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Masks – It Is Time to Stop This Misery

“Just” wearing a mask now, will leave us in misery in the long term. Mask mandates are not a benign intervention that one obeys to avoid confrontation; nor is wearing masks something that is done to protect ourselves or others. Masks do not stop Covid. The only individuals benefiting are, those who can signal their acceptance into a group and those who are wanting to keep the population enfeebled and needing acceptance.

This article is not meant to be a criticism of those who are convinced they need to avoid one particular illness and cause of death. However, this article does highlight the way individuals have been captured by a narrative and offers a choice.

Remember Joy? Remember seeing smiles and laughter? Remember hugging, handshaking and cheek-kissing? Remember how that felt?

Remember the joy of human connection? Even if these actions did significantly increase your risk of a disease for which the rate of survival is similar to the seasonal flu, is the goal of living avoiding death at all costs?

We can each decide how to live our lives and what risks we are willing to take to feel alive.

How the Mandates Have Kept Us in Misery

Today a US Federal Judge directed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to reverse the public transport mask policy. Yet, in New Zealand, we are constantly bombarded by the message that masks remain vital – on public transport and in indoor settings when standing or sitting at a desk but not when sitting at a restaurant table.   

Besides the fact that these petty rules make no sense, they deprive us of joy. Our unconscious brains are, however, wired to see danger and fear at the expense of joy. This has been used against us keeping us fearful and compliant.

For some the fear of Covid is so great, that the thought of joy in life is terrifying. As one commentator stated:

They are honestly afraid, so compassion may be the best way to approach it. It is difficult to watch though, because although their fear is real, it is not based in reality, so their masks put their psychosis on display for all to see.

For some, being a part of something however fantastical is so important that losing that thing is terrifying. This video may be a parody but it does reflect where we have been led by these punitive mandates. Watch with a sense of humour and without judgment.

The only way out is to consciously choose joy.

We have science on our side.

Scientific Studies

The CDC is said to have based extending its policy, on a study out of India that claimed that masks worked to prevent positive tests and symptoms of Covid-19. However, this study has been refuted and the authors have been accused of misrepresenting the results. A debate between the first author of this study and Dr. James Lyons-Weiler can be found here.

Furthermore in this senate hearing from March 2022, Stephen Petty, a certified industrial hygienist, testified that:

Face masks protect neither the wearer (self-protection) nor others (source control), because their pores are way too large to inhibit aerosols. It’s like trying to stop a mosquito with a tennis net. Also, masks leak, which further significantly reduces their already negligible protection.

While the headlines scream, “Face masks for Covid pass their largest test yet“, even the doctors of NZDSOS have a hard time getting through the statistical commentary. So, what is the average punter to do? Live in misery for the sake of safety?

It appears we have been the subjects of misinformation. Wearing masks appear to offer very little protection to us and are certainly not protecting others.

The academics may debate the statistics of the effectiveness of maks, but they are negligent in turning a blind eye to the harms, especially in children. Not only do masks cause physical harm, but the enormity of the developmentalsocial and psychological harm to both the wearer and the observer can not be denied.

It is not for us to determine an individual’s choice between misery and joy, but it is for us to state our very significant concerns, especially when children are involved and when people are misled and coerced into misery.

So, please ponder if the fear of Covid is enough for you to lose your humanity? Is the need to belong and obey so great, that you are willing to forgo joy and live in misery, denying your humanity?

Choosing Joy over Misery

We can just stop wearing masks, reclaim our humanity and choose joy. If we do not reclaim our humanity now, we may not be able to do so, when we realise it has been taken from us.

In practice, each of us is entitled to an exemption. The Ministry of Health provides reasons for an exemption as:

  • Physical illness
  • Mental illness
  • Condition
  • Disability

We all have a “condition” that can be improved by not wearing a mask: that of the Human Condition defined as a state of being.

Let’s take our humanity back and choose joy over misery.

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