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Critical Cusp
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Mary Hobbs, photographer, writer and publisher shares a poignant account of Anzac Day, reflecting on its history and its significance in the here and now as we stand on a seemingly critical cusp for the future of humanity. With national and global controls tightening, those in power would like nothing more than compliant citizens who wholly trust in the government and authorities.

It is clear to many that our freedoms are at stake and hence the reason why Anzac Day is more important now than ever as we remember the sacrifices which the brave New Zealand men and women made so that we can live our lives in freedom today. Through her writing, Mary inquires whether this is in fact an illusion that we are living in peace and free from atrocities. On many fronts, we see that war has many clever guises and that indeed we are facing atrocities today and we must stand strong and stand up against injustices so that mistakes of the past are not repeated.

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Photo Credit: © Mary Hobbs

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
 – Mahatma Gandhi

In mid-summer, on my way into the central city of Christchurch, I walked through a stand of oaks near the Bridge of Remembrance. These magnificent trees had been there for many years – probably even before the Rough Riders rode into town and watered their horses in the Avon River on their way to the ships at Lyttleton that sailed them to the dreadful Boer War in South Africa — and later to World War One.

However, in a dapple-shaded corner on this particular day, I unexpectedly came across an unassuming – yet powerful – statue, softly highlighted by the sun. It was in honour of one of our soldiers — Private Henry James Nicholas who was awarded the Victoria Cross in World War One.

The citation read that Private Nicholas was awarded the VC after leading an assault on a German strongpoint on the Polderhoek Spur in Belgium on 3 December 1917. He was one of a Lewis-gun section ordered to form a defensive flank to the right of the advance which was checked by heavy machine-gun and rifle fire from an enemy strongpoint. Private Nicholas rushed the enemy position from the rear, initiating this action alone, followed by the remainder of his section who were about 25 yards behind. He shot the officer in command of the strongpoint and overcame the remaining garrison of 16 with grenades and bayonet. After the smoke cleared, 12 were found to be dead and the remaining four were taken prisoner. Private Nicholas also took charge of their machinegun. He captured the strongpoint single-handedly and saved many casualties. “Subsequently, when the advance had reached its limit, Private Nicholas collected ammunition under heavy machine-gun and rifle fire. [Apparently this was to re-arm his men when they ran out of ammunition]. “His exceptional valour and coolness throughout the operations afforded him an inspiring example to all.”

In 1918, while on leave in England, Private Nicholas was invested with his VC by the King. During the course of the war, Henry Nicholas (promoted to sergeant) saw action in the Battle of Messines, the Battle of Passchendaele, the Polderhoek Spur and the Hundred Days Offensive that ended the war on 11 November 1918. Just six weeks before the war ended, Private Nicholas was killed by heavy machine-gun fire from the high ground of Le Quesnoy, on 23 October 1918. He was posthumously awarded the Military Medal for his bravery during “the fight for the bridgeheads at the River Ecaillon near the village of Beaudignies . . . 12 days before the New Zealanders capture of the town of Le Quesnoy.” Born in Lincoln, near Christchurch, he was buried in the Vertigneul Churchyard in France. He was 27-years-old.

So many courageous New Zealand men and women lost their lives in wars. They set out in the belief that they were serving their country and quelling the enemies of democracy. They went for all the right reasons: To fight the enemy of freedom, to protect our people and our country and to ensure our way of life and our freedom was safeguarded for future generations. They also went to care for the wounded and to nurse them through the most abominable conditions where their lives were in acute danger, regardless of whether they carried a gun, or their uniforms showed a simple Red Cross. Others worked with the Resistance in Europe where threat of death was just as high. It was another frontline — albeit undercover.

It is right that we honour, not war, but the bravery of all our fellow New Zealanders who stood for freedom and put their fellow New Zealanders and their country before all else. Yet we should also honour the conscientious objectors, for it took tremendous courage to stand for such convictions, as evidenced by Archie Baxter’s story and what he was subjected to as a result. It is also important to honour those who went to help but found themselves in a world of such unspeakable horror that they were unable to cope with the madness of it all and what they were ordered to do. Some became shell-shocked, or ran in the other direction and were executed as a result. One young lad was just 16. They weren’t cowards – they were just unprepared for the shocking brutality of war. It was indeed madness to order men to run from the trenches towards an enemy engaged in similar action. It made no sense, but this was how the war was “fought” under command of the British Empire at the behest of those in lofty positions, or those with lofty bank accounts and/or with lofty titles in the UK. When New Zealanders received word of what their men were commanded to do at Gallipoli, it became clear to them that they were being used as cannon-fodder. Ordering men to run up a hill in broad daylight while the enemy fired directly down from a ridge above them was a massacre. What treason to our brave men. The North American Indians would have advised guerrilla tactics. The commanders could have allowed the men a better chance by allowing them to  proceed under the cover of darkness, although a great New Zealander, Lieutenant-Colonel William George Malone did insist on this, to give his men the best fighting chance. And he had to disobey the orders of his senior to do it. Family stories later relayed that Gallipoli seemed to become the mark of separation of New Zealand and Australia from England. From then, most Kiwis and Aussies never again referred to England as “home”. No wonder there were hints that some of the more notorious officers were killed in action from a shot behind, in a desperate attempt to save countless men from suicidal orders.

