Members of European Parliament Demand Immediate Withdrawal of Illegally Approved Covid Injections

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On 4 October 2023, eight Members of the European Parliament sent a letter to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) requesting immediate and resolute actions be taken in relation to the covid 19 vaccine marketing authorisations.

The 15-page letter is written in legal and technical language. It puts forth multiple arguments for the immediate withdrawal of the products, summarised here.

  1. The products are intended for individual personal protection, but have been marketed incorrectly by companies, politicians and health professionals for transmission control.
  2. There is currently no public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) and the clinical trials for the products against the latest variant (XBB.15) have only recently commenced, with completion due in 2024.
  3. The products are genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and the correct legal processes for authorisation of GMOs were not followed as they were incorrectly categorised as “vaccines”.
  4. The products fail to meet required quality standards. They are harmful; they lack efficacy and have unacceptable side effects risk; they lack declared qualitative and quantitative properties including claims of rendering immunity.
  5. Incorrect documentation was submitted for their authorisation and multiple irregularities in clinical trial data have been reported.
  6. Product inserts are hundreds of pages long and do not meet the information requirements for obtaining informed consent.
  7. Good manufacturing practices have been breached. Learn more here.

In conclusion, they write “Your role as a medicines agency carries an inherent commitment to the principles of good administration and good medical practice. Failing to suspend the marketing authorizations in question would not only be incongruent with these principles but may also implicate human rights considerations, given the gravity of the issues at hand. The stakes involved encompass not only the well-being of our citizens but also the allocation of taxpayers’ funds.

Watch: European Parliament Press Release

In the European Parliament on 17 October 2023, John Laughland, Director of Forum for Democracy International (FVD), spoke with the lead author of the letter, Marcel de Graaff, MEP (Holland) as well as Joachim Kuhs, MEP (Germany) and Willem Engel, biopharmaceutical scientist and human rights activist.

They discuss the multiple issues relating to the products, and the corrupted way in which they were approved using billions of dollars in public funds, as well as the various breakdowns in democracies taking place across Europe.

Read the Letter

A link to the letter is available here, or download it below.

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