The Trouble With Dishonesty: A 2021 Propaganda Fail by Stuff

Dishonesty FI
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The trouble with dishonesty

… is that it’s hard keeping stories straight as the lies compound and spread.

This Stuff interactive article, released in Oct 2021 with great fanfare to try to counter the emergence of NZDSOS, may be a case study in such dishonesty.

Two years later, the fake website for the referenced “grassroots” NZ doctors group is up for sale.

That’s weird.

NZDSOS used a common international registrar (website domain name provider) in 2021 because there were significant attacks on our infrastructure. For example one attack tracked back to an Adelaide communications company advertising NZ government contracts.

We had reason to go international for our website, but why would another bunch of NZ doctors speaking in agreement with the state, and with nothing to fear, use a US registrar unknown in NZ?

And given it’s a tough call to get any busy doctors’ attention, how did 6535 signatures get collected so easily?

That “Dr Matthew Shelton” from NZDSOS supposedly signed (he didn’t) raises some questions about the other 6534 signatures. In addition, there are 31,000 doctors listed on the medical register (19,000 with APCs), so only a minority of the total signed the pro-jab petition.

Dishonesty Matt Shelton

But if 6500+ NZ doctors (including our very own Matt) were so motivated to take time out from their chaotic schedules to fill out an online signature, and in some cases provide photographs, isn’t it a bit odd that now their group had lost so much interest and momentum that they can’t spring for a few dollars to renew the domain?

There was clearly significant investment in high quality graphics for the stuff interactive article, but two years later this grassroots doctor group turns out to be an empty shell?

Maybe Kate Hannah and Siouxsie Wiles might like to explain what appears to be a significant foreign-domained misinfo campaign to influence NZ democracy, and bully doctors and citizens who value informed consent.

We’d love to know who was really behind this propaganda.

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