Evidence of Concealed Intent to Harm: Military Connections With Covid-19 Response

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Sasha Latypova is a former pharmaceutical executive and in this recent video she provides her credentialled and researched view that an intent to harm has been taking place under the guise of a ‘pandemic’.  

She previously ran a company that oversaw and operated clinical trials, and she had worked in pharmaceutical research and development for over 20 yrs when the pandemic started in early 2020.  She was interested in what was unfolding and started researching.

She quickly realised that covid-19 was not particularly infectious or deadly and that HCQ was being shown by Didier Raoult in France to be an effective treatment so she thought it would be no big deal and over in no time.

Then she witnessed HCQ being suppressed and that set off alarm bells.  She became worried about why this was happening and sought to understand what was going on.  She knew the FDA and CDC didn’t have the authority to restrict approved medicines or dictate to doctors what they could and couldn’t prescribe.  If a medicine was approved, it was up to the doctor and the patient to decide if it was to be used.  She could see the government entering the consultation room and that was a red flag.

This was occurring in NZ at the same time.  In late March 2020 NZ doctors were advised that there was no evidence to support the use of HCQ, it was not a recommended treatment for covid 19 and it should not be used.  Funded hydroxychloroquine was going to be restricted to autoimmune conditions.  This sort of unnecessary advisory had not been issued for other drugs prior to covid.

Special Authority restrictions on hydroxychloroquine
There have been media reports that the anti-malarial medicine hydroxychloroquine may be effective in preventing or reducing COVID-19. Currently, there is no evidence to support this and it is not a recommended treatment. To preserve the use of this medicine, PHARMAC has restricted funded access to only approved indications, i.e. malaria prophylaxis and treatment, rheumatoid arthritis and SLE.

In Sept 2021, Ivermectin was similarly maligned in a co-ordinated worldwide campaign.

Off-label use of Ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19 is strongly not recommended.
Ivermectin can, and does, cause harm when misused. Prescribing it could well mean that even if the patient had given consent, the doctor could still be held liable for making an ill-informed decision on a medication that at this point has not been shown to provide benefit and could cause harm. It would be difficult to justify this position with either the Medical Council or the Health and Disability Commissioner.”

When the vaccine started being rolled out, Sasha began looking at the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) data and could see that there was huge batch to batch variability with regards to deaths and adverse events which indicated that good manufacturing practice (GMP) was not being adhered to.

The ability to manufacture the Pfizer product as described has never been demonstrated, particularly at the scale required.  mRNA is a very fragile product, and there was a need to remove impurities.  Independent research on vaccine vials has shown that they are highly contaminated with DNA, endotoxins, proteins, metals e.g. antimony which comes from dirty water in China.  Despite the gross contamination, in some cases visible to the naked eye, no authority has stepped in to investigate, recall batches or halt distribution.

It all seemed inexplicable, until she ran into Katherine Watt – Bailiwick News – who had looked into the legal framework through which the vaccines were approved and deployed.  The ‘vaccines’ were authorised not by the FDA but by the US Department of Defense as ‘countermeasure prototype demonstrations’.  They were not medicines or pharmaceuticals, and the purported ‘clinical trials’ were all just for show.

This means all the covid ‘vaccines’ everyone has been receiving were actually produced by the military under a martial law legal structure and the public is being unwittingly injected with not just experimental vaccines, but with military prototypes that were never intended to receive any FDA approval. 

Sasha discusses how this has occurred and briefly outlines the legal framework that has been put in place in the US over decades to enable this to happen.

Concluding Intent to Harm

Her conclusion is that the purpose of the military operation is to kill and injure people.

This is the same conclusion we have reluctantly been coming to when we witness the dysfunction of the organisations, authorities, institutions, laws and people that are supposedly in place in this country to protect us.  The lack of response to our multiple sincere letters of concern is further evidence of deviation from expected norms.

We now appreciate that no-one in a position of power is watching out for us – the population of NZ – and it appears that some in positions of power are intent on harming us.

