOS are concerned by the draconian sentencing of Billy Te Kahika for exercising a fundamental right of New Zealand citizens – Right 16 – the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.  In August of 2021 when New Zealand was placed into lockdown over a single ‘case’ (positive PCR test) of covid 19, he wanted to object.

He had been following the science and knew that the covid-19 ‘pandemic’ was being exaggerated and that the truth was being misrepresented.  New Zealanders were being locked down under false pretenses.

New Zealanders had already been locked down illegally in 2020 when the first 9 days of the initial lockdown from 26 March to 3 April were declared illegal in the Borrowdale vs Director General of Health case.

“While there is no question that the requirement was a necessary, reasonable and proportionate response to the COVID-19 crisis at that time, the requirement was not prescribed by law and was therefore contrary to the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act.”

Billy Te Kahika also knew the PCR was a test of dubious validity and its inventor had specifically advised against it being used for diagnostic purposes, he knew the infection fatality rate (number of infected people who died) of covid was similar to a bad flu, he knew that there were effective treatments that were being suppressed, he knew that lockdowns and the government’s response were far more lethal than the pandemic.

Billy wanted to stand up on behalf of New Zealanders.  He was thoughtful and phoned to alert the police to his intentions.  He exercised his right to peaceful protest and was arrested and charged with organising and attending a protest.  He has recently been in court facing these charges.  Rather than uphold the rights of Billy Te Kahika (and by extension New Zealanders in general) the judge, Justice Peter Winter, has chosen to make an example of Billy TK and has sentenced him to 4 months in jail.  This is a harsher sentence than many serious offenders get.

Billy has been granted bail while appealing the sentence, but Justice Winter imposed bail conditions that restricted yet another fundamental right supposedly protected by the NZ Bill of Rights Act (BORA) – Right 14 the right to freedom of expression which states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.”

Billy was forbidden the use of the internet for the purposes of discussing his sentencing or the upcoming appeal on social media.

This bail condition was appealed and Justice Timothy Brewer was quick to overturn it.  He determined that there was no basis for such restrictions and the condition was contrary to the BORA.

NZDSOS supports Billy Te Kahika’s rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of expression.

A petition has been organised on behalf of Billy to protest this draconian action by the NZ Judiciary and calls for either a complete dismissal of charges or the removal the prison sentence.

Watch: Billy Te Kahika Interview on The Highwire

Billy Te Kahika spoke to Del Bigtree of The Highwire last week to explain more about his case and its significance. Thanks to Coronavirus Plushie for this clip from the full video.

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  1. Notice how the commonwealth countries had the most draconian lockdowns. Socialism is alive and well.

  2. Billy stood up for the rights of every NZ citizen. It appears that judge Winter has no idea of what ‘justice’ is and therefore does not deserve that title.

  3. Billy T’s sentence is nonsical.
    Karen Brewer faced a similar charge in 2021 for arranging a meeting in a public place during lockdown at Level 4

    Karen asked the Police to provide evidence that the covid 19 response order (no1) had received the Royal Assent. As it hadn’t the police couldn’t provide this evidence, the charges weren’t inforceable and the judge threw the case out, so as not to cause embarrassment to police and set a presiding case for future use.

    I told Billy this and the fact his lawyer didn’t bring Karen’s case before the judge causes concern and suspicion that this is another farce.

  4. thanks for presenting us with the picture of what went on here.
    I have been caught up with following other efforts in this wide space.
    Great clip with Billy and Del Bigtree, a must see.

  5. It looks like they did it to show to all of us what happens if we do not obey. Same abuse of powers we could see with baby Will case.

  6. Billy T is a fine and courageous man Thank goodness we still have some men left like him

  7. We no longer have a democratic and free society in New Zealand. Ardern’s labour government in particular, has been tyrannical in governing our country.
    If we are to move forward as a nation, we need to reset our political system. It does not reflect the wishes of the people. We live in a dictatorship and elected politicians no longer faithfully represent their constituents.
    Unless everyone wakes up and makes good decisions when voting this year, we’re destined to see a simple changing of the guard, from a Labour to National led government. Nothing will change. We will still be dictated to, effectively being run by the WEF and globalists, not a government of the people.

  8. In a country ruled by communist or facists, it’s difficult and dangerous to open your mouth
    If you dare to do so, you might up in jail.
    Compare with China and other countries.

  9. NZ, the country of my birth, is run by tyrants who are loyal, not to NZ’s but to the WEF, WB and of course Globalists.
    Ardern along with her cohorts in crime, Trudeau and many other Western leaders, hide behind a facade, one where they say one thing but do another. Their double dutch dribble confirms whom their loyalty lays.
    If people do not wake up and defend their rights, they will reap the benefits of being complacent and asleep.

  10. good luck getting any justice in NZ, admiralty courts only favour the corporation
    aka “government”

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