More Dead Doctors in Canada’s Ongoing Covid-19 Tragedy

Dead Doctors
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Following on from our August article How Many Dead Doctors is Too Many?, the latest reports are that Canada now has 90 unexpectedly or suddenly dead doctors. Dr William Makis has given a number of interviews recently to discuss his data collection and analysis.

In parallel with Canada, NZ can sadly boast it’s own handful of GPs, hospital specialists and dentists who have died suddenly, closely after a vaccine. We know of many more colleagues with life-changing injuries too. Respect for our small close knit country means we have not made these names public so far but we have reported these deaths to Medsafe and the Police.

By way of exposing why NZDSOS needs the support of New Zealanders, we share this story to expose the levels of corruption and criminality playing out against doctors, health care professionals and health systems, the world over. Dr Makis’ story reflects well, the issues being faced and why the public of New Zealand need to defend doctors including those who are risking their lives through ongoing coercion to take covid mRNA injections, and those who resisted and who spoke and are speaking out, who are now being persecuted by the MCNZ. If the persecution and silencing of NZ doctors is unacceptable to you, we ask you to take action via the form at the end of this article.

Dr Makis obtained a Bachelor of Immunology prior to attending medical school, after which he specialised in nuclear medicine, radiology and oncology. He has since been practicing as a nuclear medicine physician, and most recently led a large cancer treatment program in the province of Alberta, using cutting edge treatments with a very high response and cure rate for end stage cancer patients. As with so many other highly qualified specialists with the relevant skills to offer valid analysis of the public health crisis the world finds itself in, Dr Makis has received threats from his medical licensing authority, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA).

In an almost three hour long interview with Maryann Pousette Gebauer, Dr Makis provides detail relating to how he began collecting the data on Canada’s growing list of dead doctors and what his data analysis shows. He also discusses his experiences with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the CPSA, both of which he describes as highly corrupted institutions; the range of responses he is receiving within Canada and internationally in relation to the data he has collected on dead doctors; and his ideas for solving the public health crisis in Alberta.

Dr Makis sources his information from obituaries and media articles which do not mention vaccination status, and since his September 2022 report about 32 dead doctors, he has had a voluntary team helping with his research and data analysis. One of this team has developed a spreadsheet recording all dead doctors in Canada over the past four years, mainly sourced from the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) website memoriam page. According to the CMA there were 86,000 active physicians in Canada (excluding residents) in 2019.

In collating data about Canada’s dead doctors, Dr Makis’ team have had to use the wayback machine to recover data which CMA had deleted from their site. He suggests that it appears as though CMA don’t want Canadians to be able to compare the numbers of dead doctors in 2021-2022 with those in previous years. The statistics from a range of official and cross-checked sources show that 1,638 Canadian doctors have died in the past four years. This includes 2019 (pre-pandemic); 2020 (during the pandemic but pre-vaccine); 2021 and 2022 (post-vaccine rollout).

To avoid including retired doctors who were not subject to vaccine mandates, the team use 70yo as a cut-off age in their data collection. They also exclude at least 60 deaths reported since the rollout but which occurred in doctors with conditions which were present prior to the vaccine rollout, and for which the death was not considered sudden or unexpected.

Canada’s Covid-vaccine rollout began in December 2020.  Since then the data shows an increase in deaths across every age bracket, but more pronounced in younger age groups.  Deaths in doctors under the age of 50yo have occurred at double the rate that they were dying in 2019-2020. For those under 40yo, the death rate is five times higher this year than 2019-2020; and those under 30yo are dying at eight times higher rates. Three medical students/residents from one university died suddenly or unexpectedly this past summer, aged 32yo, 27yo and 25yo, which Dr Makis describes as unprecedented.

Dr Makis is attacked online for raising questions about this, usually by doctors who are employed to aggressively push the mRNA vaccines and he reports that some of them even make fun of the deaths reported. Rather than debate the information, these Canadian doctors discredit Dr Makis via character assassination.

World-renowned vaccinologist Dr Byram Bridle of Guelph University in Ontario, who also speaks against Canada’s public health organisations and pandemic response, reports similar experiences. Across the globe this has become a prevailing response to highly and appropriately qualified professionals daring to challenge the pharmaceutical industry-backed narrative (see Dr Wolfgang Wodarg; Professor Christian Perronne; Doctor Andrew Wakefield; Professor John Ioannidis as a tiny sample).

The CMA leadership, who are all doctors, have been completely silent on the issue, including the current president, Dr. Alika Lafontaine who has ignored letters from Dr Makis whilst continuing to push the mRNA vaccines. Ironically Dr Lafontaine co-hosted an international conference on physician health in Orlando, Florida in mid-October 2022. Canada’s dead doctors did not rate a mention.

Last year Dr Makis co-signed a letter along with several hundred health care workers, to the Alberta Health Services CEO, opposing the Covid-19 vaccine mandates which she had imposed unilaterally. Over a quarter of Albertan health care workers refused to submit their vaccine status as mandated. Dr Makis, retired at that time, then received an email from the CPSA, informing him that his signature on this letter would be placed on his professional record unless he retracted it. This is very reminiscent of experiences doctors across the globe are now facing in the corporatised attempt to globalise health care and medicine.

Dr Makis goes on to explain that, despite the Canadian public holding the impression that the provincial Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada are public entities, each is in fact a private corporation. He discovered this after attempting to obtain freedom of information requests and was informed that private corporations were not subject to the same FOI regulations. Provincial governments in the past gave doctors the privilege of self-regulation, supporting the idea that only doctors are qualified to recognise appropriate skills and qualifications of their peers.