Photo Credit: © Mary Hobbs

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. 
 – Attributed to Edmund Burke

With the benefit of over 100 years distance from WW1 (as an example) there is the opportunity to look back at all war and ask why? Who gains from the millions of devastating injuries and deaths because someone assassinated a ArchDuke of Austria? It is certainly not those who went to fight, who were accompanied by the constant awareness that a telegram edged in black would bring the worst possible news to their loved ones back home.

No matter where I have travelled in the world and no matter how rich or poor the people, it is clear that the majority of souls just want to live in peace. They have no desire to be drafted to kill. They want to live good lives in harmony, bringing up their families as best they can, and they have an absolute right to do this, as every soul is born free. No one has any right to claim seniority over another. None.

So, who does gain? Is it the Hitler’s of the world, as in WW2, or are there shadowy figures behind such psychotic despots? Yes, there are. Perhaps, we should look at who put Hitler in power. Who financed him? Who profits? Who purchased the media to promote his messages of hate and implant the population with lying propaganda repeated incessantly that set one people against another? Who supplied the ammunition and tanks? Who built the concentration camps and supplied the gas and allowed the terrible medical experiments on innocent souls? Who are the select few that provided supplies to both sides, while turning people against one another, and destroying the wealth of the people and their countries? Was it the shadowy figures behind the banking cartels, the military-industrial complex, or manipulative secret societies with hidden agendas? It appears that The Nuremberg Trials did not go far enough, for it should have collared those individuals behind the cabals and put a stop to some of the most senior Nazis who escaped to South America and the USA – even Australia — and if some reports are to be believed, aided to get there. They should never have been assisted to pick up where they left off at the end of the war, which allowed them to focus on the next global takeover. Not ever again. 

It seems some, not all,  were called to account, but surely it was a token gesture when a number of those arrested were released relatively soon afterwards?

As mentioned, those who went to fight for their countries, or aid the injured in unspeakable conditions where their lives were equally at risk, should be rightfully honoured for their bravery. But we also need to question the motives of governments who send their people to war, goaded on by secret cabals that operate invisibly behind them, and whose real intentions are for totalitarian control over every living soul on Earth. As an example, look at the current intentions of the WHO here and here. The UN and the WEF (World Economic Forum) march in lockstep. And remember Harari — of the WEF — who spells out their dystopian, evil plans for the world here? Their intentions are clear: to systematically merge human beings with machines, that they control.  Totalitarianism. Slavery. This is what they are moving towards. If that is not a global war on humanity I am not sure what is.

It seems that such cabals worm their way into the corridors of power through some key weak, easily corrupted politicians, who then form international “alliances” that seek to rob the people of mind, body and spirit. There are always hidden third parties behind wars.

In some wars – like WW2 – even though there were hidden influences financing Hitler, at least he and his evil SS Nazis were an enemy that could be easily identified by their barbaric and hideous actions. Of course he had to be stopped, but just imagine if the hidden influencers behind Hitler could have been discovered before he had amassed an army to march anywhere.

Today, we are in another global war, although it is hidden behind lies and actions of such magnitude that it is difficult to see, but gradually the truth is coming out. It is the same hidden cabals conducting chaos behind the scenes. The WEF, and now the UN, the WHO, and all manner of global alliances, appear to be singing from the same song-sheet. If you’re looking for the modern-day Hitler and his SS, or Marx, or anyone who seeks totalitarian control of the world, these groups certainly seem to fit the bill. The intentions of the leader of the WEF can clearly be seen here. And some past Prime Ministers of NZ who never seem to remove themselves after being voted out of Office, shamefully appear to be acolytes, showing up regularly as part of it. Bill Gates, whose father was a known promoter of eugenics, appears to have the WHO in his pocket through his hefty donations that keep it funded. He is also apparently behind a 100 million dollar building for data-collecting that is planned in the North Island, and there is another one to be built in Invercargill by a company that has unfortunately named itself “T4”, although it is unclear if Gates is behind that one. However, the company, T4, may want to rethink their name, as dark references to the history of a T4 programme can be seen here and here. And although these “data-collection” centres are greeted with great fanfare, no one seems keen to elaborate on exactly what information is to be collected. Is it data collected through spying on our people? It is disquieting.

