NZDSOS Conference 2023 and NZ Vaccine Tragedy Make Headlines in the Same Week

NZDSOS Conference FI
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As the NZDSOS conference looms large in our world, with staff working around the clock to complete preparations, Trial Site News have acknowledged our efforts as a professional medical organisation on the world stage. At the same time one of their data analysts has provided a concise review of New Zealand’s post-vaccination mortality statistics, at Covid-19 vaccinations in New Zealand: An unfolding tragedy? This is something we have been attempting to alert the New Zealand people to, and challenge the New Zealand authorities on, for over two years.

Based in the USA, Trial Site News are an Independent Censorship-Free Media for Health & Biomedical Research. The Trial Site content team includes physicians, attorneys, regulators and other experts from the clinical trials industry. The team is headed by the founder – Daniel O’Connor – who has been involved with technology and services companies and clinical trials for nearly 20 years. He has developed software for FDA regulated companies focusing on clinical and regulatory document management, clinical trials collaboration and investigator portal, as well as developed businesses involved with healthcare care coordination and care management.

When we find ourselves on the radar of independent, qualified media outlets staffed by international professionals who we consider our colleagues, such as Trial Site News, the hours of effort and heartache seem worthwhile. We need New Zealand – a highly vulnerable target of the global control mechanisms being put into place – to be on the international stage. Thanks to Trial Site News, in the same week that we convene our first public conference, we are.

Read more about NZDSOS’ growing international profile at Trial Site’s 9 September 2023 article New Zealand’s Physicians Group Wants Reforms to Kiwi Health System & Gov, based on Alleged COVID-19 Abuses. The reason we dare to do what we do, is in the statistics described by Trial Site’s Vratesh Srivastava. In brief: there was no pandemic in New Zealand until the injectable products were introduced into our population.

Covid Deaths Per Million Compared With Population Vaccination Rates:
New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Rest of Oceania
NZDSOS Conference and Vaccine Tragedy

NZDSOS Conference Livestream Event and Recording

If you are unable to attend the NZDSOS conference, we are live-streaming the event. The conference schedule and virtual tickets are available at this link.

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