Interviews with Dr Matt Shelton and Dr Judy Wilyman about the Unimaginable Chaos of the C-19 Vaccine Rollout

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Australian-based Mike Ryan, from TNT radio, interviews Dr Judy Wilyman and Dr Matt Shelton in relation to covid injections, childhood vaccinations, censorship, early treatment suppression and the difficulties collating information about vaccine injuries and deaths. It’s undeniable that widespread systemic failures are leading to worsened health outcomes for the population.

Dr Judy Wilyman

The TNT radio interview (linked below) opens with Dr Judy Wilyman, Australia’s leading authority on the historical control of infectious diseases. She has spent many years investigating the correlation between the decline in children’s health and the increased use of vaccines. Her PhD entitled ‘A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy’ concluded that the government’s claims of safety and efficacy are not based on hard evidence and since its completion, Dr Wilyman has predictably experienced censorship in the mainstream media.

She discusses the magnitude of incentives in Australia for businesses to increase their covid vaccination uptake. As the covid mRNA injections are not your traditional ‘vaccine’, there is widespread deception about simply calling them ‘vaccines’. She delves into how the Australian government, media and health professionals are providing false and misleading information about covid hospitalisations, cases and deaths, primarily regarding the compulsory covid testing of incoming patients (regardless of symptoms.)

It’s eerily akin to what’s happening here in New Zealand.

Dr Wilyman’s PhD, which has been replicated internationally, showed that as you increase the amount of childhood vaccinations, there is a direct dose relationship to a decline in children’s health. The childhood immunisation schedule has been increasing in quantity in recent decades. There is no monitoring for medium to long-term health outcomes and as the vaccination schedule has increased, chronic illness in children has skyrocketed. Despite this, pharmaceutical companies don’t have to prove safety or effectiveness as they have complete indemnity for their products. The multiple red flags are eye-opening to say the least!

Dr Matt Shelton

At 28 minutes, we hear from our own NZDSOS doctor, Dr Matt Shelton. He explains who and what NZDSOS is all about and the silence encountered from those in agencies in positions of power. He elaborates on the three major discrepancies with the covid injection roll-out that practitioners involved with NZDSOS are really struggling to understand:

These include…
1. Suppression of early treatment protocols
2. Vaccinating children, pregnant women and women of child bearing age
3. Denying the extensive harms from the vaccine.

Dr Shelton highlights the extreme difficulties of disseminating information to the public in the face of extensive censorship while authorities still choose to ignore the mounting evidence of harm.

He talks about the passive reporting for The Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) in New Zealand and how it’s not set up to deal with safety monitoring for a phase 3 clinical trial. It is suppose to be used for monitoring of unexpected adverse reactions from medications that have completed their trials and are registered. As a novel treatment far removed from traditional vaccines, pharmacovigilance for the covid injections should have been increased immensely.

Dr Matt Shelton also discusses the clear temporal relationships between covid injection, injuries and deaths. He talks about the rising rates of sudden death, particularly among younger adults and explains how this is extremely unusual and made even more concerning without appropriate post-mortem examinations.

There has been extensive loss of trust in the medical profession but Dr Shelton, and NZDSOS, encourage compassion and understanding for healthcare workers in an impossible situation. It is important to remember there is huge collective power in a group.

These are a couple of wonderful interviews which be viewed in full below.

Listen: Dr Judy Wilyman and Dr Matt Shelton speaking with Mike Ryan on TNT Radio – June 7 2022

LISTEN: Dr Judy Wilyman and Dr Matt Shelton (from 28:00 mins) with Mike Ryan

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