Photo Credit: © Mary Hobbs

The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.
 – President John F. Kennedy

We don’t have to look far to see the signs of a creeping control. We just need to be awake to it and research other sources, away from a mainstream-media that is paid to promote propaganda — just as they were in all world wars.

One example of a current bio-weapon stealthily used on the world population today — as Dr David Martin terms it — is the experimental injection that living souls throughout the world have been forced, coerced or threatened to take under the blatant lie that it is “safe and effective”. And while New Zealand’s whistle-blower, Barry Young, who could be termed a modern-day contender for the VC, is battling a court case because he dared to speak out about the truth of the deaths by injection, and lawyer and journalist Liz Gunn has been threatened with astronomical fines and jail-time if she doesn’t take down anonymised statistical information from the Ministry of Health that was provided by Barry Young, the band plays on with its “safe and effective” chorus, as ever-more Kiwis and people from around the world die or suffer life-long adverse events as a result of this poison.

Does this seem strange to you in a “free” society? All while heroic groups and individuals in New Zealand, and around the world, risk their safety to bring you the truth, and while seemingly impotent members of parliament prattle on about inconsequential matters in comparison to the clear and present danger facing all New Zealanders at the point of a needle they are still persuaded to have by government, despite Pfizer having published nine pages of adverse events. Even more despicable and unforgiveable is Health New Zealand who, while aggressively going after Barry Young in an effort to quell his voice, have ramped up their advertising of the killer weapon by inviting PREGNANT WOMEN to have an experimental covid-shot; the flu shot (that is about to include gene-altering technology); and a whooping cough shot.  This is unforgiveable, as is suggesting babies receive the “covid” jab — or anyone for that matter.

Meanwhile, not content with promoting the lie of a “safe and effective” injection that maims and kills, and not ensuring patients are fully informed regarding the dangers of the experimental covid jab, parliament has also recently made it easier for Kiwis to get yet another drug, pseudoephedrine, for colds and flu this winter that comes with side effects one wouldn’t want to risk. A few sniffles would pale in comparison. All while disregarding, the intricate and miraculous God-given immune system we are all born with that deals with winter chills and ills, and omitting to suggest Kiwis get outside, get natural Vitamin D from the sun and eat foods high in Vitamin C. Many members of parliament seem to increasingly involve themselves with promoting the products of pharmaceutical corporations instead, particularly the injections that are escalating injury and death, while, in tandem, others appear keen to also extend access to euthanasia.  Is this, like war, an intended culling of the population? Is this not an act of war against those one purports to represent? Is this treason?

Wars continue until we say NO. This is simply a calm and peaceful insistence on retaining our basic rights as free beings. No one has the right to rule over another. We are born free. And anyone who tries to interfere with that natural freedom is at war with humanity and should be treated accordingly with true justice.

It is vital that we all speak up, for it is the seven billion souls on Earth that have the power to peacefully speak up and simply say no, and bring the despots to justice.

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Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.”
 – William Faulkner

To those who fought in past wars for what they understood to be protecting the freedoms of our people and our country, and those warriors of today, who continue to stand for our freedoms, our Human Rights and in support of the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Code, I dedicate this poem by William Ernest Henley, on this day, about the unconquerable soul, to you all:


Out of the night that covers me
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance,
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul.

Last year I wrote an Open Letter to all Members of Parliament. It is worth reading again and can be found here. I will close with an adapted excerpt from it:

In New Zealand and Australia, dawn services are still held throughout both countries on ANZAC Day, where the Last Post with its hauntingly familiar sound echoes throughout the land. Politicians are often in attendance, laying wreaths, making speeches and, on occasion, proudly telling stories of their ancestors who fought for our freedom.

