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Sensational to Hear…Reports Mask Compliance is Waning!

On NewstalkZB weekday mornings, Mike Hosking hosts the breakfast show. This week he is explaining logical conclusions regarding mask compliance in the community and the associated government legislation and restrictions. He calls on results from government polls, and his own personal experiences in the community, to conclude that the population is ceasing with Covid-19 rules, especially mask compliance, as they are no longer needed, required or wanted. The country is leaving the government rules behind to stand by truth and common sense.

There is immense evidence (see Masks in Schools – Devastating Harm, No Benefit and Masks – It Is Time to Stop This Misery) to support extensive harm from mask wearing with very minimal, IF ANY, benefit. It’s encouraging to see that this message is reaching our communities and that mask compliance is waning. We need to stand in our truth in order to move forward. We can back our truth with research, science and good old common sense.

We would like to thank CoronavirusPlushie for this short video of Mike Hosking discussing mask compliance and Covid restrictions on his breakfast show.

WATCH: Mike Hosking video Relating to Mask Compliance

At least every 8 weeks, the New Zealand government receive results of a survey relating to How New Zealanders feel about Covid-19. It asks questions relating to Covid-19 restrictions, Covid-19 regulations and personal trust of the Covid-19 health messaging. The New Zealand Herald posted an article titled ‘People less willing to comply with Covid-19 rules, or listen to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern according to Government survey’ which discusses the outcomes from these surveys. The latest survey released is from May which shows a significant decline in New Zealanders willingness to comply with Covid ‘rules’.

It is reassuring that from March to May, the number of people willing to undertake mask compliance dropped from 78% to 67%. During the same period, the number of individuals willing to isolate if feeling sick dropped from 59% to 47%. It also showed that less people getting rapid antigen tests (RATs) if they are feeling unwell. Trust in the Prime Ministers “single source of truth” thankfully dropped. With extensive evidence showing the harm associated with mask compliance, it is no wonder trust is dwindling. Understandably, New Zealanders are much more concerned with matters relating to the cost of living rather than Covid which many consider to be a ‘thing of the past’.

If you haven’t already, please take a look at our mask articles including Masks in Schools – Devastating Harm, No Benefit. It is undeniable clear that masks are no longer wanted, warranted or required. We need to stand by the truth and stop the muzzled compliance. If anything will help get us back to normal, it will be when the masks are a thing of the past. For more information you can also see Masks, ‘Experts’ and Flip Flops and Masks – It Is Time to Stop This Misery.

Take the mask off and smile at one another! It is enlightening connecting with others through a friendly smile

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