These are some of the NZ-specific issues that give us cause for concern:

  • the bizarre intention (repeated by multiple parties) to ‘vaccinate’ absolutely everybody;
  • inadequacy or complete absence of post-vaccine death investigations; 
  • irregularities, conflicts and inconsistencies from bodies like CARM and ISMB;
  • cessation of regular safety reports by Medsafe;
  • refusal to respond or long delays in response from public guardians such as the Ombudsman, Health and Disability Commissioner and Human Rights Commissioner;
  • refusal by ACC to provide cover for obvious injuries;  
  • coroners not opening investigations into suspicious deaths following a medical procedure;
  • lawyers and judges refusing to engage with the science we are providing;
  • lack of concern from police to our reporting of suspicious deaths, particularly concerning teens and young people;
  • lack of police or other investigation into contamination in vaccine vials;
  • whistle blower reports from NZ’s health bureaucracy, St. Johns, midwifery, community health;
  • censoring of questions or alternate points of view;
  • the unprecedented exaggerated response of NZ’s medical regulatory authority – MCNZ;
  • failure of the mainstream media to fulfill it’s usual truth-seeking role as the 4th estate.

Each of these odd behaviours or derelictions of duty on their own is cause for concern, but when they are added together one can only conclude intent to harm.

Dr Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer respiratory scientist, has also come to the same conclusion as Sasha – the injections were designed to injure, maim and kill.  He lays out the chronology and his reasons.  He says mistakes were not made; the injections were toxic by design.  Not for the faint hearted.

Malcolm Roberts Australian Senator for Queensland speaks on his discoveries about the similar legal framework used in Australia.

Although disturbing viewing, what these people have to say will allow you to make sense of what otherwise seems illogical and irrational. We can’t be clearer. The government is not your friend.

When you understand the bigger picture, the imperative to act in some way becomes clear.

Watch: The Military Authorized the Jabs

Sasha Latypova describes how she came to the conclusion that the Covid response involves a concealed intent to harm.

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  1. I think it is worse than you imagine. My observation is that the ultimate intent is create utter destruction of everything. Every institution has been compromised, and as the level of compromise becomes clearer and harder to hide, people will start to wake up. And when they do, they will be disillusioned and angry, with only one goal: revenge. That revenge might start with definite aims, but it will end indiscriminately. I see the world descending into grief and anger induced madness. People will realize they can’t undo what they have done to themselves and their children, and they will blame someone else…not themselves.

    It is all extremely cunning. No one will trust their governments, their health systems, the media, the educational systems, the religious institutions. People will turn away from those things and already are; but something will be provided for people to turn towards. That also is part of the plan, and what is coming is worse than what has passed. Again, the solution will be worse than the problem.

    The U.S. will become the target of the international community, the scapegoat/judas goat that led everyone down this path. When the U.S. is gone, where will that leave the West?

    The only reason I have any hope at all is that this was all prophesied by the scriptures, which also reveal the timing and the timing is now. The only solution is for people individually to seek their God, because only He has the supernatural power to enable us to still love while being hated. Ultimately we need individually to choose not to become part of the raging, rampaging beast that is slowly raising up.

  2. I’ve always thought that for the global Covid vaccine show (which has been incredible) to work, it would most likely be driven by the military. It’s the only structure with the massive resources, know-how, hierarchy, and built-in and accepted secrecy, to pull this off. You would think?

    What spooks me about that, is you have to wonder…what kind of a mind is attracted to the military in the first place? Too often a dark mind, I believe. It’s an inherently ugly zone to live in, right? A mind maybe capable of doing god knows what, for the “greater good”, and silently enjoying or being comfortable with creating hell on earth, maybe.

    If the military’s models tell them we need to be culled back, for long-term population stability, etc, then they could do it. A slaughter machine can shrug its shoulders and do anything, ultimately. Again, that’s what spooks me. I wonder what kind of deeply repressed people we’ve got running this show, on the highest levels.

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