Our Objectives

Ensuring the ability of Medical Practitioners to speak without censure.

    • Up-holding the sanctity of patient-practitioner relationships and communications
    • Legally supporting practitioners who are censured
    • Building alternative structures and platforms for practitioners


Promoting medical freedom.

    • Affirming the Hippocratic Oat: First do no harm
    • Empowering individuals to say NO to vaccine passports
    • Opposing vaccine mandate orders
    • Promoting freedom of choice around mask wearing and social contact
    • Encouraging all effective medicines and treatments, including proven alternative and traditional therapies
    • Supporting appropriate legal undertakings


Supporting the public with unbiased information and care.

    • Providing fully informed consent including information on:
      • Natural immunity
      • Early treatment of C-19
      • Harms and efficacy of the C-19 injections
    • Acting in accordance with:
      • Basic Concepts and Universal Laws of the Wakaminenga Kauniera Hauora Health Council
      • The New Zealand Bill of Rights 1990
      • The Nuremburg Codes
      • The Unesco Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights (this does not imply blanket support of the UN)
    • Building an alternative narrative to the mainstream media
    • Setting up alternative health care structures and supporting individuals in need of care
    • Promoting robust public debate