Dark Truth Revealed: Medical Censorship, Dubious Networks and the Medical Council of New Zealand

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Dr Dooley is an American trained private medical doctor who has been practicing in New Zealand for some years.  After receiving a Master’s degree in immunology and virology he attended medical school, where he learned very early on, of the grooming that the pharmaceutical industry engage in with doctors and medical students. He gave an explosive interview with Liz Gunn at FreeNZ Media on 24 September 2022.

A Tale in History: Corruption of the Medical Council of New Zealand?

In the early 1900s most treatment processes were “natural medicine”, involving interventions aimed at maintaining a healthy terrain. Described well by Robert F Kennedy Jr in The Real Anthony Fauci, America had around 2,000 medical schools at that time, teaching a range of interventions. Oil magnate John D Rockefeller eliminated the majority of them, reducing the number to around 150, all of whom focused on allopathic medicine, which follows the pharmaceutical model using petroleum based medicine. This became known as “mainstream” whilst all other interventions were marginalised as “quack medicine”.

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) is a private organisation founded in 1913, now based near Dallas in Texas and with a branch in Washington, DC. It is not known if Rockefeller was involved in its formation but the timing makes it seem plausible. An international arm based at the same Texas address, the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA), was established in 1994, of which the Medical Council of NZ is a member organisation.

These organisations operate with a cloak of secrecy such that most doctors are unaware of their existence despite the inordinate power that they wield over medical practitioner regulatory authorities. Our concerns about this privatised, Machiavellian global monopolisation encroaching on the regulation of New Zealand medical practitioners were recently raised by Dr Emanuel Garcia. Dr Dooley outlines the ways in which the intrusion plays out. He refers to the aim of medical councils being to “reduce harm to patients”.  The primary purpose of the MCNZ is to ‘protect patients and the public’.

As our own Dr Matt Shelton learned, having a medical opinion which he is adequately qualified to have, but which is not consistent with the pharmaceutical industry business model, is now enough to be considered as causing “potential harm”. Dr Dooley uses Dr Shelton as an example in his description of this public health crisis. He asks why the Medical Council of New Zealand’s letter of suspension to Dr Shelton was copied to the FSMB?

Dr Dooley learned about the FSMB whilst living in Florida, USA in the mid-1990s. He was practicing EDTA chelation therapy, an extremely safe and effective intervention for patients with heart disease and other chronic conditions. A politically connected cardiologist appointed to the local medical council tried to have chelation therapy made illegal, as successful patient outcomes were reducing his patient load.

Dr Dooley found himself before a disciplinary board on the matter, where he overheard mention of the FSMB. Curious to know who they were, he found out and attended the annual FSMB meeting in order to understand who they were, what they were doing and how. He describes FSMB as a private organisation of unknown funding offering luxurious “wine and dine” experiences including an awards ceremony, a library with free books and other gifts, to members of the medical councils.

Ways to suspend the licenses of so-called “quack” or “fringe” doctors were openly discussed at the event. At the time doctors and patients were pushing for medical freedom, and a movement was growing. FSMB encouraged medical council delegates to lobby lawmakers to restrict this movement, using the argument of needing medical council control for protection of public health. Medical council delegates (government employees) voted on policy written by the FSMB (a private organisation), which they had not seen until it was presented to them at the voting event during the annual conference.

The end result was the creation of new laws further crushing the rights of doctors to practice autonomously. It appears this has been happening for decades, and has since spread across the world via IAMRA.

Dr Dooley then testified at the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy, under President Clinton. This two year project produced great outcomes around how complementary medicines could impact population health but no action was taken. In his testimony he told the commission what he knew of the FSMB and declared that private organisations should not have the right to influence medical councils in this way.

In 2021 the FSMB made this public statement, which Dr Dooley describes as a “battle cry to the medical councils”. Interestingly it coincides with a meteoric rise in “dissident” doctors being disciplined and de-licensed by medical councils across the globe.

Medical Council FSMB

A few months after this notice was published, the FSMB conducted a survey of the medical councils and found a 56% increase in complaints about misinformation and disinformation from physicians. They concluded that they would therefore formulate policy relating to physician mis- and disinformation, to be voted on at the next annual conference. The vote took place in April 2022, and policy has been voted in confirming the right to de-licence medical doctors spreading mis- and disinformation. This action is an incredible display of Hegelian Dialectic.

Hegelian Medical Council

With no medical qualifications, Joan Simeon is currently the CEO of the Medical Council of New Zealand, where she has worked for 19 years following ten years as a practice manager at a medical imaging company. Demonstrating the intensely globalist networks between FSMB, IAMRA and their member organisations, Ms Simeon is the incoming Chair Elect of IAMRA. Dr Dooley reveals that IAMRA secretary and FSMB President/CEO, Dr Chaudhry, earns a salary of US$700,000. No doubt Ms Simeon anticipates her own bonanza. Where does all this money come from? Both IAMRA and FSMB are run as registered charities, meaning their donors can remain opaque.  

IAMRA Medical Council NZ

Dr Dooley describes the heartache he feels, watching the profession he loves so much, crumble. Public trust in the medical profession has been devastated. Nurses have confided in Dr Dooley, that to vent their horrors at what they are seeing today, they leave their phones behind and congregate in the hospital car park to speak in confidence as they know their careers could be jeopardised if they are heard “wrong speaking”.

Ms Simeon has already written to every licensed New Zealand doctor, saying that (her untrained definition of) misinformation and disinformation is being spread by “a few doctors”. On this, we agree with Ontario Supreme Court Judge Pazaratz, who asked if “‘misinformation’ is even a real word … Or has it become a crass, self-serving tool to pre-empt scrutiny and discredit your opponent?”.

The Medical Council of New Zealand have requested the input of doctors on a policy resembling, if not identical to, that passed in April by the FSMB, prior to voting on it. Dr Dooley warns: this will be the final gag on the right of doctors to speak on matters relevant to their clinical expertise, that are not in keeping with the mainstream narrative. NZDSOS disagrees slightly with him here; MCNZ came charging out of the gates at the start of the rollout, having sat back quietly while early covid treatments were fraudulently suppressed, enforcing the One Source of Truth’s narrative using a very large stick approach. It has ensured most of the profession has already given up its autonomy and independent thinking out of fear.

We know of dead and injured doctor casualties from the jab’s enforcement, and we will not rest until all the enablers are held to account. Based on the increasing body of evidence showing lies and deception, it really should not be long now. 

Dr Dooley concludes correctly that we need to disentangle our health care regulatory bodies totally from these powerful and malign influences. The Medical Council of New Zealand must disengage from the international bodies and the government must allow open debate on issues of public health.

Watch: Dr Dooley Outlines Concerns Regarding Dubious Networks At The Medical Council of New Zealand

Dr Dooley’s story belongs to every New Zealander, and particularly every New Zealand doctor and licensed health care practitioner. Big Money must not be allowed to beat integrity and experience. 

Liz Gunn has put a call out to Joan Simeon, for an interview to discuss the issues raised by Dr Dooley.

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