How Many Dead Doctors is Too Many?

Dead Doctors
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When we logged on this morning to write about six dead doctors following the latest vaccine mandate to Canadian health workers in July 2022, the last thing we expected to learn was that Canada has actually lost at least fourteen doctors since the mandates began. Less visible than elite athletes and celebrities, nevertheless dead doctors in these circumstances and at these rates will not remain hidden under the protective veil of the Trusted News Initiative for long.

Establishing cause of death requires competent autopsy as a gold standard. There are many red flags being raised about autopsy now, such as Anthony Fauci discouraging autopsy in the USA; a reported paucity of autopsies (including post-vaccine deaths in New Zealand, particularly in the elderly); and issues described by Swedish pathologist Dr Ute Kruger in a recent presentation to Doctors For Covid Ethics.

The Bradford Hill Criteria are a useful tool for linking causality to a medical product in individual cases. In population health surveillance the detection of patterns across time, place and person characteristics also plays an important role in understanding causal relationships. This is the purpose of Medsafe CARM reporting in New Zealand and other data collection activities such as the New Zealand Health Forum’s Citizens’ Database.

It is interesting to note that ten of the fourteen dead doctors were reportedly in the province of Ontario. This may be due to reports coming from a source in the same area.

If there is a causal relationship between mandated Covid-19 inoculations and the deaths of these doctors, it is possibly related to differences in harms experienced according to product batch numbers. As noted in our concerns regarding New Zealand’s negligent safety monitoring, some places overseas have reported that the vast majority of adverse effects or deaths are due to a small number of product batches. This has been investigated thoroughly by a team of independent researchers with backgrounds in clinical trials, statistics and data analysis, and pharmaceutical research, development and regulations, comprehensively presented by Dr Michael Yeadon.

Canada’s toll of 14 dead doctors since the vaccine mandates

Trillium Health Partners (THP) in Toronto, the capital of Ontario province, lost three doctors within three days, on the same week that dose 4 of the Covid-19 inoculations were made available to health workers. A spokesperson for THP has claimed these deaths were unrelated to Covid-19 vaccines, but as vaccination was mandated for health workers, it is clear all three of their deceased staff had been inoculated at least three times. As described above, it is not possible to claim or deny causation without following proper processes, for which there had been no time before THP dismissed the possibility.

The known toll and circumstances are listed below, in date order from the most recent.

Update 22 August 2022: A total of 15 deaths, seven within two weeks.
26 July 2022: Dr. Ryan Buyting, 26yo. Neurosurgery Resident, Alberta Ontario. Died suddenly.

3 August 2022: Dr Vincent Mak, 61yo. Rheumatologist, Markham, Ontario. Died suddenly.

28 July 2022: Dr Candace Nayman, 27yo. Third year paediatric resident at McMaster Children’s Hospital, Toronto. Collapsed during a triathlon on Sunday 24 July, died four days later.

23 July 2022: Dr Shahriar Jalali Mazlouman, 44yo. Family Physician in Melville, Saskatchewan. Found unresponsive in a public swimming pool.

19 July 2022: Dr Jakub Sawicki, 40s. Member of the Surgical Assisting Team at THP, Mississauga Toronto. Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma diagnosed August 2021, spread to peritoneal cavity.

18 July 2022: Dr Stephen McKenzie, late 60s. Neurologist with THP, Mississauga Toronto. Unspecified illness.

17 July 2022: Dr Lorne Segall, 49yo. ENT Surgeon with THP, Mississauga Toronto. Advanced lung cancer, diagnosed a year prior.

16 July 2022: Dr Paul Hannam, 50yo. Chief of Emergency Medicine and Program Medical Director at North York General Hospital, Toronto. Died whilst running.

13 July 2022: Dr Baharan Behzadizad, 40s. Family Physician, Newfoundland. Died in her sleep.

21 May 2022: Dr Christopher Cole, 62yo. Cosmetic Surgeon, Windsor, Ontario. Died unexpectedly.

19 May 2022: Dr Wilson Idami, 54yo. Family Physician, Aurora, Ontario. Died unexpectedly.

3 February 2022: Dr Oliver Seifert, 58yo. Family Physician, Alberta, Ontario. Died unexpectedly.

6 January 2022: Dr Jonathan Burns, 56yo. Family Physician, Abbotsford, British Columbia. Unknown brief illness.

24 December 2021: Dr Neil Singh Dhalla, 48yo. Family Physician, Toronto. Died in sleep four days after receiving dose 3 Covid-19 inoculation.

8 November 2021: Dr Sohrab Lutchmedial, 52yo. Cardiologist, Saint John, New Brunswick. Died in sleep two weeks after receiving dose 3 Covid-19 inoculation.

13 of Canada's reported 14 dead doctors

Watch: Prominent doctors speak about Toronto’s dead doctors and mRNA inoculation mechanisms of harm

The chances of five doctors dying within two weeks of each other in a population of eight million, as was known at the time of this interview with Oncologist Dr Richard Urso, is considered “as likely as finding a unicorn”. Canadian pathologist Dr Roger Hodkinson has also given an opinion about “the most heinous crime against humanity, to force people to take an experimental product that could kill you, with no good reason“, in this interview.

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