Watch: Masks in Schools – Devastating Harm, No Benefit

Where is the evidence for schools?

We would like to thank Coronavirusplushie for the following video. It eviscerates the New Zealand government’s strong recommendation for compulsory mask use in schools. The so called ‘evidence’ they provide, does not even support their position when the papers are critically analysed. Ardern, Bloomfield and Baker embarrass themselves with their contradictions, hypocrisy and outright lies.

Extremely well referenced, it portrays the wide-ranging harms for children wearing masks in schools. It also highlights the minimal and low quality evidence to support their use.

Harms and benefits for masks in schools

The negative consequences for our children include anxiety, paranoia, neurodevelopmental delays, reduced emotional expression, reduced language acquisition, difficulty breathing and cognitive decline. All of these are extremely concerning for our young generation. According to Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dr Mark McDonald, there is a “lack of medical need, necessity or benefit” for masks in schools and they’re “absolutely destructive on a child’s brain and neurodevelopment.”

There is a ‘lack of medical need, necessity or benefit’ for masks in schools

Dr Mark mcdonald, child and adolescent psychiatrist

When policies are put in place, we need to make sure they are consistent with the evidence. The evidence does not support mask use in schools but does confer significant harm to students. We do not know if these harms are reversible or if they can be corrected. Children are resilient but we should not be placing them in this predicament. Feel free to pass on this information to your local schools, education facilities and politicians. This needs to be stopped.

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