Would those gallant, brave, gutsy New Zealanders who fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice want you there — your ancestors included — if you don’t stand up and say no to any attempt to curtail our freedom? When you cowered in that ghastly taxpayer-funded Beehive in NZ and watched our people peacefully protesting, but refused to go and listen to them, as it is your duty to do, and instead, played loud music at varying times of the night and turned water sprinklers upon them, then watched while good New Zealanders, advocating for their human rights, were viciously attacked by police on your orders, or through your inaction? When you said nothing? And then, those of you who were in parliament at that time continued to stand by — silent — while the living souls of this country were mandated to get an experimental injection that caused grievous harm and sometimes death, while you were absolved of the requirement to have it? And then you provided no support for those who suffered as a result? And still don’t?

The living souls of this land have written countless open letters and pleaded with you to safeguard their freedoms, yet it all seems to have fallen on deaf ears, with mainstream media just as guilty. And yet, what a paradox that last sentence really is, for how hoodwinked have living souls become to consider they have to plead for their freedoms, when every individual is born free? But these free Beings have been lied to for eons, with every twist and turn in the road of life on planet Earth paved with lies from those few who seek to usurp the freedom of their fellows and cajole other, weaker ones to join them in their despicable deceit.

It has become such a network of lie upon lie, that what is now at stake are those very freedoms that our ancestors fought so hard to retain on our behalf — and won.

There have been innumerable opportunities for you to bravely speak out, to stand for our Bill of Rights and the Nuremberg Code, but you have not. You have remained silent. A “government” subservient to evil off-shore cabals, working in concert with a toothless lily-livered opposition — in name only — who don’t call those in government out on it because they serve the same masters.

Well, I am calling you all out on it. And ANZAC Day couldn’t be a more appropriate day to do so. In the name of all who fought for our freedom yesterday, in the name of all who have called you out on it over the past four years and continue to do so today, and in the name of our descendants of tomorrow: We, the living free souls here in NZ and around the world, are peacefully saying we do NOT consent to you giving away our Bill of Rights, our Unalienable Freedoms, our sovereignty, and the sovereignty of our country — New Zealand. You have no right to even attempt to do this. If you cannot stand for those key principles with us, then you must peacefully stand down.

Are you haunted by this acquiescence to tyranny? At what cost have you sold your soul — or let it lie dormant? There is no price that could ever meet the cost of one’s soul — for if you lose your soul you have lost everything. No pay-packet, no illusion of power — nothing — will ever compensate for the loss of one’s soul. Not ever. Speak out before it is too late. Be true to the spiritual essence of who you really are.

I realise that some are new to parliament this term. Yet I also ask you: How hard is it, for example, to order the potentially compromised commissioners  (here and here) of the Covid Inquiry to immediately stand down? Surely this should not take five months? How difficult is it to robustly, and in haste, add relevant and key items to the Terms of Reference of that Inquiry? Is the government hoping to coast into May and open the way for the corrupt World Health Organisation (WHO) to dictate to the world when to jump and how high? As purported representatives of New Zealand, you should be immediately withdrawing from anything to do with the WHO’s despicable fascist attempt to control.

So, unless you all stand up and speak out for our freedom and the sovereignty of our country — and the time is late for this now — almost too late — it would be better if you don’t attend the Dawn Service this year — but if you do, and if you lay a wreath at the cenotaph of the fallen and if you have still not spoken out — then, in the opinion of many Kiwis — and it is sad to say this — the fallen would probably prefer you did not attend. And, if you do go, and you bow your head on ANZAC Day, bow it in shame, until you are able to stand up and speak out with us, for our human rights, the sovereignty of our country, and for the freedoms of all living souls of New Zealand and all our brave men and women who stood for in defence of our country — whether yesterday, or today.

For to stand up and speak out today is the best acknowledgement for our Brave — the very best of all.

YouTube video
The Last Post – In Honour of ANZAC Day and Those Who Stood for Our Freedom

They shall not grow old,
As we who are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning,
We will remember them.

– Laurence Binyon

And this — the New Zealand National Anthem, for all New Zealanders who stood for our freedom and sovereignty yesterday and those who continue to do so today.  

May God bless you, and may God Defend New Zealand.

Critical Cusp
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  1. A very thoughful and excellently written article thank you Mary.

    The world would have been in this position in 1914 if the cabal had the technology and nasty bioweapons then. They are the same group, a group of wealthy powerful control nuts from various nationalities, pseudo religions, genders and centuaries.

    The collective power they now have is of grave concern and makes the nulear fear the lesser of the two evils. I only hope most of the people awaken to stand against this foe, but I fear many are blissfully happy to accept MSM narratives and fail to critically think and question what should be now very obvious.

    Kind regards

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