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Position Statement on Monkeypox – Post 3 of 3

In light of the reporting of the monkeypox outbreak, NZDSOS has produced a statement that is valid for all infectious disease outbreaks.

NZDSOS supports and aligns with the World Council for Health and their stand for health provision that is free from political and private interference and that values and empowers individual choice, bodily autonomy and personal sovereignty.

It is with concern that NZDSOS members have noted the increasingly shrill rhetoric in the New Zealand and international media concerning an outbreak of monkeypox. We note that the media reporting is following in a similar vein to the reporting of Covid-19. This reporting slowly but steadily increased unnecessary fear and confusion in the population without doing anything to address underlying health conditions or call for an increase in health services.

NZDSOS wish to stress that the best defense against viruses is a healthy terrain. We stress that the population should be encouraged to improve their lifestyles and continue to connect emotionally and physically with members of the community. Increasing fear negatively affects the immune system, while engaging in a community enhances immune function.

We are concerned that the public are being fed a message that the only treatment for monkeypox is a vaccine, without any balancing message that the vaccine may have side-effects. There has been no mention of treatments that greatly enhance health and would decrease the burden on health services, such as Vitamin D, Zinc and N Acetyl-cystiene.

Furthermore, the monkeypox outbreak appears to have not only occurred in sync with a war-games table top exercise held in March 2021 but also just prior to the World Health Organisation (WHO) meeting to discuss International Health Regulation changes.

With the above points in mind, NZDSOS is raising concerns that the monkeypox outbreak is being managed globally in a non-scientific manner, may be used to unnecessarily coerce the population into taking a potentially harmful vaccine and may be used to enhance the powers of the WHO, decreasing national and personal sovereignty, and increasing surveillance and control of our personal lives.

If the New Zealand Prime Minister, Government and Ministry of Health wish to retain any credibility and if they wish to serve the people of New Zealand who are paying them, we call on them to engage in open, meaningful scientific discussion and debate about the monkeypox outbreak. Further, we call on the New Zealand media to provide balanced reporting on all health matters.

In light of the monkeypox outbreak NZDSOS stands by its message of the effectiveness of natural and innate immunity, early treatment of viral illness and recognition of potential harms of vaccines and other interventions.

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