Every province has a law which prescribes how the College should be governed. The medical speciality colleges are now highly politicised, appearing to be run by doctors when in reality they are run by lawyers who make the decisions such as which treatments will be prohibited, which doctors will face disciplinary proceedings and have their licences removed. The head lawyer at CPSA has held his position for 15 years through multiple governments; and was preceded by his father who held the same position for 30 years, meaning the same powerful family have controlled all legal processes at the CPSA since the 1970s.

Dr Makis describes the battles he has had over many years with a powerful “medical mafia” including family networks and eleven health authority executives who control up to half of the province of Alberta’s annual budget. He has learned that these people are above the law, determine their own salaries, have strong political and industry (pharmaceutical and construction) affiliations, enforce edicts against doctors such as prescription and treatment rights, and answer to no-one. They are no doubt involved in the recent story of a Terminally ill woman denied organ transplant due to COVID-19 vaccine status loses Alberta court appeal.

He also offers his perspective of the data relating to Canada’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout and gives a reassuring message that whilst the mRNA injections injure immune systems, recovery is possible with time and specific interventions. Whilst acknowledging that he is not involved in selling any therapies, he recommends researching the benefits of specific supplements which can assist.

Dr Makis also discusses in some detail, the highly successful cancer treatments he has used, which resulted in an 85% recovery rate in patients who had exhausted all other options. Many large overseas cancer centres sought his assistance in replicating the program. Astonishingly, the AHS executive sabotaged it, including attempted bribery of, smearing of, threats to, and removal of, Dr Makis, ultimately resulting in the deaths of many. The catalyst of this lethal action, involving high level political actors incriminated in Canada’s pandemic response, was the opportunity for colossal profits by establishing a parallel private system in Vancouver, British Columbia, promoted to wealthy overseas customers.

The interest in this came after a breakthrough revelation that the intervention being used for rare forms of cancer (offering minimal profit) could be used for more common forms of cancer (enormous revenue potential). His experiences in this regard validate Dr Makis’ vivid insight into the extreme corruption within the Canadian health and political systems.

Part of the picture Dr Makis paints involves highly profitable mRNA factories being planned in Quebec and Vancouver. Shutting the country down again, as PM Trudeau has recently suggested is only avoidable “if everyone gets vaccinated” seems related to motivations other than “keeping everyone safe. Dr Makis names many Canadian political and leadership personalities, and the fraudulent activities they have been involved in such as manipulating data to claim the entirely false but globally-repeated “pandemic of the unvaccinated” narrative.

There is hope for Canada. Alberta’s new premier Danielle Smith has made international news since coming to power, by promising to defy unjust laws; vowing to end an AHS partnership with the World Economic Forum; and pledging to protect the unvaccinated against further discriminations.

Dr Makis recognises the potential for Premier Smith to introduce practical and realistic solutions to the corruption he describes, which appear to be adaptable to local contexts elsewhere, including New Zealand. He recommends a dissolution of the CPSA, resurrecting it as a new system with regulations to make their leadership accountable to the public again. He outlines clear and practical ways that this could happen quickly, and says that Premier Smith has already spoken about this, suggesting that she understands the corruption within the health care systems in Alberta, and is prepared to instigate change.

Watch: Dr Makis and Glen Jung Discuss Canada’s Growing List of Dead Doctors

The nearly-three hour-long interview with Maryann Pousette Gebauer reviewed above is a disclosure well worth the time and concentration for anyone wishing to understand events of today, albeit within an Alberta-Canada context. We have every reason to believe that the obscene profiteering, white collar crimes and complete disregard for human life, alongside multi billionaire pharmaceutical industry connections, explained so well by Dr Makis, is just as likely being replicated by New Zealand’s “parasitic class” sitting at comfortably connected government and corporate desks. The Medical Council of NZ (MCNZ) also appears to be marching to the tune of international or supranational drums, when its authority and actions should be confined to New Zealand doctors and the New Zealand public.

However, for those who don’t have the time to hear the three hour interview, a shorter 40 minute interview with Glen Jung at Bright Light News is available (below). Dr Makis also recently spoke with Canadian doctors Charles Hoffe MD, Stephen Malthouse MD and Chris Shaw PhD about his research and analysis on the growing database of dead doctors, at Children’s Health Defense.

How You Can Help

It appears that the medical regulatory bodies in New Zealand and internationally are working nefariously for industry and possibly worse, rather than the health of New Zealanders.  This is unacceptable to NZDSOS, and we suggest the vast majority of Kiwis. While we do not have access to the numbers of dead doctors in New Zealand it is likely that we too, have an ongoing Covid 19 injection tragedy amongst the mandated professions.

NZDSOS needs you, the public of New Zealand, to stand up for doctors who are risking their lives through being coerced into taking covid mRNA injections, but also for those who did resist and those who spoke and are speaking out, who are being persecuted by the MCNZ. If the persecution and silencing of NZ doctors is not acceptable to you, please make your voice known. 

Use our form to write directly to the Medical Council – for the freedom of doctors to be doctors and patients to receive real medical care. Please add our own personal message to this email. Once you hit the green button at the end, it will immediately be emailed directly to the MCNZ. Replies will be received to your email, so please check your junk mail.

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To: The Medical Council of New Zealand

Do not submit the default email as is. Modify it and add your introduction as you see fit. Please present your message in a respectful manner, free of any profanity, ad hominem attacks, vulgarity, or other inappropriate language.


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